Jane & Sun (Hormones Best Ending) [E]

Warning : Jane & Sun’s story is really explicit! Too much of strong languages!


I have something to tell you…




What do you want to say, Jane?

Know about Jane


Kanyawee Songmuang (Thanaerng – read as “Tarnerng”) as “Jane”

Real name & Last name : Jane Mahattanolerk
Date of Birth : May 1 1998
Zodiac : Aries (count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : B (The Rebel)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54721
Habit : Clever, Strict, Very high self esteem, Love freedom, Don’t believe anyone easily, Hide her feeling, Very fucking high sincere heart
Grade : 11 room 1, Grade 10 (at Season 2)
Her phablets : Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Season 2), Samsung Galaxy A7 Gold(Season 3)
Appeared in  : Hormones season 2,3
Main Episode : Season 3 Ep.5 “Dopamine”
Like : Freedom, songs in nightclubs, wander in large place, Alternative rock musics
Dislike : Desserts, nonsense rules, people who don’t know something completely and decide it immediately, controlled situation, someone insult her, someone controls her, someone flirts her without knowing her more.
Relationship compatibility :  Sun (∞% | 💞  soulmate), Kanompang (100% | 💎best friend), A (60% | ✌️ close friend), Ryo (60% | ✌️ close friend), Oil (30% | ✌️  classmate)], Pat (95% in season 2, 30% in season 3 | 💎best friend), Nutt (-100% | 👺 rival), Looktarn (60% | 👍 teacher), Ben (100% | 👨👩👧👧 brother) Win (∞% in season 2, 60% in season 3 | 💞 ex-soulmate)
Similar character in earlier generation : Win 50% , Toey 50%
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, vodka, liquor, cocktail, Sake, Shochu, Soju, Barcadi Breezer, Smirnoff, Absolut)
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Ever (Crystal Meth, but can control downer effect)
MBTI Personaity : INFJ (The Advocate)
Smoke Color : Crimson (Looks like she has “Storm frame” from  Katekyō Hitmdfan Reborn!)
Theme song : Yokee Playboy – อากาศ [ML]

Know about Sun


Theeradon Supanpinyo (James) as “Sun”

Real name & Last name : Artit Intarapat
Date of birth : May 2 1998
Zodiac : Aries (Count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : (The Rebel)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme)*
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54274
Grade : 10 (room 1) in season 2, 11 (room 1) in season 3
Habit : Nice mood, love to play, foxy, have leadership mind and very feminine(because he use lipstick)
Like : Gorgeous girls, be popular
Dislike : unfair behavior
His phablets : I don’t know which smartphone did he use in season 2. Samsung Galaxy A7 Gold (Season 3) ,Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (after he is playmate)
Appeared in : Hormones Season 2,3
His main episode : Season 3 Ep.9 “Testosterone” 
Relationship : Jane (∞% | 💞  soulmate), Earth (50% | ✌️ close friend), Usa (30% | ✌️ close friend), Toto (30% | ✌️ close friend), A (60% | ✌️ close friend), Ryo (60% | ✌️ close friend), Kanompang (50% | ✌️ close friend), Mali (50% | 💔someone ever loved), Tar (20% | ✌️ See Scape Rock Band teammate), Oil (20% | classmate), Phao (50% | ✌️someone interest Sun very much), Goongging (40% | ✌️ Playmate Agent) ZomZom (-∞ | 👹 hate her forever)
Similar character in earlier generation : Win 50%, Tar 50%
Ever have sex : Ever
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever (beer, vodka, liquor, cocktail, Sake, Shochu, Soju, Barcadi Breezer, Smirnoff, Absolut)
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever let another girl got pregnancy : Never
Use drugs : Never
MBTI Personality : ENFP (The Campainger)
Smoke Color : Purple (Looks like he has “Cloud flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme song :
Yokee Playboy – อากาศ [ML]

*Heterosexuality with extreme status means they interest sexuality very much until they want to have sex, flirt a lot, silly, can’t control themselves.

Don’t be serious, Kanompang

Every year at Nadao Bangkok College, there is activity that you maybe lucky if you get precious gift. That is activity of purchasing!!

In classroom of grade 11 room 1, Kanompang and her friends are doing lucky draw. Kanompang feels great when she gets a box of collagen drinks. But… looks like Kanompang is speechless when Jane goes to this room.

76 77



Jane doesn’t say anything. She walks to the desk and lays her bag. Then she walks away from classroom grade 11 room 1 without interest lucky draw.

79 80

Sun tells to Kanompang to talk something to Jane. Because earlier time Kanompang ever blamed Jane and distrusted Jane violently.


After that Kanompang runs to Jane at the lower floor. Kanompang says “Jane.”

Jane stops to walk. Kanompang walks to the lower floor. Then Jane says “What?”

“I’m sorry that I distrusted you and I talked with potty sentences. That time I didn’t know how to do. I also did that. I…” Kanompang tries to tells to Jane. But Jane immediately says…


“Enough! Forget it.”


“I feels motherfucking guilty.” Kanompang tries to tell everything. “That time I confused.”

Jane shakes her head vertically and she says “Never mind. I understand.”


“I suspect only one thing. If you ever told me, why the fuck did Oil know?” Jane asks to Kanompang.

“I don’t know.” Kanompang answers. “That time I didn’t ask. My mind was insane.”


“Fuck yeah! Really fucking crazy. But… I was an audience and I felt enjoyable. That is fucking excited.”


“Hey!! That’s crazy.” Kanompang says. “That time I was stressed.”

“I already know. Stop to be crazy, that’s good.” Jane says.


“I’m really sorry.” Kanompang apologizes Jane again.


Then Jane smiles to Kanompang and stops to talk with a few seconds. But… Jane says about… “First time I don’t want to tell anyone.”

“What do you say?” Kanompang asks.

“I will return to learn at New York, USA.” Jane says. Kanompang doesn’t agree.

“Hey!!! Why? Don’t you stay with me? We promised together.”

“I’m really sorry to you, Kanompang.” Jane says. “But this time I had to go. I have tried and I have done everything that maybe compatible for me. But finally everything aren’t compatible. And I feels uneasy. Fucking uneasy. I have tried everything. I also think if I will return to my place, It’s maybe better.”

“Are you sure?” Kanompang asks to Jane.

Jane shakes her head vertically that means “yes.”

“I haven’t invite you to have some precious desserts.” Kanompang says.

“Invite me today.”

“Do you go really?”

“I’m sorry.” Jane says.

“And who know about this?”

Jane shakes her head horizontally that means no one knows. Then she says “You’re the first person.”

“Hey! And Sun?”

“I can tell to him now.” Jane says to Kanompang and she picks her phablet to send messages to Sun.

90 91

Jane : I have something to tell you.
(in text box) : I….



Jane feels bad if she will tell to Sun about she will return to New York. Because when Jane is at Bangkok, Sun is the most precious person who pull her mind from the darkness. Jane doesn’t care anyone, except Sun. He is a man who is compatible with her more than 100%. If Jane will go to New York, she will start a new relationship. That is really hard if she must meet new friend at New York and abandon Sun and Kanompang away from her.


How can I talk to Sun about I will go to New York?

The last dinner

At Central World. This place is really beautiful when it is in winter. There are precious light decoration to let everyone take photos and take selfie together.


At luxury restaurant, Sun meets Jane to have dinner together.

“Please relax, Miss Jane.”


“What are you thinking to have dinner with me?” Jane asks to Sun.


“You think about you buy me as playmate. You’re in the role of customer.” Sun says to Jane.


“For me, I have duty to please you. OK?” Sun says to Jane.


“I won’t pay your fucking fee!” Jane says to Sun.

“Huh? Service fee is 5,000 Baht. But I don’t accept credit card, cash only. Or your smile.”


Then Jane talks to Sun politely.

“Sun, please peel that shells* to me.”

*In Thai language, shell can prefer to “pussy”.


“My hand will be dirty. You peel yourself.” Sun says.

“I’m your fucking customer!” Jane says directly. “Peel it motherfucker!”


“Fuck yeah!!! Miss Jane.” Sun talks. Then he peels shells to Jane.


Then Jane hesitates about telling she will go to New York to Sun. She contacts Sun’s eyes, but… If she fears about this, Sun will feel sad at another time. Because Jane and Sun are closed more than friendship. Then Jane asks…

“Hey… And you ever told me you will bring me to travel with bus. Do you bullshit?”


“No way! Because I will bring you to travel all of place you want. At another day.”




“Fuck yeah.” Jane says.

“Then… You ever sent that message to me. What the fuck did you send?” Sun asks.


Jane is speechless and she doesn’t want to say this sentences to Sun because she cares Sun very much. Finally, she should talk…

Sun. I will return to New York.



“Pang ever said to me.” Sun knows Jane will return to New York from Kanompang. “I also bring you to have dinner with me. And what time will you go?”

“After examination.” Jane says.

Ah… Lucky… Feel good. I’ve thought Jane will go in this night.

“You don’t let me ready.” Sun says.

Jane feels guilty about she will go away from her soulmate. Then she says “I’m fucking sorry. I feels I am not fucking compatible in this country. Then I feels incompatible, I don’t know why I live for. That doesn’t have any fucking reason that I can stay at this country.”

Then Sun asks.

And me… Can I be your reason to stay with me?

Inside Sun’s heart, Sun doesn’t want Jane to go away from him. Jane is too. But Jane’s feeling doesn’t focus to Sun much. Finally Jane focus to Sun’s mind and now she must choose her way of life that separate to 2 ways.

First way, the way of the real liberty she wants very much. But Jane must start with zero points.

Second way, the way of the reverse culture shock that control Jane’s feeling but Sun is stay with her.

What do you want to choose?

Until countdown day, Sun drinks with his friend and he invites Jane to drink together.


Sun : Can you go with me at nightclub?
Sun : You have a time to change your mind.




3 months left …!!!?


I don’t know what way I will go?


For liberty? Or my soulmate?


3 months later…

At the final examination, Sun finishes to do exam.


He walks to Jane and he says “Jane. Go to football field.”


Not only Jane. Sun talks to Kanompang “Go to football field.”


Sun, A and Ryo walk out from classroom to do something.


What are they doing?


At running lane.

“Pang.” Jane calls to Kanompang. “That motherfucking Sun told you to this place?”


“I don’t know.” Kanompang says.


Then march band and Drum Major Pim runs to standby.

274 275



Forward march!!


“Pim is really fucking badass!” Jane compliments to Pim, the Drum Major.


“Yeah! I motherfucking agree!” Kanompang says.


What the fuck is that!!!?280



“He play with fucking big performance!” Kanompang says to Sun.
282Looks like Jane feels happy when she sees Sun, A, Ryo do unbelievable performance to surprise her. She smiles with her sincere heart to Sun.

Non, Phao, Pala, First pushes Tiger, Sun, A and Ryo to move forward. See Scape Rock Band is playing with march band!!

Then Looktarn smiles to Jane. Jane smiles to Looktarn back and says hello.
286 287

Holy shit!!! This is unbelievable performance!!!

Then march band is walking to give rhythm.289

“How are you?” Looktarn asks to Jane. “When you see that, how do you feel?”

“There is someone walks with wrong rhythm.” Jane answers to Looktarn. “But it’s not bad.”

“Oil.” Boss calls Oil. Then Oil smiles to Boss. Yes, finally their feeling between Boss and Oil are suitable!
292 293

But…. Hey!!! Talk now!!!


Then Non, Robot, Net and First pulls Sun and Ryo to the lawn.


Sun sees Mali.


Mali cheers Sun with her sincere heart. Finally Mali understand her feeling.


Then Non, Pala runs to their place.298

Everyone feels appreciated to this special performance. That is really creative and really enjoyable, such as…

Nippon and Nadao Bangkok College director.

Elle, Dao and Koi.


But… Sun does this for his soulmate named…


Jane, the girl that came from the liberty  land.


Wow!!! Don’t they feel hot?

Finally, performance is ended. Everyone clap their hands!!!

Wow!!! Yeah!!!!

305 306 307

After performance, Sun walks to Jane proudly.

“How about this? Do you like it?” Sun asks to Jane.


“That’s so-so.” Jane says.


What the fuck!!!?

But Sun smiles to Jane. He ever knows Jane may talk to this. For Jane, her mouth is really hard. Very hard to compliment to someone.

Finally… Jane says to Sun.

Sun. I have something to tell you.

311In official version, this point is the end of Sun and Jane’s story. But many people doesn’t know what Sun and Jane says, so I expand meaning of this with some dialogue I created to know simply.

“What do you tell me?” Sun asks to Jane.

“Do you remember at that dinning that I said “I don’t know why I live for. That doesn’t have any fucking reason that I can stay at this country.” for 3 months? And you said “Can I be your reason to stay with me.””

“Huh?” Sun says. “Do you remember about that?”

“I thought a lot, until I decides about….” Jane says.


“Sun… All of time I ever meet you, you’re really compatible to me. Although you’re also slutty, but… Why……”

“Do you love me?” Sun says.

When Jane hears that Sun’s saying. Jane feels stunted and her cheeks is red for feeling shy. Finally Jane says…

So… all of time you held my hand for curing my heart, tried to hug me… And the concert that you didn’t sing and I held your hand for curing your heart… Do you think this is friend’s behavior?

Sun smiles to Jane. Finally Jane says…

I decides to stay at Bangkok. You’re the reason that I can stay at this country.

I love you very much. 💞 And I decides to stay with you.

Then Sun hugs Jane with his love. Finally although Jane wants to go to New York at first time…

But… She doesn’t know any reason to live at New York too.

Because New York is the land of liberty?

Yes. It’s the liberty land.

But… when Jane stay at the liberty land such as New York,

Jane feels alone.

And Jane feels bad that flashbacks will haunt her again.

Win, her ex-soulmate…

That is the past.

Now… or the future…

Sun is the reason that Jane can live in this world.

And looks like Sun’s friend is really cheeky as Pat.

Wow!!! Perhaps… Bangkok is the place of the liberty too.

But it is controlled only Nadao Bangkok College.










If we go out from the fence of Nadao Bangkok College…

Our world is mine…





Isn’t it? Sun, A, Ryo?






Let’s go to the nightclub!!!

– Good bye Nadao Bangkok College. See you again next semester!–











“Huh?” Kanompang interjects to Sun. “Won’t Jane go to New York?”

“Yes.” Sun says to Kanompang.

“Why did she change her mind?” Kanompang asks to Sun.

“You should thank you me because I’m the reason that Jane still be with us.”

“Hey!!! crazy!!! You’re also narcissism.” Kanompang says to Sun. “But thank you very much, Sun.”

“Hahaha. Pang, are you worrying to Oil?”

“Maybe.” Kanompang answers.

“Do you know Oil has new boyfriend?”

“What? Who’s that?”

“Do you remember that former student council leader who always wears thick glasses? That’s her new boyfriend.”


“I don’t know his name. Looks like that nerdy guy and Oil is suitable very much. A man who is explicit and logical and the girl who creates the illusions.”

“Do you watch anime Reborn a lot?”

“Yes! Jane likes it very much. Yesterday she gave some manga of Reborn to me. For Kanompang, you have sky flame.”

“Hahaha. Crazy!!” Kanompang says to Sun.

“And how about Non?” Sun asks to Kanompang about Non, Kanompang’s love interest.

“Non?” Kanompang asks. “I don’t tell you hahahaha”

“Hey!!! Another day I will hire paparazzi to take some photos about sweet moments with Non hahaha.”

“Don’t do this LOL”



  1. Hello, i know I’m late. But was just curious. Who went out from the toilet at the very ending? There’s s girl & a boy? They didn’t show the face so? I’m very curious

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