If you love Sun, don’t forget to watch Hormones Season 3 Ep.9!

Looks like Win’s successors are very severe! Jane’s episode occurred phenomenon about aggressive moments about striking Nutt’s leg. But… Not only Jane is Win’s habit successor. Sun is too. Looks like Sun’s love skills is more than Win!!! So how about Sun’s routines? Let’s check it out!

Do you know about Thai language? Many people don’t know. But I will translate this.

“Hi!! What’s your name?” Office lady asks Sun.


“I’m Sun.”

“I want you to have dinner with me.”


“Flirt me? That is very hard! I have more chicks!.” Sun challenges that Office lady!


Then he goes to the secret admiring party!! Looks like Sun dates with this girl.


Until ZomZom sees Sun that stay with another girl.


“Go to know about this that what they are. If you don’t want to know, I will go!” ZomZom says to Mali.

Then ZomZom push Sun away and says


You are fucking promiscuous bastard!

That is very impressive!!! I can’t wait!!!

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Actually ZomZom blames Sun about

You are fucking promiscuous bastard! Not only you’re short, you are also fucking slutty pimp too!!

Why ZomZom says this potty sentences? Because for ZomZom’s vision, Sun and Mali are in a relationship, but actually they aren’t. Sun is knowing about Mali, not be in a relationship successfully. But for basic manner, when you’re interesting someone although that person you interest isn’t your lover, you should flirt only one.

But Sun doesn’t. He still fascinates another gorgeous ladies to absorb their charm to release his lust. Sun doesn’t sincere to Mali. Mali is innocent girl who doesn’t have senses of sex. For ZomZom, she doesn’t want Sun to fascinate as slutty pimp.

Sometimes… Sun isn’t a pimp.


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