Winter at Central World

Every years at Central World, there are some events that exhibits on December of every years. For November, there are many of beer garden that make you feel relax and enjoyable with your friends to chit chat together. Although first time of opening beer garden is illegal, but finally it isn’t illegal so don’t panic with this law.

Another side of Central World, Every December has outdoor exhibition to welcome everyone for taking photos together with your friends or your lover. There are very peaceful and loved to see, touch and take photos for receiving memory of Central World due to every years of exhibition in Central World is changed.

For this years, looks like entrance of Central World is wonderful. There are many of purple light illuminates you in the cave of light. There are many purple balls that are written with “Sunsilk” logo at here.


Oh… many people takes photos at this place a lot. There are many Chinese tourists who are talkative and very loud separates together and they love to seize view of taking photos. 80% of people who stay at this place don’t selfie. They have 2 or more people who come with groups or couple take photos together.

After that I go out from illuminated cave to the artifact flower garden. That flower can illuminate too. Wow! That was really lovely. But sorry you can’t pick them up although that is fake flower. You may be shocked from electricity!


When I take photos with Christmas Tree, looks like that 3 circles I ever know… Looks like logo of Mickey Mouse from Walt Disney. If you think about that, that’s right about next zone is the zone from Disneyland, Hong Kong.C360_2015-11-27-18-30-34-429

You can play with this thing too.
That purple zone is sponsored by Sunsilk.
There are many people at here.

Second zone is “A happy with fairy tale” can attract many people who love and interest cartoon from Walt Disney because there are many characters from Walt Disney welcome you and you can know their mini biography at here too.


Big Christmas tree.


Book of the entrance to the fairy tale.
Characters from “Frozen” are in the round glass.
Front side of that book, there are main characters and mascot from Walt Disney.
That illuminated cave again.



This place you should have advanced camera that can take photos in nighttime and get more beautiful pictures. For smartphone, you may see many of pictures. Oh… That’s dark! And if you have your lover and you are in Bangkok, you should go to this place. That is really peaceful, but beware many people who think as same as you (want to take photos in this place.)

If you are big fans of Walt Disney, this place is suitable very much due to free entry and quality of this place near Disneyland at Hong Kong.


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