This article is for you.

Finally My blog is the most famous blog of Hormones The Series 3 (With international translation and some trivia.) When I searches Hormones Character, such as “Kanompang”, I may type “Kanompang Hormones” and my site about Kanompang is at first place of Google. That’s really be my miracle.

Actually this blog isn’t made for translating TV Series. For Hormones, first time I just wrote only “mini biography” of each characters. If you ever read “Toey” or “Win“, their information isn’t much as Kanompang, Jane, Dao & Koi, Sun and ZomZom.

But… looks like I must translate more than synopsis. I should translate “dialogue” and make my article as same as novel. And I employed as salaryman since October 20 2015. First time I could translate and finish on every Sunday, but now my translating is delayed to Monday until Wednesday because I translate “dialogue” and feeling from characters. As I am salaryman,  Sunday is the day I exert to translate Hormones The Series 3 extremely, but Monday-Thursday I have only 4 hours per day to manage my blog.

Translator in this blog is only me. I’m sorry about some episode I couldn’t translate successfully on Sunday. But I guarantees Dao & Koi is updated first.

Swear words in Hormones The Series 3.

Someone may blame me about I translated with many swears. But feeling from characters, original Thai dialogue may allow me to use swears so my translation isn’t same as official translation who is translated for everyone. Only article in Hormones The Series I never use swears is “Dao & Koi

So prepare to see “F***” “F******” “motherf***” “P****” “Holy s***” “S***” “B****” “Son of the b****”, etc.

If Hormones The Series 3 will be ended.

I ever said at first time about I won’t translate TV series forever. I feels tired when I was doing this project. For another project such as youtuber, I will stop and exert to translate Hormones The Series 3.

After Hormones The Series 3 will be ended, Some Hormones The Series 3 article may be revealed. Don’t worry about I won’t write about Hormones The Series. I just think to cancel translating another TV Series in Thailand.

That’s enough.

My next project.

If you have followed my blog Campzzz for earlier time before I wrote Hormones articles, my blog was a blog of reviewing, traveling, my diaries and my recommendations. Next year I will go back to this style again, but not be bored. I will guarantee about my article is enjoyable and fun to read.

For another information from me, I will publish “The last chapter”, my diary from December 2015 after I will translate Hormones The Series 3 episode 13 “The Finale” successfully.


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