The last hope (Part 1)

Long time ago I didn’t connect to Kimi because I stay at workplace. I have a job to do. My job was same as former workplace. Yes, I’m graphic designer but when I had available time, I liked to write my article, diaries.

My life is really simple.

When I go out from the building that is really big as same as some city from Final Fantasy VII, Looks like my life wasn’t pulled from the chain. My life is really freedom when the sun is sunk to the ground. Looks like I’m vampire or werewolf who will be more strong at the nighttime. Although in real world I didn’t have the wing from the fairy tale, but for my mind, I feel as same as flying out from the ground of crowded.

Huh!!!? Someone calling.

Koi no uta no no no no no

Koi no shawaa no no no no no no

That was my ringtone. It was my favorite song “No No No” from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and this is used as my alarm too. That song was really nice and I loved it a lot.

I heard that sound, I picked my smartphone to receive calling. Ah… I saw caller. That was Kimi. I feels good when she called to me again after I worked off.

“Hello.” I says to Kimi.

“Hi Camp.” Kimi said. “Tonight will you be available?”

“Hey!!! That means you will meet me?” I asked Kimi back. “Thonglor, same place?”

“Yeah. But I want to change place.” Kimi wanted to change hangout place. She might feel bored.

“Where place do you want?” I asked to her. “Not nightclub that opened EDM songs. I want to hangout and chit chat. That will be better.”

“So will you want to talk with me?”

“Yeah. Looks like BADMOTEL isn’t bad.”

“Huh? Do you want to hangout at BADMOTEL?”

“Yes.” I answered.

“OK. See you tonight.”

After that I wandered to Thonglor. Looks like Thonglor was the best place to hangout. This place was really beautiful and there were many atmosphere of the dream. Talkative people were at here a lot.

The way to Thonglor now I decided to go with extreme way. That was was very far and length to Thonglor approximated 6 or 7 kilometers. For this length, I walked! It was really crazy about I walked from my workplace to Thonglor within 6-7 kilometers. I didn’t want you to think that. This was my real wander. Reason to be wandering? May be little workout.

And the time I will meet Kimi was 2 hours. So walking to Thonglor from my workplace was suitable more than using bus.







My habit was similar as Jane.

Because Jane loves to wander around the urban area.




Looks like Hipster who focus to slow life.

I walked into Sukhumvit 23 alley first. At Sukhumvit 23 alley, there were many Caucasians a lot. But… looks like sexy Thai girls who worked as strippers at Soi Cowboy alley were too much too. Some sexy girls wasn’t real girl too. So sees them carefully.

I walked passed from Soi Cowboy. That was suitable for Caucasian people who love to travel with nighttime. At Sukhumvit 23 alley, There were some cafes and restaurants where they want to suck your money every time you entered to their area. I was really loved Chef Yan Pizza and when I passed this alley, looked like I had to eat hot & crispy pizza first before I walked out from this alley of the truth.

2 hours later…


Finally I walked to BADMOTEL. Looked like I had to call to Kimi.

“Hi. Where are you?” I called to Kimi.

“I’m going near Thonglor. And you?”

“I’m waiting you in front of BADMOTEL. Don’t worry Kimi. I can wait.”

“Hey!!! Don’t worry Camp. Please wait me for 20 minutes. Can you wait?”

But… I saw to inside of BADMOTEL. Damn it! Kimi was already inside BADMOTEL. She waved her hand for saying Hi as body language. Her smile is also lovely.

So I smiled back and opened BADMOTEL’s door.

In BADMOTEL, there were many customers who is Japanese. For Thai, looks like that table far from me and me were Thai. Do you know Kimi wasn’t Thai. She was exchanged student from Japan, but she talked Thai very well. Kimi reserved to table that was stayed at the center of BADMOTEL. Kimi in this day was really gorgeous and cute. I felt fallen in love with her. She loved to smile me and when she was smiling, her eyes were smaller. That’s really cute. And her skin was white and she wore black costume. Her hairstyle now was long hair and she used red lipstick. But one disadvantage about Kimi was…

Her boobs were small.

“You teased me, Kimi.” I said to Kimi.

“Hahaha.” Kimi smiled and said. “I love to tease you. That’s really excited.”

“Don’t be my turn.” I said.


“So… What do you say with me?”

Kimi was speechless with a few second. Finally she said with her sadness. I worried Kimi’s feeling so I asked to Kimi. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah. I have something to say with you.”


“Looks like this story is secret.” Kimi told me. “Can you go with me at backside of BADMOTEL?”


Then I and Kimi stood up and keep order of chair we sat. I and Kimi walked to backside of BADMOTEL. That backside was really different than our seat. It was hot and outdoor. There was a few people who stayed at this place.

“So what do you want to say with me?” I asked.

Then Kimi hugged to me immediately. Long time ago I didn’t hug to someone. My heart was excited. Heartbeats was more frequents. My focus now was Kimi’s small eyes of smile. I touched her head genteelly.

“I’m sorry Camp. I will go back to Japan on next month.” Kimi said. Then she cried quietly.

“Huh? Why will you go to Japan?”

“My contract about being exchanged students will be ended in this month.” Kimi answered. “You’re my best friend when I am staying in Thailand.”

Then I hugged her again.

“You’re my best friend too, Kimi.” I said. Kimi still cried…

“Really?” Kimi asked. “And… booth babe named Pomelo? You ever told me you love her. How about her?”

Actually I secret admired to Pomelo. I didn’t think about this.

I touched Kimi’s shoulder and said “This girl… actually I secret admired.”



Finally I and Kimi talked at reserved table with dining together. Kimi ordered spaghetti but I ordered glass of beer.

“Kimi. Actually I will resign from booth babe and photographer’s society.” I said to Kimi.

“Why? Do you bore?”

“Yes. I will confess to Pomelo at Motor Expo 2015.”

“Will she be hired?”


“What about confession? You love her?”

I was silent at a few seconds.

“Kimi. Have you ever felt the feeling of unfinished?”

“Ever. Actually you love Pomelo?”

“Yes or No in same time. It’s complicated. I think to talk with Pomelo at Motor Expo 2015. She will be booth babe.”

“Will you talk with her directly?”

“Yes. I decided it.”I feels stressed when I am staying with the complicated knowing.”

Kimi smiled to me. Wow!!! She was really cute. Her smile was small and she smiled from her eyes and her mouth together that make me stunted and loved.

“You ever told me about you will resign booth babe and photographer society. And why do you want to meet Pomelo again?”

“Kimi. Actually I want her as my girlfriend and looks like she will resign from booth babe jobs too to be a model. But when I talked with her, looked like feeling about me and her wasn’t cleared to know. On Sunday do you available?”

“I’m not available, Camp.” Kimi said. “Do you want me to come with you?”


“But… I won’t go. I will be busy at that day. Sorry Camp.”

I felt disappoints about Kimi. But… Don’t worry.

“Hey.” Kimi suspected something about me and Pomelo. She asked “When did you meet Pomelo at first time? Can you tell me?”

“Do you want to know really?”


Then I memorized the moments when I met Pomelo at first time, at Motor Expo 2014 and I told to Kimi.

“At motor expo 2014, I wanted to meet my love interested girl who ever talked to me and she was a booth babe at Hyundai. Her name was Alice. I still sought her ever events on Bangkok. Finally I couldn’t find her. She wasn’t a booth babe at Hyundai booth.”

“From the failure, I still took booth babe photos a lot. I don’t know why did I do this. Until I found booth babe who was really cute and very nice smile. Her name was… Pomelo. She stays at Alpine booth. Looked like she was the most compatible booth babe who talked with me and I feels better than another one. But all of time I met her, my relationship with her was complicated. Long time I will see her. It wasn’t known clearly. I want to know about her clearly so I will go to Motor Expo 2015. If she will give phone number, my relationship about Pomelo will continue together, but if she won’t, my game is over.”

“Game Over?” Kimi asked me and she touched my hand. “Hey!! Don’t be serious. If Pomelo love you really, she will give phone number to you.”

“Actually I won’t be serious much.” I said. “If I won’t get phone number….” But I paused to talk with a few seconds.

“What?…” Kimi asked. “Are you OK?”

“I just to say… If I won’t get phone number from Pomelo, I will tell you something?”


Kimi was speechless. Looks like she was happy.

“Looks like you’re happy.” I said to Kimi. But… I had to pee now. I stood and walked to the toilet.

“Hey!!! Where are you going?”

“Toilet. I want to pee.”


Then I walked to second floor of BADMOTEL. Toilet was at backside of BADMOTEL. At back zone, there were many of loud customers who talked loudly. That wasn’t annoying much. I just believed about sentences who ever mentioned about girls at Thonglor were very gorgeous. Looked like backside had many gorgeous girls a lot. Wow!!!!

That wasn’t interested as seeking toilet. I wanted to pee!

“That’s it!” I said.

I found BADMOTEL’s toilet. That was decorated with Indy style. I was stunted a lot. Looked like my life addicted the cultures of Indy and Street lifestyle. There were line arts at here. That let me touched them.

Oh!!! That was really great!

I thought about this.

After that I walked out from toilet, but… someone call…


That sound I ever knew. It was sweet and deep sound. Many Thai girls had deep sound and looked gorgeously. I ever remembered that voice. I turned my head to the origin of the sound.

Finally… Girl who called me is… Annabelle.

You? Did you leaked my rumor about I’m booth babe scammer?

To be continued.


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