Top 10 WTF moments on Hormones The Series 3


I ever wrote article about Top 10 WTF moments on Hormones The Series on October. But looks like WTF scenes on Horomones The Series 3 are more severe and disturbed to everyone. Until Hormones Series 1,2 are more moderate. That was really surprised me a lot. Thank you Nadao Bangkok and GTH to make the precious TV series let me watch.

Hormones The Series 3 is the best TV series in 2015!

OK so what is the most WTF moments on Hormones The Series Season 3? Let’s check it out.

10 Pala’s grandmother denies ZomZom


This moment is happened in episode 10 “Growth Hormone II” When ZomZom sends Pala to Pala’s house and ZomZom meet Pala’s grandmother. After Pala comes to his home, ZomZom walks away from Pala’s home and Pala’s grandmother says.

“Pala maybe usual, but if another people know as same as you know about Pala, they may not see Pala as usual. Do you remember what I talked to you. I hope I will not meet you forever.”

Pala’s grandmother still makes the wall to prevent ZomZom is in a relationship with Pala. Although HIV can’t infect easily, but another people maybe disgusting to ZomZom and Pala. This is reason why Pala’s grandmother doesn’t want ZomZom to be in a relationship with Pala.

9 Dating with Tukta


This moment is happened in episode 9 “Testosterone” when Sun is playmate service, the job that make customer can’t feel alone and do everything that customer want. Sun’s first customer isn’t teenage or gorgeous ladies but she is mature women named “Tukta.” Sun feels confused and frightened to Tukta at first time much. He is speechless.


Not only bad first impression. In the time of servicing, at Do Not Disturb nightclub, Tukta wants Sun to be her boyfriend. First time I knew I said

What the fuck!!

immediately. But finally playmate services is risk to do.

8 Jane’s epic retorting


This moment is happened in episode 8 “Endorphin” After Jane comes back to her classroom, Ying, English teacher throws whiteboard marker to students who don’t pay attention to learn. But then Ying wants whiteboard marker back, Jane throws to Ying immediately and Ying says about this is inappropriate behavior. But looks like Jane wants to know reason why Ying throws whiteboard marker to students. If she can throw, Jane can throw too. That isn’t wrong, is it?


But in Thailand (or maybe another countries), this behavior is very rude and aggressive. Until Jane is gotten out from her classroom.


No!!! This isn’t ended. Jane opens loud speaker from her phablet to learn English with herself. That makes Ying annoyed then Ying tries to seizes Jane’s phablet until Jane’s phablet is fallen down to the ground.




Reason of retorting Ying because Jane wants to know about if Ying can do aggressive behavior, Jane can do too.

7 First’s dad and mom argue violently


This moment is happened in episode 8 “Endorphin” At Ep.1-7 you may know First’s habit is really fucking cheeky and love to tease everyone, but since Ep.8 was revealed, you may love First more than you think. First is one of good character in Hormones The Series.

Everyday First must endure the contrast of his dad and mom’s opinion. First’s mom often uses water and electricity that are very waste. So First’s father who is stingy argues First’s mom and strikes First’s mom violently.

After arguing, everyday First’s father has sex with First’s mom for stopping the madness and wrath. That is  “makeup sex”.

Only First loves… that is… Pikul, the dog who stay at First home… And… his girlfriend, Oil.

6 ZomZom insults to her father


“You are motherfucking bullshit! Do you want to be a lady? If you want to be a lady, be it! And dress with lady style. I allow!”


This moment is happened in episode 3 “Adrenaline” I ever wrote about this that was the most WTF moment. Zomzom insults her father that her father is gay and lies Zomzom’s mother about loving. Zomzom’s father is loving John, Mali’s father now. Zomzom can’t endure this situation and her friends know her father is gay from Mali’s sentences. She can’t be endure. And insulting guy to dress skirt is extremely insulting that mean that guy is really fucking wussy. After Zomzom argues her father who is gay, she takes her skirt out and throw to her father.

5 Sun is drunken and transformed to the dog


This moment is happened in episode 9 “Testosterone” that be happened in the paradise (top secret pool party). When Sun is hired as the exclusive precious playmate. Gungging’s friends pay Sun very expensively because Sun is really handsome and make Gungging’s friend have very high sexual mood. Sun can’t control his mind and he is charmed with beautiful and lust environment where Gungging’s friend who has small eyes catch Sun’s head to be against her boobs. That night Sun’s really insane and he can’t control himself.



Finally he knows himself when he opens his phablet to look what happened in that party. He is really shocked. So what happened after Sun is drunken, look at video clip below.

4 Sport day is cancelled




Inside Non, Kanompang‘s heart, they want to scream about this.

This moment is happened in episode 7 “Androgen” when the chaos moments of many contrast, unfair budget usage, advantages are exploded like the nuke. It isn’t happened only Boss and Non punch together, but it started when Jelly uses cheer team service budget very high until she wants to loan more budget. Then Boss disagree about Jelly’s opinion who exert to cheerleader team very much. And final budget from educational activities is given for service team, but Jelly uses it for measuring cheerleader’s costume.

Boss argues to Jelly who uses service budget to measure cheerleader’s costume.

Not only problem from budget, in competing basketball, First is aggressive that plays unfairly. He smashes Sun until Sun’s arm is broken. Until yellow team is lost.

First is aggressive due to ZomZom blames to him.

And everything is chaos when Boss taunts to Non. Then Non punches Boss and nothing can stop them, except guidance counselor and Nadao Bangkok College director who cancels Sport Day in this year.

3 Dao is heartbroken because Koi is in a relationship with Net

The hottest couple in Hormones is Dao and Koi who was in a domestic partnership since Hormones season 2. Sweet moments made Dao and Koi fanclub felt loved together. Such as…

💞 kissing 💞


💞 Taking Polaroid photo 💞


💞 Trusted their heart together. 💞


💞 Kiss again 💞


💞 Massage Koi’s neck. 💞


💞 Kiss again 💞


but relationship is stopped because problem of in a domestic partnership was be anti-interested from society. Dao thought in a domestic partnership was a parody thing, but actually Koi felt loved Dao too. But Dao was straight sex’s vison. She cared another people much so in a domestic partnership shouldn’t happen with both. Dao stayed away from Koi. But now some guy called “Net” met Koi and their relationship was suitable and Koi’s father accepted Koi and Net’s relationship (if they are in a relationship successfully.) In bathroom’s scene. Koi felt neck ache. She told Dao to massage her neck, but Dao’s massage was more than massaging. She did sexual moments to Koi and Koi refused. She said

“Sorry, I can’t to be a guy for you.”

When she was walking to downstair, she saw Koi and Net talked something and Dao felt very sad so she cried because Net and Koi was in a relationship.

Koi and Net
Dao cried after Koi accepted Net as her boyfriend.

In a domestic partnership was appeared only at novel and fictions. In real world god created guys love ladies and ladies love guys. Dao typed that WTF moments to her document in Microsoft Word.

“If this world has only I and you, I will hug you and don’t let you to go anyway.

But world isn’t about I think. There are a lot of people who are in my life. Take care and wish well to me.

Although her taking care maybe imprison me that she doesn’t feel her actions, she maybe let me to meet positive things.

She wants me to feel happy. She may create questions about things I am.

Question that I can’t answer. She may not know about happening itself that I don’t choose.

If today you will go, I want you to know about



2 Oil leaked the moment of Tar and Kanompang


“Really? Hey!! Who tell you? Is it really bullshit? Kanompang? I thinks she is really cute and innocent. How did she have sex with Tar, former See Scape’s guitarist in the classroom for? Really? Did you see that? That classroom someone can watch into it. Did they dare to do? Huh? Did you see they take off their clothes together? That’s fucking severe! Er…. Don’t tell to that. Oh… But Kanompang is leader of student council. I think she is cute and innocent. I can’t believe that!! I’m sad!”

She makes the situation of gossiping from grade 1o girl students. Then Numcha and Bew who are staying at toilet will spread that news. Finally that rumor spread together all of Nadao Bangkok College.


That moment Kanompang is lost her best friend, Jane. She misunderstands to Jane who leaked rumor. But looks like Kanompang is more infamous. Everyone believe that gossip rumor. Kanompang will be dismissed from the student council leader. If Kanompang isn’t student council leader, that rumor will not be spread widely.


Finally, reason Oil leaked rumor because she wants to warn about Kanompang isn’t virgin girl to First who is connecting to Kanompang although he is already in a relationship with Oil. But looks like First doesn’t believe that rumor much.

Everything Oil does, she does with her jealousy.

Honorable mentions

Sport day budget is misused


Jane knows the truth about Win is already in a relationship


Oil’s (fake) epilepsy (first time)


ZomZom’s epic insulting to Sun who abandons Mali


1 Oil’s committing suicide (overdose with sleeping pills)


I am really fucking enough…


Someone will think about…

Oil should be dead!

Or… Oil is foolish who doesn’t love yourself and worship boyfriend more than herself.

Or… Oil is the most dangerous character. She deserves the death.

But… This is idea from another dramas or superheroes comics, movies. That idea is “Villain should be dead”

But Hormones The Series 3 isn’t. You can know reason about why Oil creates many bullshit stories. Many people have vision as Kanompang who don’t know Oil’s background. When Oil is hurting her heart, who can cure her bad feeling?

If Sun is hurt, Jane will cure Sun’s heart.


If Jane is hurt, Sun will cure Jane’s heart.


If Dao & Koi are hurt, they will cure together.


If Kanompang is hurt, Non will cure Kanompang’s heart.


If First is hurt, Oil will cure First’s heart.


But for Oil, many faults she did can’t be forgiven and nobody cure her heart too. They knows that problematic moments at result only. But don’t know cause of every problematic moments.

The most big problem that Oil feels sad is “No one can heal a broken heart.” This is the most wanted from Oil. She wants someone who take care her. Finally she gets First, but finally First breaks up her due to many Oil’s faults.

Looks like Oil’s dad and mom don’t take care her much due to Oil was born from the Chinese people who had weird culture about “first child must be the son”. But Oil is first child who is daughter. Reason about first child must be the son because the son can inherit family to the next generation by using their last name. Actually in real life with 100 years ago, many Chinese people who knew first child was daughter, they threw their daughter to the river for the death.

When Oil’s dad and mom don’t support her much, no one in family can be the consultant. Oil is introvert and very low self esteem and she has Kanompang who is popular as best friend, so Oil must lie herself about she is worth to be Kanompang’s girlfriend.

But her bullshit stories revealed. Everyone ban Oil. First is too. First is Oil’s last hope but First cut the final hope ruthlessly. So…

No one support Oil…

Oil isn’t worth to be in the world.

Result of no one supports Oil when her heart is broken is go away from this world. Oil’s life is really pity.

If Oil’s dad and mom supports her since she was child, that problem won’t be happened.



  1. hi everyone,
    does anyone know the name of the actress that plays gungging? I would really like to know please help me find out. thanks in advance.

  2. Aww, you created a really nice article about that series. I’ve just finished watching the last season. Unexpectedly better that I thought. I have underestimated this season because almost all main chara from season 1&2 were not involved. And I don’t see any influeance from Dao&Koi (they were featured in first two season, third year, most senior) to the main story, because Dao&Koi have their own part of story.

    And it’s nice to read your opinion about Oil.

    I’m curious about two students, male & female, came out from restroom. Who do you think they are? My guess is they were Sun & Jane, because the girl seemed taller than the boy …

    • Hi Ramadhan

      I ever thought two students came out from restroom were Sun & Jane because last scene before places scenes was Sun & Jane who were talking and Jane said “Sun, I have something to tell you”, but actually, that isn’t.

      Actually, that two students who came out from the toilet were another students who had sex at toilet as same as Win and Sprite in Hormones The Series season 1. Ping, director of Hormones The Series said “Ending of Hormones Season 3 tells about moments that characters ever did will be occurred again, again and again.”

  3. HI
    my friend give me only the last season and this series is so attractive! love it.
    now i’m watching season 1 haha
    besides the story I also really like the background music. especially on season 1 ep 6 after dao and din finished their trip in madam tussaud and dao looking his blog.
    anyone know where i can get the full music?

    • Hi Rian

      Background music that played when at Dao’s dating scene at Madame Tussaud is “Mung” by ToR+. You can listen full version at link below.

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