Long time ago I wanted to write this article to let everyone read this.

But I couldn’t do that.

Because that time I doesn’t translate Hormones The Series successfully.

Now this time is for this article!

Wow!!! That’s really great to create new article that was from really Campzzz.

For my blog, if I didn’t write and translate any Hormones The Series, ART BOX THAILAND articles were the most popular article in my blog. And I ever heard some news about ART BOX THAILAND was changed destination to the place that I felt very lucky due to that place is EM DISTRICT!!! That was near my workplace so when I  worked off, I could walk to ART BOX THAILAND easily. That day is Friday, the first day of ART BOX THAILAND that started until new year 2016.  So how differences was ART BOX THAILAND at EM DISTRICTS? Let’s check it out.

From workplace to ART BOX THAILAND

After time of working off, I walked to fingerprint scanner and I verified my work time. Then I opened the glass door and walked away from office. The way I was walking to elevator looked like there are some ghost was haunting. It’s really dark and some neon flashed. But… Don’t worry about weird and gross things because that time was 6:00 PM. After that I pressed down button to get out of my working place building.

The elevator opened. There weren’t many people as same as morning with rush hours. Every morning looked like I was playing Call Of Duty games with Hardpoint Mode that I was staying at movable elevator near to floor I was staying. For evening time, Looks like there were a few people were going back to their home. At elevator, there were many gorgeous office ladies who smiled to me sweetly. The lady who wore read cloth, white – yellow skin, straight hair, black hair color and small eyes as same as Jane were available together at building due to there are many ladies with Chinese race were working at here.

Then elevator opened to lobby floor. Looks like freedom was near. I decided to walk to toilet for changing clothes to red-black shirt. That was my favorite shirt I had ever used every event I had gone. If I went to ART BOX THAILAND with office uniform, Oh No!!! Everyone in ART BOX THAILAND would to say “hey!!! change your cloth now baby.”

I got out from Interchange 21 and I was going to cross Sukhumvit street. I didn’t have reason to cross the street with crossed bridge because Sukhumvit road was really narrow and crossing with zebra line is appropriate. OK, I still walked to cross area. I walked at footpath for several minutes. Looks like there were many foreign people who walked together at footpath near Sukhumvit road. There were Japanese at here. Some Japanese people carried her child and walks with her husband. Oh!!!  Wasn’t it heavy?

Finally I found zebra line to cross the street. Now let’s cross


I ran to the island that center of Sukhumvit road. Oh!!!

Beep Beep

Holy shit!!! That aggressive driver!!

I was near accident. In Thailand, zebra lines doesn’t have meaning to them. When they saw some people who were crossing the street, they drove their car very fast and didn’t allow people who were crossing to cross the street. Another foreign people (often on Japanese) blamed about drivers in Thailand that never allowed people who were crossing the street crossed successfully. If they had a child, were they ruthless to kill somebody?

This wasn’t first time I was near accident, but this was seventh time that I felt frightened when I crossed the street.

Finally I could cross this damned street successfully.


I walked from my workplace to EM DISTRICT with near 1 Km. That wasn’t far. There were many people who were walking at here. But looked like students from Sainamphung school, the school that have only girl students. Beside of footpath to ART BOX THAILAND have many signs that told about gorgeous identity of EM DISTRICT. This place was in an operation to build something but stayed at EM District. Some rumor ever told me about this place that ART BOX THAILAND was staying is the place of EMSPHERE, department store from the concept that was preparing to build after the success of EmQuartier.


Finally I had walked to this target places. ART BOX at THE EM DISTRICT


ART BOX THAILAND at THE EM DISTRICT still used concept about using containers to be a property at their flea market. This was very individual. Actually concept about flea market at urban places was created from INTHEBOX, but INTHEBOX is so small and that was selling fashion stuffs. Then ART BOX THAILAND was created with “enormous flea market in the center of urban.” Not only containers, at the ground was put with many small rocks to be more beautiful to look. At containers you must pay 5 Baht to enter. What the heck? But they had reason of this.


Why this containers were beautiful? Because 5 Baht you paid to stuff was the money to fix some dirty area and cleaned this place. So didn’t blame about having cost to enter.


At THE EM DISTRICTS, There weren’t have the tree of life as same as QSNCC. But it substituted with the green light of life. Ah…. That was really good.

Next paragraph I won’t write much. So let’s looks pictures from ART BOX THAILAND NOW!


Yodse, the flame pot ice cream.
There are many people at here.
Many travelers are foreigner.
Students from Saimanphueng school were walking.
Fake lawn is really useful to walk because that day have some rain.
That was same as Siam Square. There were many people dressed with gorgeous costume.

I don’t have comment about fashion zone because at that time I was paying attention to food zone. Then ART BOX THAILAND @ THE EM DISTRICT also had concert that you can reserve some seats and can eat, listen live music together.

Ah… Many students from Sainamphueng.

Finally I walked to food zone from ART BOX THAILAND. You should know first about food zone from this flea market is really expensive due to every cafe/shops they put some creativeness to their products. That idea was same as Japanese. Why Japanese products was so expensive? Because owners put their heart of paying attention to their products certainly.

Looks like there were many couples walked together. This place wasn’t focused to couple much. This was the flea market of single people.


Oh! Some noodle shop was exist at ART BOX THAILAND. Looked like this was really expensive.

So if you wanted to eat some foods in ART BOX THAILAND, I recommended to eat some foods that really freak, unusual and rare to find at another place.  But looks like I had 1 meal and 1 drink to let you know. That was really delicious and healthy.



First, Japanese meal food truck “Kofuku”


Actually I didn’t want to eat at this food truck much, but waitress was cheering me a lot about rice with curry that was really delicious.



When I walked to Kofuku. There were many people that was walking at ART BOX THAILAND. Ah… But Kofuku was my choice to go due to nobody was sitting at here. So I put my bags to the seat. Then waitress walked to me.


“What menu do you want?” Gorgeous waitress asks me with her cheerful feeling. Ah… I was hungry!!! So I picked the menu and looked to the most interested menu from that paper chart. Ah…



Tonkatsu Curry!


Looks like Japanese design have 2 types. If isn’t calm, it maybe colorful and a lot of texts!

Calm design
Enjoyable design (from Shakariki 432.) That was came from Osaka, the city of funny and enjoyment from Japan.

🕛 4 minutes later 🕐

“Here. That is 75 Baht.” Waitress served that Tonkatsu Curry to me and I paid this to waitress. For this food truck, you must pay first before you eat. That was really instant.

OK. That curry smells made acid in my stomach activated. And that time I was really hungry. so every meal or foods I thought that was really delicious.


Tonkatsu curry is used paper dish that was easier that uses ceramic dishes because food trucks might not have washing dishes system. So using paper dishes was suitable and it could save the world for being enabled to recycling. (except spoon and fork that was made from plastic).


Wow!!! Looks like this attracted me a lot. Ready to eat…

First feeling when I eat this is…

Holy shit!! That is really fucking delicious!

I was honest to say about… Japanese meals was really great. No menus made me felt disappointed. But Japanese menus were really fucking expensive. If you want to eat quality, see Japanese food.

For 75 Baht I paid to this food truck, looked like that was really worth. Actually 75 Baht I paid was really cheap because another meal was really fucking and insane expensive. (Started to 100 Baht.)

Bloody drink was available at ART BOX THAILAND, THE EM DISTRICT.
Answer Cheeze , only one prize, 140 Baht. I wanted to try this, but looked like this was really expensive.


There are many people at here.
Pitch in sign was designed too. That was really art and paid attention.
I ate that Tongkatsu curry at this food truch. Thank you Kofuku for delicious food at here.
It isn’t for someone who aren’t rich. There are many shop that will suck your money.


Second, B.B.Q. at Grill Now


Looks like this was the cheapest food in Art Box Thailand with price 30 Baht. It was a BBQ with pork. So what taste was if good? Let’s check it out.


I bought a BBQ from this shop. She gives a paper cup with BBQ to me. Looks like design from this shop isn’t cool much. No No No… No design at here. But I didn’t care what design of this product, I cared about taste from this BBQ more than everything.

After I paid money to merchant, I got a cup of BBQ. I picked BBQ from the cup and I ate it immediately.

Feeling when I ate it was…

….. !!!?

No comment about this. Because it looked like BBQ near my home. Taste from this BBQ is really same, ordinal, standard. I really disappointed about this BBQ. It should be 10-15 Baht, not 30 Baht. Reason I wanted some expensive things from this flea market is “I want something that was amazing and unpredictable.” For this BBQ, I felt disappointed.

What is that?
The bridge that had many people who took photos together.
“Someone isn’t in a relationship, doesn’t have something, but only one can make me “don’t want to have anyone””


Finally “F****** berry smoothie!”


Yes, in Thai was called “โครตเบอร์รี่”. “โคตร” or “โครต” was meant “fucking” as adjective. So this smoothie I wanted to drinks was “Fucking berry!”

After I was tired to find another interested food, someone yelled me to cheer buying. Oh!!! That made me frightened. After that I still find, find and find another interested food that shouldn’t be expensive more than 100 Baht. Among of crowd, I couldn’t decided immediately.

Finally I found interested food, but it was really expensive. That was really premium quality if I eat. I thought premium quality should be only gadgets, not of any foods.

“Why this flea market is so expensive.” I blamed myself and kept seeking another shop.

But one thing I couldn’t lie to you


This flea market wasn’t made for single people.

That was reality of ART BOX THAILAND. It was really great dating place. There was some mini concert, so this should be great dating place too.


Finally… I found some shop that have interested smoothie name. It’s “Fucking berry.” Fucking berry was a smoothie that mixed with many berry fruits to be the healthy drink. Looked like this was interested for me. Long time ago I didn’t eat some berry fruits. So now this was my opportunity to eat them!

“Hi, I want 1 glass of fucking berry” If this menu was available outside Thailand, that name maybe banned. But for me, Fucking berry had name that I wanted to interest immediately. Looks like that was miracle.


The appearances from fucking berry was red smoothie from berry fruits. After doing smoothie, they put some pieces of berry fruits from their refrigerator to be topping. There were many lovely berry fruits that was topped such as strawberry, blueberry, etc. But before topping with piece of berry fruits, they topped with yogurt first.


Ah… That was really love to eat. That strawberry was really big. I wanted to try this now.

When I sucked that fucking berry I felt.

Holy shit!!! the precious smoothie that was valuable as diamond was available in this world!


Although I talked too much, but it’s real, real and very fucking real. From my life, this was first time I saw the most precious smoothie. This smoothie made me remember it forever.

Not only very high healthy, quantity from this fucking berry is very high too. Time usages of drinking this smoothie was more than 20 minutes. That was very worth to buy at ART BOX THAILAND!!

After I was impressive to fucking berry smoothie, I still sought more delicious and freak foods at ART BOX THAILAND. Ah… This time was 20:00 hrs. There were many people at here. More crowd and I walked, I crashed to another people!! Oh… I’m sorry.

Looks like ART BOX THAILAND wasn’t my favorite place. I might change my destination… NOW!

20 minutes later…

I walked from ART BOX THAILAND to EmQuartier. Looks like my fucking berry smoothies was empty. Ah…. I may come to my home.



Looks like ART BOX THAILAND at The EM District made me disappointed about… No cheesy ball sold at here. I missed it very much. But advantages from this was near at my workplace. Looks like I will come to this place every Friday. I really love it and this place was my new destination that substitute from Siam Square. It looked like the paradise of the nighttime.

I recommend you to go to this place if your workplace is near ART BOX THAILAND.

But if your workplace, school, university wasn’t near ART BOX THAILAND, I didn’t recommend to go that because at THE EM DISTRICT was placed at the center of area that has many problems about traffic.


Tonkatsu curry : 10/10
BBQ : 5/10
F****** berry smoothie : 10/10


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