Oil (Hormones 3 Longest Ending) [E]

Warning : Oil’s story is really explicit! Too much of strong languages!

I don’t know what reason I am living for.

I should be dead and lost from this world.

But… My idea is really foolish.

I lied myself…

Until someone tried to pull me.

He doesn’t want me to fall in the hole of darkness forever…

He is good to me very much.

But I oversee him.

Finally, looks like when I still be with him.

I can be myself as I never feel.

Thank you Boss who let me know the truth of living in this world.

Know about Oil


Nareekul Kateprapakorn (Frung) as “Oil”

Real name & Last name : Ornarmol Suvisouthakomol
Date of Birth : March 18 1998
Zodiac : Pisces (count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : (The Role Model)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme)*
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54267
Habit : Silent and lack of self esteem. Don’t like contrasts. Love friends.
Grade : 10 room 1 (Season 2), 11 room 1 (Season 3)
Her smartphone & phablets : Samsung Galaxy S5 (Season 2), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Season 3)
Appeared in  : Hormones season 2,3
Her main episode : Season 2 Ep.11 “Oil” , Season 3 Ep.11 “Oxytocin”
Like : First
Dislike : Kanompang
Relationship compatibility: Boss (100% | 💎 Best friend forever)
Her successor character : Dao 75% , Toey 25%
Ever have sex : Ever (with First)
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever
Sucking tobacco : None
Ever undecided pregnancy : Not clearly about First uses condom.
Use drugs : Yes (Sleeping pills that she overdoses to sleep forever)
MBTI Personality : INFP (The Mediator)
Smoke Color : Blue (Looks like she has “Rain flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme Song : Greasy Cafe – ร่องน้ำตา [L]

*Heterosexuality with extreme status means they interest sexuality very much until they want to have sex, flirt a lot, silly, can’t control themselves.

The last letter to farewell from this world.

The night after Kanompang threw the nuke to Oil aggressively, Oil feels bad very much. No one stay with her, dad, mom, First, Kanompang, Boss, no one… can forgive everything that Oil did. That’s really severe.

Finally reason that she did is revealed from the last letter (status) she typed to her Facebook.


Dear everyone who read this message.

I don’t know who don’t sleep in this night, but I have my stories to tell you. I have my relative named “Fah”. Her age is older than me 5 years.


Fah was really cute, good at learning, stayed at first place of examination every semester. Everyone liked Fah. I liked too. 🙂


When I was grade 4, Fah wore white angel costume and she performed herself at school activity. That day Fah was very beautiful. Everyone complimented her and wanted to take photos with her. When I came to my home I also wanted to makeup. Then I was punished because I used mom’s lipstick to play.  I cried because I was hurt. I blamed my mom “a freak mom”. That day my mom cried and angered me a lot. I returned to my bedroom and I hit my face myself until my face was red.


The life at school wasn’t fun. I went everywhere, I didn’t have any friends. I didn’t dare to talk to someone. And I didn’t know when I started to lie.


For inviting someone to talk with me. When I was detected, I moved out from schools. 10 years ago, I moved out from schools 6 times.


Until I moved to Nadao Bangkok College, I met Kanompang. She was very kind that told me who was walking ignorantly to find some seat “Sit here.”


Thank you for inviting me to talk. So I haven’t closed to you. Kanompang was very cute. She always remembered me all of time. I felt I should payback with support her very much.


But did you know? I stayed with you, I felt I was staying with Fah everyday. You was good until I loved you very much. And I hated you too. I shouldn’t hate you because you was my friend.


I was sorry that I felt bad when I saw you got good things in spite of I should have to feel congratulate with you. I was really fucking asshole that I did that with you.


I’m sorry that finally hatred could defeat love. Otherwise everything weren’t this.


For First, I was your motherfucking girlfriend that I was fucking silly, fucking jealous, fucking misunderstood telling, but I wanted to let First knew about everything I did, because I love you as the most precious boyfriend in my life.


But I did much of faults. First might see me and didn’t think to me as earlier time. But I still loved you.


I didn’t know this only could be the advantage? But I really loved First very much. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to everyone that I did this.


But I can’t be fucking enough. I don’t know what opportunity to have happiness in my life?


Just think about I will go to school, everyone will watch me as. I can’t fucking endure.


Everyone ever have the day you don’t like your self. But I never love myself. Only a day I never.


I try it. I try everyday. But I can be enough. I am really fucking tired. I don’t know why I should live. I’m sorry to my dad and my mom that I isn’t good.


I’m sorry that I’m not cute child as Fah. I’m sorry that I’m not good at learning as my dad’s brother. I’m sorry that I was born and I have brought motherfucking problems to everyone.

If I don’t live, my dad and mom will be comfortable. Farewell to everyone. I’m really fucking tired I want to close my eyes and be lost from this motherfucking world forever. I am really fucking enough.



After she overdosed herself, Oil’s dad and mom bring Oil to the nearest hospital to cure her from the death. Finally, doctors can save Oil’s life from the death.

Inside Oil’s heart. First time Oil wants to be lost from this world, but when she is dying, her feeling wants to stay in this world. She doesn’t want to die. She has intuition to survive.  She found the lowest feeling in her life until she want to shift herself from the lowest point.

I can’t die easily… Finally I know reason to live for.

Then the door is opened. Kanompang intrudes to Oil aggressively and she says

“What the fuck are you doing? Huh? What are you doing? You never say to me why did you lie me. Answer to me.”


“Shut the fuck up bitch! What are you saying?” Oil’s dad says to Kanompang. Kanompang shakes Oil’s leg and says “You answer me, Oil. Answer now!”

“Don’t you know Oil is sick?” Oil’s dad argues to Kanompang who is really aggressive.


“You think to do as a pity person and anyone please you? Can you create any motherfucking statuses on Facebook? Why did you do this fucking shame about this? What do you want?”


“Fuck off bitch. Bring that bitch go away.” Oil’s dad calls Non to bring away from Oil. Now Kanompang is angry and don’t know why Oil did that. She want to know “reason” why Oil lied her only. But Oil can’t say to Kanompang. She is sick.

Inside Kanompang’s heart, she feels sad very much. Her best friend Oil betrayed her until her heart is wasteful.


“You create new bullshit and escape from this moment? Why do you do?”

“Pang. Enough!” Non says to Kanompang and tries to bring Kanompang go away from Oil’s room.

“Tell to me, Oil.” Kanompang still asks to Oil about reason she lied to her.

“You’re my fucking best friend! You tell me why did you do this?” Kanompang asks to Oil.

“Pang!!!” Non says.

“Oil. Tell to me now!!!!”

Finally Non brings Kanompang out from the patient room successfully. Oil’s tear drop down from her sadness she lied to her best friend. Her love and her hatred have battled together. Finally the hatred defeated love. But… the hatred was defeated by itself too.

Everything is wasted. This is the time of reviving. From zero points… to the success.

Oil’s dad and mom… are paying attention to take care Oil more.

Oil knows about bullshits is really awful. Until this bullshit destroys friendship of best friend forever.

After Oil revives herself successfully, She is moved to the normal patient room. She opens her phablet and looks to the latest status on her Facebook apps.


But looks like someone comments her status of farewell from the world…


Praj Boss Attrapajak (Boss) comments to Oil about “Where are you?”


What!!!? That motherfucking Boss again!!! Fuck off in my life! I block you!!!


After Oil blocks Boss’s Facebook account from her friends list on her Facebook, she deletes her status to farewell from this motherfucking world too. The bad feeling from storm of hell has been faded away, now this time is the reviving.

Then First who is dressing runner suit comes to Oil for apologizing everything he did to Oil.

“How are you?” First asks to Oil.


“I feel better.” Oil answers and she doesn’t talk with a few seconds for thinking something. Then she says. “First. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to everything. I want to start from the new point. I want to do everything are better. I promise I won’t be myself in the past. I won’t lie forever. If I decide about this, Can you stay with me, First?”56

“I’m sorry Oil. If all of time I did to you that felt bad until happened with this moment, don’t make this happened again. Oil, let’s start together.”

First says to Oil with his sincere heart. From First’s feeling, he felt sad when Oil wanted to farewell from this world. He is one of the reason that Oil want to kill herself. First feels guilty and Oil feels guilty too that she doesn’t love herself as another people.

Then First picks and touches Oil’s hand for the trustworthiness. That means when Oil feels bad, First won’t go away from Oil. Oil can feel the warmth from First’s hand who gives the will to be progressive of living in this world. She sees to the First’s hand and smiles.

“I won’t go away from you.” First says to Oil.


Oil feels appreciated very much. All of time of Oil’s life, no one give the worthiness to her. First is the first people who gives pure trustworthiness from his sincere mind to Oil.

“Thank you very much First. Thank you really.” Oil says to First and she cries from her happiness.

“Hey!!! Don’t cry.” First says and he cleans the tear from Oil and he says “I’m sorry.”

After going out from hospital.

Near new year, every years have lucky draw activity. Oil went to her room that has lucky draw activity. That room is really enjoyable. Kanompang who is choosing the lucky draw is happy when she gets collagen drinks.

But… Oil comes to her classroom and she sees to Kanompang.




That lucky draw is paused until Oil comes to sit to the chair. Oil stays lonely and sees to Kanompang who is getting lucky draw until Kanompang feels bad to Oil and it’s not know clearly.


Kanompang walks to Oil. Oil is stunted. Then Kanompang says.


Do you want to talk with me?


Oil contacts to Kanompang’s blinked eyes and don’t say anything. Then she says “I’m sorry Pang.”


“I don’t want to feel bad to you forever, Oil. And I don’t want you feel bad too. All of moments, I’m sorry and thank you. But I won’t contact you forever, Oil.”


When Oil hears about that, she feels happy and sad in the same time. Her feeling of stress is controlling her mind again until she chews her tongue for decreasing her stress.


Oil still smiles although her mind is really fucking wasted. For Kanompang’s apology, she cries a lot.

“If you want to let me help, tell to me.”

“Thank you Pang.” Oil feels very good and very sad in same time. Finally Kanompang knows her mind more than that time. Meanwhile Kanompang feels guilty if she is the reason of Oil to overdose.


Kanompang smiles to Oil and walks away from Oil for lucky draw.



At Piya pharmacy.


“Oil, eat this. Eat a lot.” Oil’s father says to Oil for eating dinner with her family and precious guest named First.


Looks like Oil’s dad and mom pay attention to Oil more than earlier time. That is the good signal from Oil. Oil feels she is precious person in her family again. That’s enough for her.

“I already made this since at morning, Oil.” Oil’s mom talks to Oil.


❤️ Ah… I feels very good. Finally my dad and mom love me. That’s enough ❤️


“Yeah.” Oil says.

Then looks like First have calling via his smartphone to him. He tries to pick his smartphone and walks away. That calling is from Rune, runner coach.

“I will call telephone, Oil’s dad and mom.”

“Yeah.” Oil’s dad says.

“I’ll be right back.” First says to Oil.

Looks like Oil hesitates about First and this time is the First’s practicing time until runner coach calls to him. That is really weird. First is changed!!!?

“I stay outside.” First calls to Rune. “Yeah, I know. I decides to resign from runner team. I’m sorry. Good bye.”

Then Oil comes to First and she says “Do you resign from runner team?”

“Yeah. I resigned.”


“I feel bored. And I have more time to you. Is it good? Hey!!! Just only running. I can run all of time I want. Can I go to home?”

“Yeah. You should take the rest.”

“I will say goodbye to your dad and mom.” First says to Oil.




“First” Oil’s mom calls to First “Get this to eat at your home. When you come again, I will make this delicious food.” And she gives some food to First.

“Thank you.” First says.

“Please take care to Oil.” Oil’s father says.


What…? Why First is changed a lot? He does for me?


He abandoned everything he love to take care me? That’s unusual!!


Date with First.


At Siam Paragon.

“How about you, Oil?” First asks to Oil.

“Yes.” Oil answers.

“That things I bought do you liked them?” First asks to Oil. “Do you want more?”

“No.” Oil shakes her head horizontally. “May I go to the toilet.”


“Yeah!!” First says. “I carry your items.”


“Never mind.”

“Give it to me. I wait you at here.”

“Thank you.”

Then First sees someone who plays GTA IV on Playstation 3.


Oil goes out from the toilet and she sees First is commanding someone who plays GTA IV.



“Hey!!! Turn right at here.” First says to that nerdy student.”Turn right more. That’s over. That’s it!!! Hey!! Change new car. Try to drive that car! Hey!! Look that.”

“I bring controller to you.” That nerdy guy brings controller to First to play GTA IV.

“Never mind. Thank you.” First says.


What!!! Why First doesn’t play this game? Earlier time First loved to play much games, but now why!!!? Why First is changed? For me? No!!! That’s really weird!!

Oil feels weird to First. First changes himself to suitable for Oil. That isn’t only denying to play game, he resigned from runner team.

If First loves me until he sell his future, that’s not good! He is losing himself.

Then First calls to Oil becuase long time Oil is stuck at toilet. What happened to Oil!!!?


Until First runs to the woman toilet to seek Oil.













Now First is insane that Oil is lost!!! Oil runs to First and she says “Enough!!!”

Looks like First love Oil very much until First is lost his personality. He abandons everything he love to stay with Oil. That’s not good!




“Do you hurt?” Oil asks to First and she picks First’s hand.

Then First cries a lot. Oil and First hugs together.


“I don’t want you to be with this forever.” Oil tells to First and she is crying. First in this time is really weird.


“No way!! No!!!” Oil and First cries together. She doesn’t want First to love with this feeling. That make Oil feels worries more. Oil doesn’t want this too much taking care.

Or… earlier time, I love you with this method?

Finally Oil knows First’s behavior was changed. That behavior Oil ever did. Oil allowed herself to stay with First forever, Now in this time First allowed himself to stay with Oil forever.

That’s not love, but… I don’t know!!! But I thinks this isn’t real love!!!

“Please break up.” Oil says to First that she doesn’t want First is same as her from earlier time. “I can live.”


Then First hugs Oil immediately. Finally they know the meaning of love together.


I will live with myself.


That motherfucker comes to me again?





Ting Ting!!!




Who’s that?

Oil opens home door. But Boss runs to Oil and says…


“How much time do you still block my Facebook account?”



Oil bores to Boss and doesn’t want to see Boss’s face forever!!! Damn it!!! You’re fucking intruding me!

“What do you want more from me, Boss?” Oil asks.


“I don’t want anything. Only you unblock first.”

“I’m not necessary much. You don’t see me, you don’t feel much.”


“I feel.” Boss says. “Although you don’t see me as your friend, but you’re my friend.”


“I want to see your Facebook. I will see about what you write, what you think, what you do, what you upload photos, what you do with something, what you find, yeah! Just only I want to know what you do.” Boss describes reason to add Oi’s Facebook account. He wants to take care Oil. He doesn’t want Oil to be happened such as committing suicide.


“What are you talking, Boss?” Looks like Oil feels weird to Boss. That’s intruding Oil’s life!!!! But… Another side Boss wants to take care her, but this is really freak.

“I want to bring you to meet my mom.” Boss says to Oil.



Oil is confused. Huh!!! Boss is inviting me to date?


“No No No!! That’s not about that.” Boss says.

“I don’t think anything.” Oil says.

Hey!!! Today Boss is weird…

“My mom is psychiatrist.” Boss introduces about his mom to Oil.

“Am I looked to be more problematic?” Oil asks.

“No!!! Don’t think about that. My mom is a woman who can understand feeling from another people. More than me. I also want you to talk with her. You can have dinner with her too.



“Huh?” Oil is confused. Is Boss inviting Oil to date?

Note : In Thai culture, Inviting someone (with opposite sex) to meet your dad and mom means noticing about this is my lover.

“You can have dinner at my home.” Boss says to Oil. Oil doesn’t know Boss’s home is really rich. His dad and mom are researcher too.

“Today do you available?” Boss still asks to Oil. “Let’s have dinner together.”

“You’re so unusual.” Oil confuses to Boss.

“No way. I am usual with this everyday. Don’t you observe? Do you available? If you’re not available, tell me. Or New Year’s eve will meet your boyfriend. Won’t it?”

“None.” Oil answers.

“That’s good. Let’s go.”


“Huh?” Oil says and see her costume. Oh no!!! That’s  ordinal as wearing in the home. “This costume?”

“Yeah!!! This costume.” Boss says. “Let’s go. My home is near. Don’t worry. Just a moment.”

Let’s go!!!


Boss touches Oil’s arm and run together to his bike.

“What do you want to eat?” Oil asks to Boss genteelly.

“I don’t know. What do you want to eat? When we will come to restaurant, don’t forget to unblock me. Or you unblock now. Give your phablet to me.”

“My phablet is at my home.” Oil says.


Although I ever hated Boss who reveal about I leaked rumor…

But actually Boss is one of my friend that want me to stop lying myself.

I am foolish that I banned this friend.

Boss teach me for the justice of the life.

And teach me to tell my feeling directly.

He is one of the person who still support me although his method is really explicit.


Boss says to me about.. I am his friend.

That mean I am worth?

But… looks like Boss doesn’t have friend much. He chooses to meet some friends. I’m Boss’s friend. Can I be happy or sad?


That night of countdown, someone sends message…


Boss!!!? You sends via SMS? Oh!!!


My life will progressive…


My classmate is really epic!!! Wow!!!


Although I’ve been lost my best friend, Kanompang…


But Boss can be my new best friend who care me a lot.


My dad is pharmacist, Boss’s mom is psychiatrist. Is it suitable? LOL


Wow!!! My classmate is really badass!!


I’m sorry, Jane. I let you to make Kanompang distrusted you.




Thank you for being my best friend.

Although you didn’t know about me more…

But… That was worth to make me feel happy.

I’m sorry that I was envious to you…









That’s my fault, really fucking big fault.

And you forgive me…

That’s enough…

Reason that I can’t answers to you about I’m lying…


If I tell you I am envious to you…

Can you receive that?









No way!!!


Finally I’m foolish.

That hatred can defeat love.

I give up!!.






This picture we ever took selfie together since we’re grade 10…


I love it very much…

I love you very much, Pang ❤️ but I am foolish that I hate you too.









Although you can’t compatible with another one…


Why do you choose me as your friend…?

Am I precious?

Why am I different?







Finally I understand…

I really understand your opinion…






You know I broke up First, you come to flirt me, Boss.


I want to say about…

Your flirting skill is really suck!!!







    • Now Boss thinks Oil as friend, but future he will think to Oil more than friend because Boss cares Oil very much due to Oil knows Boss well more than another people. And Oil doesn’t fake herself when she stays with Boss.

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