Long time ago I wrote and translated many episode of Hormones The Series and I didn’t write about my diaries much. Since I found Annabelle, I didn’t tell you to everyone due to I didn’t have more time to wrote. I felt very good when many people I don’t know who is man or woman read my article. Looks like the most article views should be “Dao & Koi (Hormones Character)” After Hormones The Series will be ended, I won’t translate any TV series ever because it wastes of my time a lot and be tired too. From I wrote only short stories, now I wrote dialogues. But I should do because when I read my article I ever wrote, I felt good that I love my work of writing.

Meanwhile in my life I ever met some girls that I really love her. Looks like she has something that convey and connect about compatibility to me. She is Pomelo, booth babe from Alpine and now she will withdraw from booth babe society as same as me too. So this is the last chance to connect to her. But… when I connect to her, I connect with chatting at Facebook, but now I want her telephone number to connect with her closer.

When I talk to her, I feel very compatible.

She know about my feeling, I know too…

I can’t let her away from me.

Sometimes she maybe my soulmate…


Last mission “The last chapter”
Place : Motor Expo 2015
Objective : Meet Pomelo and get her phone number.