Dao & Koi (True Ending)

Finally they move to dormitory together…


Looks like Koi hesitated to something…

Know about Dao


Sanantachat Thanaphatpisarn (Fon) as “Dao”

Real name & Last name : Dugedao Jumratpaisarn
Date of Birth : March 18 1997
Zodiac : Pisces (count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : (The Role Model)
Sexual Orientation : Bisexuality
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 53620
Habit : Not dare to risk, love her mother very much, stress in sometimes, love her friends, cute, like to make funny moments in her group
Grade : 10 room 1 (Season 1), 11 room 1 (Season 2), 12 room 1 (Season 3)
Her smartphone & phablets : Apple iPhone 4S (Season 1), Samsung Galaxy S5 (Season 2), Samsung Galaxy A7 Gold (Season 3)
Appeared in  : Hormones season 1,2,3
Her main episode : Season 1 Ep. 8 “Progesterone” , Season 2 Ep.4 “Dao & Koi” , Season 3 Ep.2 “Estrogen”
Like : Imagine another people to make love together and write romantic poems to her blog.
Dislike : Someone who reveals her in a domestic partnership, Dew
Relationship compatibility: Koi (∞% | 💞 soulmate), L (100% | 💎 close friend), Kwan (50% | ✌️ her upper class woman), Win (10% | ✌️ her upper class man), Din(100% when fall in love, -∞% when separated | 💘👹 ex-love interested), Dew(-50% | 👹Rival)
Her successor character : N/A
Ever have sex : Ever (Din at season 1)
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Never
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnancy : Ever (with Din at season 1)
Use drugs : Never
MBTI Personality : INFP (The Mediator)
Smoke Color : Indigo (Looks like she has “Mist flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme Song : POLYCAT – You had me at hello

Know about Koi


Kemisara Paladech (Belle) as “Koi”

Real name & Last name : Wiriya Korkietpirom
Date of Birth : January 23 1997
Zodiac : Capricorn (count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : AB (The Variety Star)
Sexual Orientation : Homosexuality (Lesbian)
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 53196
Habit : Very wide mind, love friends, sensitive mood but performs about vigorous feeling, Hate contrasts, love to take care her lover.
Grade : 10 room 1 (Season 1), 11 room 1 (Season 2), 12 room 1 (Season 3)
Her smartphones & phablets : Apple iPhone 4S (Season 1), Samsung Galaxy S5 (Season 2), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Season 3)
Appeared in  : Hormones season 1,2,3
Her main episode : Season 2 Ep.4 “Dao & Koi” , Season 3 Ep.2 “Estrogen”
Like : Her friends
Dislike : Contrasts
Relationship compatibility: Dao (∞% | 💞 soulmate), L (100% | 💎  close friend), Net(70% | ❤️  ex-boyfriend)
Her successor character : N/A
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Never
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnancy : Never
Use drugs : Never
MBTI Personality : ENTJ (The Commander)
Smoke Color : Indigo (Looks like she has “Mist flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme Song :
POLYCAT – You had me at hello

Don’t be serious, Koi.

Before Dao and Koi will graduate from Nadao Bangkok College, Dao and Koi decide to choose suitable university that must stay at same dormitory. So Koi meets Dao to watch and review their dormitory to be used in the future.

“Let’s go.” Dao says to Koi.

“So you watch and relax together.” Dormitory host says.

“Yeah.” Dao and Koi say. Then dormitory host walks away.

“Let’s watch the balcony.” Dao calls to Koi. Then they run to the balcony in Dao and Koi’s room together.


Dao runs and opens the glass door to the balcony. The wind from the balcony goes against Dao until Dao says “Woah!”


Dao and Koi are excited to the fresh air they get. That isn’t same as when Dao and Koi stays at the home. Now they are staying at the higher place. That is really excited!

“That’s good weather.” Dao says. “Staying at higher floor is better than staying at lower floor.”

“So… What items do you want to order?” Koi asks.

“I have notebook, stationery, skincare, cosmetic, manga,” Dao says and she mentions to her dolls. “Meemee, Moomoo, Tiger, White.”

“Hey!!! Is it too much? Where do you order your items?”


“I will buy another shelf. That’s too easy.” Dao says.


“Your shelf is this.” Dao says to Koi. “And this area is mine.”


“Usually do you watch TV?” Dao asks.

Koi shakes her head horizontally that means “no”.

“So I won’t buy TV.” Dao says and she walks to the desk. Looks like Koi worries about this staying will be only the dream.


“Ah… there is only one chair. Can’t sit together, so I will buy another chair to you.” Dao says to Koi. “This desk can’t be ordered your items so I will buy another desk to you. Is it good?”


Koi sees to Dao and looks like Dao exerts to stay at this dormitory very much. For Koi’s heart, she is caring her dad’s mind that dad didn’t allow Koi to learn in university because of Dao. That is really teenager’s dream. Dao and Koi will go out from the teenage and ready to be adult. They can response themselves.

“So we go to buy together.” Dao doesn’t know what Koi is thinking. She still paints the fairy tale dream only her and Koi to the canvas in her mind.


Inside Koi’s heart, that is really hesitated. But she accepts Dao to buy some shelf and desk, chair together.

“Is this good if I install lamp near my bed?” Dao says to herself.

Then Koi walks to sit at the bed without mattress. Dao walks to sit too.


“If it has mattress, we may sit more comfortable.” Dao says.

“Yeah.” Koi says 119

Koi is speechless and she feels uneasy to stay at dormitory. She is caring her dad’s opinion. If she chooses dad’s opinion, Dao will go away from Koi because Dao isn’t real lesbian 100% as Koi. Dao is bisexual. Koi is worried very much.

“Koi. If you worry your dad about we will stay at dormitory, forget it. Tell me.”

“Hey!” Koi says. “No no!!! It isn’t that.”

Her heart is hesitated. She tries to forget many worrying. but she can’t. So she says “Yes. we watch dormitory, I didn’t tell to my dad. I’m sorry.”

“Why do you apologize? Have something? Tell me.” Dao asks to Koi curiously.

“I fear you anger. We agree to stay at dormitory.”

“What am I angry? You and your dad are very closed. If you worry, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Koi still thinks a lot.

“Koi. You think carefully. If we stay together, but you have problems to your dad forever, can I be fine?”

Dao still wipes Koi’s stress. Koi worry very much. She cares her dad a lot. Not only dad, Dao is too. Dao feels bad if Koi will have many problems to Koi’s father. So… Dao hugs Koi for her trustworthiness.


“Why do you hug me?” Koi asks to Dao.


“We will be separated away. We may see us together less. Less of holding our hands. Less to hug. But… If we will meet for long time, we will miss us more and more massive hugging.”


“I and you passed many obstacles. We will not break up because of staying far away. Isn’t it?”

Dao talks to Koi with her feeling and she wants Koi is less worried. After that Dao picks Koi’s hand and says “Choose the way that you feel good.”


“Every ways have me who stay with you.” Dao says.


Koi feels appreciated to her lover. Dao is adorable. She is really taken care her. Wow!!!!

After that, Dao and Koi lays themselves to the bed without mattress.


And Dao touch Koi’s left hand and says.


“At least we are far away but can go to you with taxi.” Dao says.


“Or let me drive?” Koi asks.

“Oh!!! No No No!!! You walk and you fall. What about driving?”

“Too much!” Koi says and she pinches Dao’s cheek.


Finally Dao and Koi are comfortable more than earlier time. Koi who was worrying to her dad, but now she can dare to tell her dad again. Dao is too. She allows Koi to stay far from her because their love can’t be broken up without silly reason.

We’re soulmate. 💞 Why do we worry about this?

2 week later near new year, after Koi finished mid term examination, Koi walks to her dad and she tries to says about she will be at dormitory near university again.

242“Dad?” Koi says to her dad. “My score is revealed. My score isn’t good as anyone, but I will be lucky. If I will have admission to the university I have already chosen, and I will stay at the dormitory, Will you allow me?”


Koi’s dad thinks a lot. Then he says. “Koi. Everything I ever did, I have worried to you. I want you to think carefully before you decide. So I give you to choose university yourself.”

245 246 247

Koi’s father allows Koi to choose university Koi wants. That means Koi will rest with Dao at the dormitory. Wow!!!!

“Thank you very much. Dad.” Koi says and she hugs to her dad.


But when Koi is hugging, Dao sends some messages via WeChat to Koi.


Dao: How about you? Do you talk with you dad?
Dao: Talk genteelly. Make your dad feels good.
Dao: I love you. 🙂

After new year, 3 months later…


“Hey Koi!!! Look at this!!! That march band is really cool!”


“Really Dao, I think See Scape is cooler! Wow!!!”


“Or you will fall in love to that Drum Major?”


“No way Koi. I already have you.”


“But… Looks at this! See Scape vocalist play guitar to her girlfriend!”301

“Is she See Scape vocalist’s girlfriend? Wow!! That’s suitable!!!”


“Woah!! That’s really appreciated.”


Finally Dao and Koi will graduate from Nadao Bangkok College. Every picture they have ever seen will be memorized to our mind forever.

– Good bye Nadao Bangkok College. –












“Hey Dao.” Koi calls to Dao.

“What?” Dao asks to Koi. “Do you know…?”

“I already know!” Koi answers and she sings a song …

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday happy birthday

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday Happy birthday…

🎂 Happy… birthday… to… you… 🎂

Then Koi gives a precious gift to Dao. That size is same as a diaries.

“What’s that, Koi?” Dao asks to Koi.

“Peel it and you may know.” Koi tells. Then Dao peels that cover out. It’s the complication of every poems that Dao ever wrote at her personal blog since she was grade 10. This book Koi made it herself to send to Dao.

Dao opens to first place. That is poem she ever wrote.

“He gazes my face until my heartbeats rhythm unbalance.

His right hand move to my cheek slowly.

For a few seconds, he use his thumb cleans bit of cake on my cheek genteelly.

I just know about I will eat cake at his cafe forever in my life”

And second poem…

“I am confident about although math problems are really hard, any math problems I can solve them.

But I really don’t understand since you came to tease my life, easy math problems I also calculate wrong.

I don’t have concentration. Must accuse you certainly about creating love match problem

Until I solve math problem wrong, wrong, wrong again.”


Dao’s tear drops down to the floor. These poems Dao forgets. This was the time she was happiest in her life. Dao imagined about romantic love a lot.

“Can we make romantic moment ourselves as same as your poems?” Koi asks to Dao?

“What do you mean?” Dao asks.

Then Koi jumps and hugs to Dao immediately.

“Hey!!!! You’re insolent!!!” Dao interjects. Her cheeks are red from her shy feeling.

Koi doens’t say anything, but she smiles and kiss to Dao instantly.

💞 I know you want this. Isn’t it, Dao? 💞



  1. Thanks for translate it…. very fast 😉👍… i think you will translate it 2 days later or more but i see that… woww…. i’m very thanks… sugoii… Kawaii 😍😍😘

  2. Hi, i just found your blog and is awesome for all the character story you translate. May i know, do you translate the novel of them too ?

  3. Thank you for the translation, thank you for exerting effort of watching the whole series from 1 – 3, am I right? Thanks a lot!!!

    • You’re welcome. But you will know Dao & Koi more if you read “Pinky Promise” , my new translation project. In Hormones The Series, Dao & Koi’ s story is really less than 50%

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