Hormones Season 3 Episode 11 “Oxytocin”

In this episode is telling about Oil’s story that is really mysterious. One thing you know about her is “She has boyfriend named “First”.” And this episode you may know who is the most dangerous character in Hormones Season 3.


Hormones Character articles have many photos that may uses very high data usage. Recommend to connect WiFi to read Hormones articles.

Oil’s stories in Ep.11 (Completed translation with dialogues. You should read.)
Dao & Koi’s story in Ep.11 (Recommended for Dao & Koi’s fans!)
Jane’s stories in Ep.11
Sun’s stories in Ep.11
Kanompang’s stories in Ep.11 (Now translating)
ZomZom’s stories in Ep.11 (Now translating)

The reason why Oil’s dad and mom don’t pay attention to take care her because she was born from Chinese family that think about their son is the best. Oil’s dad and mom take care Em  who is Oil’s younger brother very much.

Relationship Color

Normal : Not important much (hater, friend)
Red : Important much (best friend, best friend forever, in a relationship (boyfriend, girlfriend))
Shocking pink : They walk together forever. This is the most necessary person (soulmate)



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