Why blog is greater than Facebook (or another social network)?

Finally I feel lucky very much about I love to write my blog more than playing Facebook. Facebook is one of the most influence social network in Thailand ever, but there are something that I feel upset about Facebook.

Another social network such as Twitter, I really like about it. Twitter’s timeline is realtime, not show bullshit important contents first.

Finally I returned to my blog. Looks like blog is greater than Facebook, but keep playing Facebook and write many article because if you use both, looks like you have the best influence to do everything in online world.

How about why blog is greater than Facebook?

Number 1 “Blog can write and insert your photos freely.”

In Facebook, although you post some statuses, Text contents and picture separate together. Contents in Facebook is short and simple for knowing. If you’re writer who love to write short stories, Facebook is suitable for you.

But I’m not. I love to write long stories. My writing is conveying, not convincing. Facebook is the place of convincing that let everyone who use Facebook are convinced with a few seconds. My convincing isn’t expert much. When I want to write something, I imagine about that atmosphere, how many people that stay in that place? What price I can go? Etc. So blog is the best place to show my performance to tell you everyone.

For any contents I write, I can manage photos’ direction to my decided area. I can adjust bold, italic, size of types I want. That was really great and my design is freedom!

Number 2 “Facebook’s news feed is insane.”

First contents of Facebook’s news feed in this time is “The most interacted post.”  Such as most likes and most comments to them. I ever had someone who is Net Idol but in this time she blocked me with nonsense reasons. When I and she were friend together in Facebook, Her posts, contents will be shown at first place of news feed, then second places if sponsored contents.

That is really unfair. Your posts aren’t scheduled with real time. If you update some status and no one interest you, don’t worry, that is ordinal situation. Although you tell a lot of things in your status and no one interest that contents, that is Facebook news feed problem. So your contents in Facebook will be popular if someone interacts your some contents continuously.  They talk via comment place and you comment back, that can be shown at first place at Facebook news feed and they will show again in future if someone interact it again.

For blog, that problem won’t be occurred. WordPress’s Reader is really awesome. You can filter with some tags you want and follower’s news feed can show with real time. For popular contents, they are shown at “recommended blogs”.

Number 3 “Blog can be yourself more than Facebook.”

You can create your own domain name and choose themes you want. For Facebook, there is only a theme and URL isn’t  be yourself much because facebook.com in front of your ID first.

You can create your domain name (some money acquired.)  and you can create your story. Your blog was as same as your website!! That is really awesome.  But…

Number 4 “Social network is necessary to lift your blog higher.”

Today my blog is really weird about view counts from my blog. Dao & Koi is the most views in my blogs ever, but homepage /archives is second places or third places. That mean accessing my site via each article is better than typing campzzz.com and seek some article. And where referrers do they come from?

That’s it! Twitter is first place of the most referrer. Because Twitter can grow up your site by hashtag some popular contents. You can do it although that contents wasn’t direct to that hashtag. But for my experiences, you should use right hashtags for right contents.

After that when I post contents about Dao & Koi, there are some people who interest about Dao & Koi still look my contents everday.

For Faecbook, bad points about Facebook is you must pay ad cost to advertise in Facebook. Looks like advertising in Facebook doesn’t guarantee about everyone know about this first. But one weird things about Facebook is if some influencers post something about your blogs. If they post good, that is very good to your blogs, but if that influencers post bad thing about your blogs, your blogs will be infamous and return to be famous is harder.

Finally social networks = way to lift your blog higher.

Your blog = your identity.


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