The charming from Pizza Company

Long time ago, pizza cafe with delivery service was very popular. I don’t know why but every time I ate piece of pizza, I felt fallen in love with that delicious pizza that its smell was very good. When my mom opened box of pizza, there were many attractive topping that brought me eating them.

Ah… I picked that piece of pizza and I bit it.

Then piece of pizza was swallowed in my body via my mouth. First taste I had ever touched was…

What the fuck!!!? Why this is very delicious!!!?

When I was child, I thought pizza was the menu from the paradise. I felt fallen in love when my parents ordered pizza to eat together.

17 years later…

Finally I have working and I have some salaries to use in my life. Some items I wanted to own now I can own. Pizza that I ever ate is too. That day I ordered pizza via website. In modern time looks like ordering is easier than in past. I remembered about when I ordered pizza company, I had to call for ordering via telephone. Every minutes I ordered to Pizza Company had fee of calling. Now I can order pizza and I can know about promotion of pizza at this website. Earlier years when my dad ordered pizza, he knew only at Pizza Company brochure and he ordered.

When I ordered, every time I eat pizza from Pizza Company, I rides my motorbike to 7-11, nearest convenience store from my home that has everything I can seek to buy Pepsi, soft drinks that can make your stomach isn’t stuffed easily. Time of making pizza doesn’t much! I can get pizza within 19 minutes. OK, I get this delicious pizza that I don’t eat it with long time.


Looks like packages of pizza and appetizers are better design. I feels appreciated about this. Pizza Company products have identity about smell from appetizers and pizza that their smell can go to your nose easily.

First meal for me is “Double cheese pizza!”


You may think I’m crazy that I orders pizza with only cheese topping, but for my experiences of eating pizza, I think pizza should be paired only cheese, not have another bullshit topping that make pizza has low delicious tasting. The charming from Double Cheese Pizza isn’t only looked as lava from volcano, but when I pick pieces of pizza with cheese topping, wow!!! That mozzarella cheese is incredible that can be flexible and lovely to make your hormones of hungry want it!

When I ate it, I want to yell

Holy shit!!! That mozzarella cheese is incredible!!!

Real protagonist of pizza is “cheese”. Yes!!! It’s cheese and looks like cheese is very suitable for me because cheese is one of dairy products that is suitable for people with blood type B as me.

Then seafood, mushroom, vegetables that are appeared at pizza are only minor roles that they aren’t appeared, pizza can be still delicious.

If pizza doesn’t have mozzarella cheese, that was same as this Untitled Pizza.

Next is “Crispy winged chicken.”


These chickens you don’t need any dipping sauce such as tomato ketchup or chili sauce because chef was already favor every crispy winged chicken. Your duty is eat it, that is enough. I divided 2 chickens to my brother to eat and he said “It’s wonderful.” But for me, I want to say

Oh yes!!! That is very crispy.

Crispy appetizers is my favorite so this is too. Looks like this appetizers will be the start point of next appetizers.

That called “spice spaghetti”


If you talk about spaghetti, you may think about tomato ketchup that topped at spaghetti first. But actually spaghetti can make many menu that I never know about that. So spice spaghetti may be delicious and make me spice too.

Protagonist of spice spaghetti is “piece of garlic” that I can eat it. OK, ready to eat it now!!!

When I chew garlic, I feel

Oh yes!!! That is really spice.

It isn’t spice as chili, but I love it because spice from garlic is balanced. This spaghetti should eat with garlic. That is better taste.

So… final appetizer… Bread stick!


The bread stick is really expensive. But for expensive price, it’s also delicious. OK, let’s eat this…

What the fuck!!? It’s not worth to buy!!

Sorry, I forget to dip with dipping sauce…

OK, I eat again and…


Holy shit!!! That’s very great!!

The protagonist of bread stick is “dipping sauce”. I don’t know what dipping sauce is made, but it is very cool to dip it. Bread stick is sticky. I love to eat until I forget about this is very fast to be empty.


Pizza Company never be disappointed. Every year Pizza Company still have very good standard for servicing, delicious taste from pizza and appetizers. I really love this very much.


Double cheese pizza : 10/10
Crispy winged chicken : 8/10
Spicy spaghetti : 7/10
Bread stick with dipping sauce : 9/10


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