Looks like camera from smartphone is very necessary for blogger because some bloggers (such as me) don’t want carrying heavy DSLR camera to take some photos and in this time cloud storage is more advance than earlier years. I remembered about when I was teenager who like to write blog, I uses Nokia feature phone took some photos and using that photos I had to connect to computer via USB cable. But now…  USB cable is a part of charger.

Google photos

Google Photos backup my every photos with unlimited storage (because I used “high resolution”) to use my blog. As same as syncing photos via WiFi. But… Looks like my photos I ever took was really crappy. No contrast and bad tone.

So I tried to seek new camera apps.  Finally I found “Camera 360”


I ever used Camera 360 for taking selfies. But at Camera 360 have the best filter ever. This filter called “Enhance | Auto” That adjust color and contrast automatically. When I selfie myself with this filter, Oh!! Why is it very good?


This app is the best camera app ever on iOS and Android.