Review Pretzel Ball. Worth to eat?

Looks like at Auntie Anne’s has new menu that you may shocked. Actually this menu I ever saw at Art Box Thailand. Is this better than cheese ball in Art Box Thailand? Can this be worth to eat? Let’s check it out.

Auntie Anne’s cafe at Terminal 21.

Someday at Terminal 21 I felt interesting about some menu at Auntie Anne’s because I ever ate pretzel of Auntie Anne’s that was very delicious due to put marvelous ingredients to their pretzel. When I ate it, I felt flied at the heaven.

Marvelous cheese ball at Art Box Thailand.

But long time ago I didn’t eat this. Until yesterday I wanted to try. Looks like there was some delicious new menu at Auntie Anne’s. Wow!! Let’s try to eat this.


Price of pretzel balls are THB 59. First watching about this dessert, I think about delicious moment to pretzel ball. OK. Let’s open this wonderful box.


There were 4 balls. Looked like this was more expensive than cheese balls from Art Box Thailand. OK. Let’s taste this.


Finally first impression about that pretzel ball was…

What the fuck!!!? Why cheese in this ball is really little?


This is my first disappointment about pretzel ball. Although pretzel ball’s bread is really awesome that giving Auntie Anne’s signature taste, but cheese in pretzel ball was really little. Feeling about eating this was really same as eating ordinal pretzel that didn’t have some topping. Feeling to eat this was as same as eating another pretzel. So pretzel ball isn’t worth to eat this.

For score of this, I give 5/10. Don’t buy it. Choose another pretzel that was better.



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