Kanompang (Hormones 3 Ending) [C]

Clean version. None of any swear words. (if have, they are censored.)


Why don’t you answer me?

Why did you lie to me?

I want to know about you.

What are you thinking with me?

Why don’t you speak directly to me?


And everything you stay with me…

How can I make you trust me?

Tell me now!!

Know about Kanompang


Nichapat Chattrachaiponlarat (Praewa) as “Kanompang”

Real name & Last name : Panin Chaijindachok
Date of birth : July 7 1997
Zodiac : Gemini (Count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : (The Hero)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54179
Grade : 11 room 1
Habit : Cheerful, easy to meet new people, exert to do something, give importance to her love people before yourself.
Like : All desserts, do activities, meet new friends
Dislikes : Toey, Tar (after he broke her heart), First
Her smartphone : Samsumg Galaxy S5 (Season 2), Samsumg Galaxy Note 4 (Season 3)
Appeared in  : Season 2,3
Her main episode : Season 3 episode 12 “Oxytocin II”
Relationship compatibility: Non (100% | ❤️  boyfriend) Jane (100% | 💎 best friend) Oil (-∞% | 👹fucking hate her forever), Sun, the See Scape vocalist (40% | ✌️ close friend), Pop (100% | 👌 brother), Non (50% | ✌️ student council teammate), Boss (20% | 💢  student council teammate), First (0% | 💢 someone who want to pick up her), Tar (100% in season 2, -100% after breaking up) 💘👹 ex-boyfriend)Toey (-100% | 👹 hate her forever)
Similar character in earlier generation : Sprite 75%, Pooh 25%
Ever f*** someone : Near to f*** Tar, but Tar denied.
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (at nightclub when See Scape invites her)
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Never
MBTI Personality : ESFP (The Entertainer)
Her alternative name : Pang
Smoke color : Crimson (Looks like she has “Storm frame” from  Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme song : POLYCAT – ถ้าเธอคิดจะลืมเขา (If you think to forget him) [ML]

Oh no!!! What is Oil doing?


Dear everyone who read this message.

I don’t know who don’t sleep in this night, but I have my stories to tell you. I have my relative named “Fah”. Her age is older than me 5 years. Fah was really cute, good at learning, stayed at first place of examination every semester. Everyone liked Fah. I liked too. 🙂

When I was grade 4, Fah wore white angel costume and she performed herself at school activity. That day Fah was very beautiful. Everyone complimented her and wanted to take photos with her. When I came to my home I also wanted to makeup. Then I was punished because I used mom’s lipstick to play.  I cried because I was hurt. I blamed my mom “a freak mom”. That day my mom cried and angered me a lot. I returned to my bedroom and I hit my face myself until my face was red.

The life at school wasn’t fun. I went everywhere, I didn’t have any friends. I didn’t dare to talk to someone. And I didn’t know when I started to lie. For inviting someone to talk with me. When I was detected, I moved out from schools. 10 years ago, I moved out from schools 6 times. Until I moved to Nadao Bangkok College, I met Kanompang. She was very kind that told me who was walking ignorantly to find some seat “Sit here.”

Thank you for inviting me to talk. So I haven’t closed to you. Kanompang was very cute. She always remembered me all of time. I felt I should payback with support her very muchBut did you know? I stayed with you, I felt I was staying with Fah everyday. You was good until I loved you very much. And I hated you too. I shouldn’t hate you because you was my friend. I was sorry that I felt bad when I saw you got good things in spite of I should have to feel congratulate with you. I was really bad that I did that with you.

I’m sorry that finally hatred could defeat love. Otherwise everything weren’t this.

For First, I was your silly girlfriend that I was silly,  jealous, misunderstood telling, but I wanted to let First knew about everything I did, because I love you as the most precious boyfriend in my life. But I did much of faults. First might see me and didn’t think to me as earlier time. But I still loved you. I didn’t know this only could be the advantage? But I really loved First very much. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry to everyone that I did this. But I can’t be enough. I don’t know what opportunity to have happiness in my life? Just think about I will go to school, everyone will watch me as. I can’t  endure. Everyone ever have the day you don’t like your self. But I never love myself. Only a day I never.

I try it. I try everyday. But I can be enough. I am really tired. I don’t know why I should live. I’m sorry to my dad and my mom that I isn’t good. I’m sorry that I’m not cute child as Fah. I’m sorry that I’m not good at learning as my dad’s brother.

I’m sorry that I was born and I have brought problems to everyone. If I don’t live, my dad and mom will be comfortable. Farewell to everyone. I’m really tired I want to close my eyes and be lost from this world forever. I am really enough.



Kanompang opens her Facebook to look another news feed. But… She sees Oil’s status to farewell from this world. Kanompang feels angry that Oil is foolish to do this. She thinks Oil did pity thing to let everyone pleases her. But Kanompang wants to know only

“Why do you lie me, Oil?”

She goes to the hospital Oil is reviving. That hospital First, Non, Oil’s dad and mom are waiting Oil to be brought out from emergency room. Kanompang walks to First and she asks


“First. Where is Oil?”

“She is safe.” First answers. “Oil’s dad and mom just go to emergency room.”

Then Kanompang walks to the emergency room to meet Oil. She wants to know only answers from… Why Oil lies to her.

Pang… Pang!!!

First tries to call Oil to stop her madness. Because First knows Kanompang is angering to Oil relentlessly. Now Kanompang’s mood is trying to revenge Oil. Kanompang tries to seeks many patient rooms until she sees Oil is resting at that room. So Kanompang intrudes without caring anyone.


“What are you doing? Huh? What are you doing? You never say to me why did you lie me. Answer to me.”


“Shut up girl! What are you saying?” Oil’s dad says to Kanompang. Kanompang shakes Oil’s leg and says “You answer me, Oil. Answer now!”

“Don’t you know Oil is sick?” Oil’s dad argues to Kanompang who is really aggressive.


“You think to do as a pity person and anyone please you? Can you create any damn statuses on Facebook? Why did you do this shame about this? What do you want?”


“Get out. Bring her go away.” Oil’s dad calls Non to bring away from Oil. Now Kanompang is angry and don’t know why Oil did that. She want to know “reason” why Oil lied her only. But Oil can’t say to Kanompang. She is sick.

Inside Kanompang’s heart, she feels sad very much. Her best friend Oil betrayed her until her heart is wasteful.


“You create new fake story and escape from this moment? Why do you do?”

“Pang. Enough!” Non says to Kanompang and tries to bring Kanompang go away from Oil’s room.

“Tell to me, Oil.” Kanompang still asks to Oil about reason she lied to her.

“You’re my best friend! You tell me why did you do this?” Kanompang asks to Oil.

“Pang!!!” Non says.

“Oil. Tell to me now!!!!”

Finally Non brings Kanompang out from the patient room successfully.

Kanompang walks to the bridge and she feels guilty herself. She cries alone with her faults that she did to Oil. She is reason that Oil is dying. She doesn’t know how to let Oil speaking the truth to her.


Non follows Kanompang until he finds Kanompang who is crying. He walks to Kanompang and tries to make Kanompang keeps calm.

“Pang.” Non says. “Keep calm.”

Kanompang turns her body to Non and she blames to Non “Keep calm? What am I keeping calm? Huh? Don’t you see about what happened with me and Oil and you says me to keep calm. How can I keep calm with this?”


“I told the truths everything to Oil, you saw that fake medicine and why don’t you think what happened? Looks at this is happened in this time. Do you see that Oil is thinking I don’t know. She never see my love I give to her and she never see everyone’s love they give too. I think all of time about Oil and me is my best friend. I don’t know what I do until she hates me. I don’t know what I am doing. She never says anything what she feels. She never understand anything. She said I never told to her. I don’t know myself what I am doing wrong. And if she is happened, how can I live? And I having to live with guilty? As me, I can’t endure. Why I see about this? Why? Why? Why?”


Kanompang explodes her bad feeling and her hurt feeling to Non. She cries and shakes Non’s body with her madness. So Non talks to Kanompang about…

“Pang. Everything Oil did, they aren’t correct. But I think you did yesterday wasn’t correct too.”

“Then how should I do?” Kanompang asks. “I tried it. I tried to let Oil talk the truth but she didn’t talk. So how should I do?”

“Pang. Didn’t you tell me you don’t want me to do and feel sad at later time? Do you know? But when you have concentration, You’re good to decide something. But now, should you rest this moment? Wait Oil to be well. Then you talk to her again. It should be OK more than this.”

Non suggests Kanompang for keeping calm Kanompang’s mood. Finally Kanompang keeps calm and readies to stop crying.


Thank you Non… I am sad very much when my best friend betrayed me.

At lucky draw event.

Near New Year, lucky draw activity is exhibited every years. Kanompang is picking lucky draw from someone.

“Ammy!!!” Kanompang says to Ammy, her classmate. Then she peels the cover of gift to know what she gets from Ammy’s gift.


“Wow!!! I’ve gotten collagen!!” Kanompang says to Ammy.

“At next year your face is more blink!” Ammy says to Kanompang.


But… Oil comes to her classroom and she sees to Kanompang.




That lucky draw is paused until Oil comes to sit to the chair. Oil stays lonely and sees to Kanompang who is getting lucky draw until Kanompang feels bad to Oil and it’s not know clearly.


Kanompang walks to Oil. Oil is stunted. Then Kanompang says.


Do you want to talk with me?


Oil contacts to Kanompang’s blinked eyes and don’t say anything. Then she says “I’m sorry Pang.”


“I don’t want to feel bad to you forever, Oil. And I don’t want you feel bad too. All of moments, I’m sorry and thank you. But I won’t contact you forever, Oil.”


When Oil hears about that, she feels happy and sad in the same time. Her feeling of stress is controlling her mind again until she chews her tongue for decreasing her stress.


Oil still smiles although her mind is really fucking wasted. For Kanompang’s apology, she cries a lot.

“If you want to let me help, tell to me.”

“Thank you Pang.” Oil feels very good and very sad in same time. Finally Kanompang knows her mind more than that time. Meanwhile Kanompang feels guilty if she is the reason of Oil to overdose.


Kanompang smiles to Oil and walks away from Oil for lucky draw.

74 75

Looks like Jane is coming…

76 77



Jane doesn’t say anything. She walks to the desk and lays her bag. Then she walks away from classroom grade 11 room 1 without interest lucky draw.

79 80

Sun tells to Kanompang to talk something to Jane. Because earlier time Kanompang ever blamed Jane and distrusted Jane violently.


After that Kanompang runs to Jane at the lower floor. Kanompang says “Jane.”

Jane stops to walk. Kanompang walks to the lower floor. Then Jane says “What?”


“I’m sorry that I distrusted you and I talked with potty sentences. That time I didn’t know how to do. I also did that. I…” Kanompang tries to tells to Jane. But Jane immediately says…


“Enough! Forget it.”


“I feels very guilty.” Kanompang tries to tell everything. “That time I confused.”

Jane shakes her head vertically and she says “Never mind. I understand.”


“I suspect only one thing. If you ever told me, why did Oil know?” Jane asks to Kanompang.

“I don’t know.” Kanompang answers. “That time I didn’t ask. My mind was insane.”


“Yeah! That’s really crazy. But… I was an audience and I felt enjoyable. That is very excited.”


“Hey!! That’s crazy.” Kanompang says. “That time I was stressed.”

“I already know. Stop to be crazy, that’s good.” Jane says.


“I’m really sorry.” Kanompang apologizes Jane again.


Then Jane smiles to Kanompang and stops to talk with a few seconds. But… Jane says about… “First time I don’t want to tell anyone.”

“What do you say?” Kanompang asks.

“I will return to learn at New York, USA.” Jane says. Kanompang doesn’t agree.

“Hey!!! Why? Don’t you stay with me? We promised together.”

“I’m really sorry to you, Kanompang.” Jane says. “But this time I had to go. I have tried and I have done everything that maybe compatible for me. But finally everything aren’t compatible. And I feels uneasy. really uneasy. I have tried everything. I also think if I will return to my place, It’s maybe better.”

“Are you sure?” Kanompang asks to Jane.

Jane shakes her head vertically that means “yes.”

“I haven’t invite you to have some precious desserts.” Kanompang says.

“Invite me today.”

“Do you go really?”

“I’m sorry.” Jane says.

“And who know about this?”

Jane shakes her head horizontally that means no one knows. Then she says “You’re the first person.”

“Hey! And Sun?”

“I can tell to him now.” Jane says to Kanompang and she picks her phablet to send messages to Sun.




Looks like Jane feels hesitated to Sun… Does Jane thinks to Sun more than friend?

The night before Christmas.

Looks like bad feeling was faded away from Kanompang’s life. This is the time of reviving Kanompang’s mind. Oil who was best friend forever now she is faded by herself. Kanompang who was lonely have Non who is staying with her. He still makes Kanompang to wipe bad feeling to everyone although Kanompang doesn’t think Non as her boyfriend.

That night at student council room, Non picks guitar that is in student council room to play.



“Do you think to play guitar?” Kanompang asks to Non.


“I want to clean this guitar, so I play this.” Non says. “Pang. I want to see you to sing.”

“Crazy! No way!” Kanompang says with her shy feeling.

“Why!!!?” Non asks to Kanompang curiously. Because Kanompang sings very well until Non wants to hear Kanompang’s voice again.

“I don’t want to sing.” Kanompang says to Non.

“Please… only a song.” Non tries to request Kanompang to sing with him. “Please.”


“What song do you want to sing?” Kanompang asks.

“Come here”

Then Kanompang walks to Non and Non gives his phablet to Kanompang to see the lyric of this song. Kanompang smiles to Non with his taking care that it’s pure and peaceful.

Why clock that is walking, now it’s slow?



Why am I sad?

Don’t cry forever

Although she have melancholy much


Because every time you have tears

As sky is eliminated

And every time you must feel sad

Flowers are blow out

I want you to find the freshness.




Don’t be sad to you


When Kanompang and Non finishes to sing a song together, Kanompang smiles from her happiness that Non still stays with her. Both tries to close against together more, more and more with their unconscious feeling that is controlling their mind.





Kanompang sees some flashbacks in her mind about her and Tar at Valentine’s day. That haunts Kanompang’s mind relentlessly. She fears if she loves Non and Non walks away from him, Non will be sad too. Kanompang can’t ready to be in a relationship to someone.

Then she walks away from Non and goes home.

“Pang. Pang, wait! Pang… Pang… I’m sorry!” Non says to Kanompang.


Secret admiring party

Pop invites his friend who ever learned at Nadao Bangkok to go to Kanompang’s home for enjoy together at New Year day.

“Pang.” Pop calls to Kanompang.

“Huh?” Kanompang asks.


“I’m not sure are you OK?” Pop asks to Kanompang about bad feeling with Oil.

“OK.” Kanompang answers.

“If you’re not OK, hurry to tell me. Quickly! OK?”



Then Pop hugs his sister with taken care feeling. Because Pop doesn’t want his sister to be sad more.

“I love you.” Pop says.

“I love you too.” Kanompang says to Pop.


Ting ting!!!! Who’s coming?

“I’ll be right back.” Pop says to Kanompang. then he goes to the door.

Kanompang walks to her dad and mom and she says “Dad, mom. Pop’s friends come.”

“Are they coming?” Kanompang’s dad asks.

“Dad, mom, my friend have come!!!” Pop says proudly. Then Pop’s friend walks to Kanompang’s home with their gift to play lucky draw.

“Hello.” Win says hello to Kanompang’s dad.


Then Kwan and Mork says hello too.



“Hey, your gift lay at this place.” Pop tells to Win, Kwan and Mork. “Lay it smash!!”

“I will lay it.” Win says to Kwan.

“Thank you.” Kwan says.


“Hey!!! Clear your area!!! Pai has very big gift!” Mork says to Win and Kwan.


“Evade evade!!!” Pai says.

“Oh!!! Do you bring refrigerator to play lucky draw?” Pop asks to Pai. “Why is it enormous?”

“Dad, mom, hello.” Pai says hello to Kanompang’s dad and mom.


“This isn’t mine. That’s Sprite’s gift.” Pai says to Pop.


“This is mine.” Pai says.




“And where is she?” Pop asks about Sprite.

“Sprite?” Pai asks. Then he picks his phablet with video calling from Sprite to Pop and everyone.


“Hi Sprite!” Pop says.

“Hi ~~~~” Sprite says hello. “I’m here.”


Win, Kwan, Mork and Kanompang greet to Sprite together.


“Sprite. How about at Europe? Are you freeze?” Pop asks to Sprite.

“Ho… I don’t fear freeze, but I fear your d*** isn’t erect!”

“Hey Sprite!!! Keep lower sound.” Pai says.

“Hey!! Don’t have a guilty conscience.” Pop says.


Ah!!! I mean snow!!! Snow in this place is really f****** frozen!” Sprite describes about snow at Europe.


“Really? So let’s say hi to my friend.” Then Pai walks to Win, Kwan and Mork to let Sprite sees them.

“Pop, why didn’t you invite me?” Tar comes to Kanompang’s home and blames to Pop.


“Hey blame me? I don’t know someone who is short and walks.” Pop teases to Tar.

“Dad, mom. Hello.” Tar says to Kanompang’s dad and mom and he says hello to Kanompang.


Tar sees to Kanompang and he smiles to his ex-girlfriend.


And… What the …. Toey ? (ムラムラしました !!?)




“Hey Toey!!!” Pop says hi to Toey.

“Hello dad and mom.” Toey says hi to Kanompang’s dad.


“Hi.” Kanompang says hi to Toey.


Looks like Toey is more fatty. She smiles to Kanompang. Toey doesn’t know about 1 year later, is Kanompang still hating her? But… Looks like Kanompang smiles to Toey back.


“Today we come completely so let’s party!!!” Pop says to everyone and starts to party together


After Pop notices to start party, looks like there are already have couple. Win has Kwan as his couple and Tar has Toey as couple. Except Mork, Pai and Pop don’t have couple to party together.






260 261 262

Looks like Non sends voice message to her…


“Pang. I will go back to Hat Yai. When I don’t stick with you together, I feels bad. I will go to Bangkok again after new year. Then… I want you to give chance again. Will I be your friend again?”


Looks like Kanompang wants to know about Non’s thinking clearly. She calls to Non immediately.


“Hello.” Non says.

“Do you go back to Hat Yai?” Kanompang asks.

“I am between the way. What do you have something?”

“Nothing. When you will be right back, just talk together.”


“OK. Non!”


“Will you be only my friend?”


“I’m sorry that day I ran away from you. I feel good to you very much. Until I fear. I fear I will hurt if someday I lose you from my life. But now I change my mind. Thank you very much that make me feel good more. You help me a lot. Do you give a change to me again? Hello… Hello. Can you hear me, Non?”

“I hear.”

“But.. Why are you silent?”

“I’m shy.”


Finally I accepts my feeling about…. I can go over the fear. If I still fear from losing precious people, such as Oil and Tar, I can’t have new relationship. Everything is failure I have gotten, they’re only the past. So… my life must be progressive to go, go and go. No return.





Thank you very much, Non. I want you to be more my friend. Can you be my boyfriend, Non?

3 months later…

At the final examination, Sun finishes to do exam.


He walks to Jane and he says “Jane. Go to football field.”


Not only Jane. Sun talks to Kanompang “Go to football field.”


Sun, A and Ryo walk out from classroom to do something.


What are they doing?


At running lane.

“Pang.” Jane calls to Kanompang. “Did Sun tell you to this place?”


“I don’t know.” Kanompang says.


Then march band and Drum Major Pim runs to standby.

274 275



Forward march!!


“Pim is really cool!” Jane compliments to Pim, the Drum Major.


“Yeah! I agree!” Kanompang says.


Hey Sun!!!?




“He play with enormous performance!” Kanompang says to Sun.


Looks like Jane feels happy when she sees Sun, A, Ryo do unbelievable performance to surprise her. She smiles with her sincere heart to Sun.


Non, Phao, Pala, First pushes Tiger, Sun, A and Ryo to move forward. See Scape Rock Band is playing with march band!!


Then Looktarn smiles to Jane. Jane smiles to Looktarn back and says hello.



Oh yeah!!! This is unbelievable performance!!!


Then march band is walking to give rhythm.


“How are you?” Looktarn asks to Jane. “When you see that, how do you feel?”


“There is someone walks with wrong rhythm.” Jane answers to Looktarn. “But it’s not bad.”


Looks like Sun surprises to everyone in Nadao Bangkok College.


For pull Jane stay with him


I don’t know what Jane think about Sun, but…


She may change her mind.








Looks like when I came to Nadao Bangkok College

I found the bad things.

Such as…

Tar broke up me…


Sport day is cancelled.


I blamed and distrusted to my best friend…


My best friend betrayed me..


I was the reason that my former best friend committed suicide.



Jane will return to New York









But only this guy stays with me every when I feel wasted.


I love you very much ❤️ You’re taking care very much.







I don’t know about…

When will Oil stop to hate me?


That’s it…

Forget it…

I never hate you, Oil.

You always be my best friend forever…







After every bad moments are faded away…


This is the time of Resurrection.



I can’t fear the fault forever…!!!











“Pang.” Someone calls to Kanompang…

That’s sound? I know…

Kanompang sees to that voice… That’s Jane.

“Jane!!!” Kanompang calls to Jane. “You ever told me you will go to New York. But..”

“I thinks about… I don’t know why I go to New York. No reason to stay at that place. Although New York is the land of liberty, but… I will feel alone if I lose your precious people such as you.”

“Hey!!! Crazy!” Kanompang says and feel shy.

“Hahaha.” Jane says. “Actually you should that s***** guy Sun to be a reason of staying with you too.”

“Wow!!! Sun… Thank you!!! I feel surprised very much!” Kanompang says to Sun.

“Hahahaha.” Sun laughs. “You blamed me you missed Jane a lot, didn’t it?”

“Yeah!!!” Kanompang says to Sun.

“Hey motherf****** Sun.” Jane says. “You ever told me you bring me to travel with the bus, what day will we go?” Jane asks.

“Today. Are you ready?” Sun asks to Jane.

“Yeah!!! And Pang?” Jane asks to Kanompang.

“Me too.”




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