After Kanompang goes to the location that First shared to her, Kanompang feels weird a lot… Why Oil stays at this place. Isn’t Oil at condominium?

And who leaked her moments with Tar, Kanompang’s ex-boyfriend?

Finally Oil says about “Who leaked rumor may be Tar…”


Hormones Character articles have many photos that may uses very high data usage. Recommend to connect WiFi to read Hormones articles.

The Revelation of everything.

Kanompang’s side
Oil’s side

Another side story

Jane’s story in Ep.12
ZomZom’s story in Ep.12

I want to say about in this episode, Kanompang and Oil’s storyline often stick together. So reading Oil’s story is similar as reading Kanompang’s story, but ending is different.


I mention about “suicide” indirectly because for me, suicide is the most severe moment I’ve ever found in my life. When I uses “suicide” word, that flashback haunts me every time. So I uses as “sleep forever” or sentences that mention “suicide” indirectly.

Thank you WordPress system that allow many “swear” words to use on my blog for knowing character’s feeling better. (That isn’t found at official subtitle) I warned you about every stories in Hormones The Series (except Dao & Koi’s storyline) have many swear words that translated from Thai language or really character’s feeling.