Slow life at Bangkok

At every Saturday, I think this is same as Thanks God It’s Friday, but my working isn’t off at Saturday so in Saturday, I still work. After I was tired from working with thinking a lot, looks like I want something make me refreshed… Drinking wonderful drinking such as liquor, Bacardi, Absolute from north pole… Oh I don’t want about it…

I ever heard about the best method of refreshing lovely body that request about refreshing. What can it refresh my body?  My heart want refreshing very much… That article I ever read told me about “being slow life”. That is Japanese’s method of refresh your mind and make you feel warm from every situation from everything…

How to be slow life? That was really easy. But being slow life maybe spent more money, more times, more opportunities, more feeling to find the better experiences as same as purchasing service. As same as traveling that you don’t care to spend more money for getting better experiences that will be occurred rarely. Are you ready? If you ready to be slow life, let’s read this.

For me, being slow life have some simple method to do. The most important method of being slow life is “Time length.” How many hours do you spend more times? For me, every Saturday or Friday (if I want to go) I plan my time for 4 hours that count when I work off. So in 4 hours what do you want to go? Go it and don’t think about target very much. Slow life is relaxing you mind and body in limited time.


After I worked off on Saturday, I walks with very long way. Maybe 9.64 Km. I know everyone read about this and think this is really crazy? Yes!! I walked with 9.64 Km. The way I walked is the nightlife place I ever went. That was really beautiful and lovely atmosphere that I will touch with this only weekend due to if I go nightlife place everyday, I felt bored easily. Although nightlife lifestyle was wonderful that many gorgeous people, but…

I already mastered of nightlife society until I changed new goal of my life.

I want to be more slow life in nightlife time.


The way that I walked away from work place is mysterious and dangerous for earphone users. I wanted to say about I was near being accident. That damn car tried to crash me because I was listening my favorite songs from my smartphone. After that day, When I walked to the avenue, alley without footpath, I never put earphone to my ears. That was really damned dangerous.


At alley I was walking, looks like this is area of residence. There are many restaurant I have never seen. Don’t try to eat this… That maybe expensive… This place is peaceful. No nightlife place in this. For nightlife places, I had to cross Sukhumvit road first to Vadhana district. That district is the wonderful of nightlife ever. That was really cool and really loved.




But… When I crossed the road… didn’t want to Asoke road first. I wanted to visit marvelous secret pizza cafe at Sukhumvit 23 alley first. I ever review about this cafe, but I wanted to review again because of my favorite.

Sign of Sukhumvit 23 alley.
Cowboy alley, the very great entertainment complex for adults.
Let’s go to Yan Pizza.
Finally I walked to Yan Pizza cafe.

That pizza cafe called “Yan Pizza”. “Yan” was a name of chef at here. I confessed about I was addicted this pizza from this cafe very much. Every time I go to travel nightlife I wanted to visit this place first. Because that was really delicious. How to delicious, I am reviewing about this.


I remembered first time I ate this pizza from Yan Pizza, That cafe was really small as same as another little cafe against footwalk. That small things made me surprised every time. I remembered about when I ate pizza at Yan Pizza, Ah!!! That was so hot.


Now Yan Pizza changed destination to bigger cafe that had air conditioner. Individual smell from Yan Pizza still exist. That was really appreciated. That smell was the smell from pizza oven that was very good.


Ah… Thank you Yan for very fast serving. Looks like my menu was really easy to do. Only cheese, crispy thin bread, good smell… Wow!!! I really loved it.

Let’s ate this…


First impression when that precious piece of pizza was melted in my mouth was…

Holy shit!!! That is the food from paradise!

Smell, taste, crispy feeling and luxury delicious came to my body at all. Wow!!! This was the meal from paradise.  But for perfect meal, I had to order some drinking. But that time I want that cheesy lovely cutie pizza only and ordering water in this cafe was really more expensive than real price. I thought I would buy waters from nearest convenience store such as “LAWSON 108” from Japan.

I still ate, ate and ate this heaven pizza. For this meal, I decided to eat slowly for being attracted with taste from cheese topping. Approximately 10 minutes, I ate this successfully.

I gave scores of this heaven pizza was 10/10!!! Very recommended to ate this.

I kept many things I put away at my table to my bag. Let’s walk. This was just started.

Next place I wanted to go was “RCA”. RCA was a short term of “Royal City Avenue”, this place was ever been a capital of nightlife in Bangkok. There were many people enjoyed and hanged out together at RCA. Now although RCA wasn’t crowded as same as 10 years ago, but actually my place wasn’t at RCA. RCA is suitable for Songkran Festival only. I will come to Songkran Festival at every Songkran Day only.

RCA entrance.

In Saturday at earlier time, Ah… There were some nightlife travelers were waiting to enter at nightclubs at RCA. Their dressing were really gorgeous. Male travelers was really handsome. Female travelers with gorgeous Asian looking were really cute too if they dressed with black clothes. But… Fuck!!! Their behavior was really rude.

ONYX wasn’t opened.
Route 66 wasn’t opened too.

Earlier time of nightlife was hang out time. Many people who loved to travel in nightclubs had to hang out together first. They ever told me about reason of hanging out because they want to start feeling of nightlife first due to at night club they wouldn’t want to chit chat. Cool beer was served and let another people in hang out place enjoyed together. That was a picture of warmth.

Oops!! Blurred.
7-11 convenience store at RCA.
GASO, one of the greatest hangout place at RCA.

Then I walked out from RCA to Thonglor Avenue. There was 600 m to go to Thonglor Avenue. That way was very dark and risk to be captured and robbed. So this way I didn’t recommend every girls to walk. That was really unsafe for women. I walked and listen song “No No No”, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s song that was really fun and beautiful sound. When I touch No No No sound, I wanted to dance together.

Petchburi Road.
Near to Thonglor.
What the…
Liberty tower, the tower of heaven.
Welcome to Thonglor.

Finally I walked near Thonglor Avenue. Thonglor Avenue was the district of Japanese, Korean residence. If you walked to this avenue, you will find many Japanese restaurants in here and there were many nightclub that welcomed many foreign customer at here too. Looks like Japanese people was really cute and lovely great.

In Thonglor avenue was really dangerous than the way before Thonglor. Some sneakers will attack you and seizes your bag. Be careful if you are a woman. Someone was captured and shared in social network about bad feeling.


In Thonglor, nightclubs were at Thonglor 10 alley that was joint with Ekamai avenue. But many hangout places were a lot at Thonglor and some hangout places could be transformed to nightclub easily that wasn’t expensive much. At earlier nightlife time, Thonglor was the most enjoyable place to hangout first. You can flirt nightlife girls at this place.

Finish walking. I enter to BTS and go home.


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