Sun & Jane = best friend forever

For me, I really loved Hormones The Series very much. Although Hormones The Series’s story was happened for teenagers, but every episodes from Hormones have meaning of life together. When I saw Win, I missed myself who was jerk and cheeky. When I watched Jane, I really remembered about my ex-girlfriend who ever met. She was tanned skin and gorgeous eyes to contact me. She wasn’t Asian much as Jane. She loves to walks at Siam Center. She ever invited me to date together. After that, my memory when I was at high school, that really happened in Hormones the series.

I started to translate stories from Hormones The Series for early accessing. First article was “Jane (Hormones Character)”. Then “Oil (Hormones Character).” Looked like that 2 article there were everyone looked at it. There were many people interested about this. Finally I translated story from “Dao & Koi” and this article now have been the most popular article in my blog ever.

1 month later, someone requested me to write Sun’s story. Looked like this was really interesting. For male character, I ever researched about popular male character then I got result about Sun was the most popular male character in Hormones The Series.

For Sun’s habit. I think he looks like Win very much, but more cheeky and prostitute about flirting someone. For Sun‘s skill of flirting, he is good at conveying. But Win is good at convincing. But Sun’s flirting moments that are really fake. I know because I ever was a PUA. For me, PUA skills is really wonderful for using every situation. Sometimes Sun have PUS skills too.

Until Sun meets Jane who came from New York, USA. First time he meets Jane is really flirting, but Jane doesn’t interest about Sun much. After that, when Jane know about Sun’s habit, Sun isn’t really bad. Although he flirts someone a lot… No No No… Sun may has something Jane can touch it.

First feeling Jane can touch is… he helps her from the downer effect from crystal meth.

Jane talks with swear words to Sun.


She opens her mind for receiving Sun to be a part of her life. Sun isn’t weird. Jane knows about Sun isn’t only a womanizer guy. Inside Sun’s heart, although he have very high skills of flirting, but he feels alone and want someone knows about him. And Jane feels Sun is natural when he stay with her. Although Sun thinks Jane as friend, but for me, Sun is Jane’s precious friend very much. But… in future, will Sun be Jane’s boyfriend? I don’t know.

Jane can talk may swear words to her best friend only. Looks like Jane’s best friend is Sun, but when she ever stayed at New York, she had Pat as best friend, and Win as my boyfriend. Long time ago she doesn’t talk with many swear words. Kanompang? Looks like she feel under control and uneasy. Jane still talk without swear words to Kanompang. Many lifestyle between Kanompang and Jane isn’t compatible, such as Kanompang love to eat desserts, but Jane doesn’t like it. Kanompang loves to talk, but talk with human language. Sometimes Jane doesn’t recognize what Kanompang is talking. Many people still criticize her without know the truth. They decide with rumor only. That is really bullshit.

For Sun, Jane dares to talk about surreal things, such as comparing about her as alien who came from another planet.  And she dares to talk with many swear words, such as fucking, motherfucker, damn… as same as this.

Sun listen about Jane’s feeling.


When Sun stays with Jane, he talk to Jane without artifacts. Actually flirting skills can uses with Jane, but Sun doesn’t use with her because Sun thinks about she is his best friend who don’t think about sexual moments. He lets Jane to talk with her feeling about surreal attitude. Only Sun can know Jane’s story. Jane trusts Sun’s heart and she confesses about she uses crystal meth to Sun without being extracted. Inside Jane’s heart, looks like no one know her mind completely. Kanompang who want to close to Jane doesn’t know Jane as same as Sun because Kanompang’s habit is natural girl who love to share another stories to let another people know. Sun and Jane’s feeling can compatible together.

When Sun stay with Jane, he acts naturally. Not same as another gorgeous girl.


Sometimes Sun want to hangout with another gorgeous girls who is really beautiful and suitable to have sex moments. He does it for his proud feeling, but actually Sun want some lady who know about his mind. Although gorgeous girls Sun approaches, but Sun love her at her outside body. That girls love Sun’s outside body too. But they don’t know their heart together because inside Sun’s heart, Sun feels alone and want someone can talk with compatible languages together.

Looks like when he feels bad or he is reserved, Jane stays with Sun. That gorgeous girl? That is for playmate only. For giving artificial love, Ahhh… That’s false soulmate love.

So playmate job Sun ever have done, Jane knows only. Sun dare to talk although this job is really shamed. Although Jane shames Sun, Sun don’t care.

Inside her heart, Jane worries Sun about playmate jobs that will harm Sun’s life. If Sun will be happened with bad situation, who can know her heart as same as Sun? Don’t talk about Kanompang. I think about Kanompang can’t know my feeling well.

Although Jane isn’t gorgeous who have small eyes, round face, tall body, small boobs, but Sun choose to contact to Jane first. So… you should know why Sun want to contact Jane first?


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