Insight of Jane’s love

Finally I have many passions to write this article. Looks like Jane’s love moments can suitable with me a lot due to Jane have rebel character that attracts to everyone. For foreground of Jane, she is really cheeky or talk with explicit feeling, but she is very sincere. I watched Hormones The Series season 2 with Jane’s scene, looked like she didn’t say “I love you” to Win but she performed “I love you”, such as holding Win’s hand, talking together, contacting Win’s eye or many feeling of love. OK, this article I want to say about “Love without saying “I love you.”” from Jane‘s behavior.

Love can convey more than saying “I love you”.


In the reality, love is the most powerful power that make your life is worth to live. I’m sorry about love in modern reality is changed to misunderstand from real meaning that was really peaceful and wonderful. Modern age is materialism who want to own more than love. Some couples are in a relationship because of “owning”. What is owning? For me, owning means owning your lovely item, such as your lovely iPhone, your cosmetics, your camera, your PS4, your shoes, your lipsticks, etc. But that’s unusual if they are owning “lover”.

When someone owns lover, they often posts some lovely contents to their lover’s profile on Facebook to let another people know about “This is my lover.” That is really good about it show about sincere’s moment, I looked about that moment is sweet.

But it will be weird if they posts every day at morning and before sleeping. That’s really annoyed when I see their love stories that isn’t drama and I don’t want to know about them. Until I unfriend to them. I’m really envious LOL.

For Jane


When she loves to someone, she doesn’t tell “I love you.” directly. But she conveys somethings that show about “I love you.” Such as hold Win’s hand, hold Sun‘s hand, rub Kanompang‘s head. She may think about performing with love is greater and louder than saying “I love you”. “I love you” everyone can do that, but are you really love them? So Jane perform “I love you” without say anything. But… Some scene she doesn’t say “I love you”, but she supposes “So if I am your girlfriend and I buy some playmates, are you allow?” to Sun. She dares to ask about she is Sun’s girlfriend, that mean she trusts to Sun if Jane and Sun will be in a relationship.

But Jane’s love methods have risks. Touching to someone without for something in Asian countries is inappropriate behavior. That is suitable for closed people only. I confirm about Jane’s love conveying that if you’re not talkative, please convey loving by your body languages. Although you’re talkative but if you touch with your feeling to your lover, that will be greater than saying without doing.

Love isn’t liking.


In Thailand, love is substituted complicatedly to “like” for saying “I love you”. That mean Thai people say to confess love with “I like you.” And many scenes of Hormones when some characters want to confess about their love, they say “เราชอบ (character’s name) นะ”. That means “I like (character’s name.)” Then they request to be in a relationship. Finally many characters who says “I like you” are failed…

That’s good if you talk “I love you” (or I like you) directly. But it risks about your relationship with them is broken immediately and return very hard. Your friend or someone who ever love will be faded away from you.

Perhaps many people like more than love. They are attracted from outside appearances. For men, they are attracted with gorgeous girls, big boobs girls, V-Shape face girls, etc. For women, they are attracted by rich men, handsome men, high status men, best attitude men, etc. That isn’t love, but that is liking. You can’t blame yourself about this because in this time society brainwashes many people to get freak attitude about social value. Sometimes they like because of raising their status to be higher. That isn’t love.

For Jane


Jane always doesn’t care social value much so she isn’t brainwashed about freak attitude too. She doesn’t care when another couple walks together. For Jane, liking is “passionate interesting to do something” that can’t mean “love” or “being in a relationship” but love is “giving will or take care friends when they feel bad or they are near fallen to the hole of suffering.” When Kanompang feels trouble, Jane give very good suggestion to Kanompang until Kanompang feels better. That is really cute moment. When Sun work as playmate service, she still tries to warn Sun with asking  about “This job is same as whore.” because playmate service is a job to demote Sun’s dignity. She take cares her love. She can’t let her lovely people to be happened. Not only Kanompang and Sun that are given Jane’s will, Win was too. When Win was sad about his asshole stories, Jane still was with him and want to listen Win’s asshole feeling. Sometimes listening is better.

But Jane’s love can’t divide feeling between “friend” or “lover”.


That’s real love because love can be given to everyone that not expect to lover only. In Thailand, talking “love” is restricted. If you say “I love you”, that mean you think them as romantic moment only and they will deny your love to them. I really love western’s attitude about love that is same as Jane’s love attitude.

But Jane’s love can’t divide feeling between “friend” or “lover” clearly. Because love’s feeling between friend or lover is same. Many people who don’t have experiences to love someone may be fallen in love if Jane love to them. After that problematic moments will be occurred about thinking over and misunderstanding about what they are thinking to me. This maybe the reason about talking “love” is restricted.

For Jane


Due to Jane has blood type B that can’t divide feeling between “friend” or “lover” clearly so her romantic feeling can be mixed with friendship feeling too. She will be fallen in love with some guy who convey with her understandingly and know our heart together (such as Sun and Win). She thinks about “love” is the most powerful feeling that should occur to everyone that not only her love interesting or lover. This should be happen to everyone.

If you are confused about truth of love, look at Jane as role model of love. This is truth of love you can do it simply.

Next article about insight of love, I will write about “Insight of Dao & Koi’s love” why they can love although they are both girls, this is really interested. I may research about love with lesbian that is really mysterious.


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