Croissant Taiyaki with Spinach Cheese Ham @EmQuariter


Oh Yes!!

Finally I walked to EmQuartier!!

You should know about EmQuartier first. EmQuartier was a place that was built inside of Em District. Last year EmQuartier was opened enormously as same as opening Siam Paragon for 10 years ago. That time at Siam Paragon I didn’t know much because I was learning at high school that stayed away from inbound of Bangkok. So traffic jam problems didn’t happened much when I learned. But when I learned at high school, many friends ever talked about Siam Paragon, but 2 years later, that trend went down…

Until looked like owner of Emporium, luxury department store that stayed central of Prompong thought to build new department store for everyone. Although it looked like luxury and expensive department store, but something was affordable and want to be bigger than Emporium. So that owner’s thinking performed to be “EmQuartier”, latest department store at Prompong.

Terminal 21, the paradise of lunch.

I ever walked to this place at first time for last year. Looks like Siam Paragon, but no places to walk next. For Siam Paragon, there are Siam Center, Siam Square, Siam Square One, Siam Discovery, Bangkok Art & Culture Center, MBK. But for EmQuartier has only Emporium. But don’t worry and feel sad!! For nightlife people, looks like EmQuarter near many nightclubs at Sukhumvit. If you walk from EmQuartier to Sukhumvit 49 alley, you may saw the paradise of nightlife. There are many nightclub at Thonglor, such as Grease Mon-Sat, Funky Villa, Nunglen Escobar, etc. Oh yeah!!! So EmQuartier is suitable for someone who want to walk next place with nightclubs. That was really very cute!

EmQuartier, the mysterious forest at center of influencer place.

But… looks like at EmQuarter… There are some nice desserts at here. That called “Croissant Taiyaki!” Japansese Croissant with fish shape. It maybe one of the best dessert I’ve ever taste. Pricing of this dessert around THB 65 – THB 75. Gimmick of Croissant Taiyaki isn’t only delicious, but every Croissant Taiyaki branch have special menu only on each branches. For EmQuartier, special menu is “Spinach cheese ham”. At Center Point Siam Square, special menu is “Chocolate Banana”. For Esplanade Ratchada, I don’t know…

And in this day I wanted to taste about taste of spinach cheese ham. OK Let’s go!


I went to EmQuariter approximately 6:30 PM by walking from my office after work off time. Way to the EmQuartier was¬†simple and easy to walk. There were¬†many foreign people that came from Japan, China, German, America, Europe, etc. walked together. Looks like walking in this place was better than hiring motorbike service because motorbike service was really expensive and irresponsible price. I confirmed about walking was better. When I walked, I looked at Sukhumvit Road that was really traffic jam. That was really bad. Now Bangkok wasn’t city to use cars.

Finally I walked to EmQuartier successfully. EmQuartier’s appearance was really beautiful and dramatic. When I entered to EmQuartier’s front door, looks like security level was decreased to lower level due to for 4 months later from bombing at Ratchaprasong, no criminal events. So I wasn’t checked my back.

EmQuartier entrance

Inside the EmQuartier is really beautiful. But visitors at here weren’t much. Looking cute students wasn’t suitable for this place. But I didn’t interest about this. I interest about Croissant Taitaki where it was sold…

Ah yes!!! I found it. So I walked to Croissant Taiyaki shop to staff and I said

“Hi. I want a spinach cheese ham.”

“THB 75.” That staff said quickly. Then I picked my money from wallet and brought to cashier. Not long time much, I could eat this delicious croissant!

Looks like this package was changed…


I don’t care about package very much. I cared about croissant taste that I didn’t want to be disappointed because this dessert was really expensive. Not affordable price.


OK… Let’s eat this


First feeling about this was…

Holy shit!! This is the dessert from the heaven!!! I love it very much!!

Wow!!! I thought about food with cheese, I felt enjoyable to eat it a lot. That was really true about I love cheese (or dairy foods).


I enjoyed to eat this a lot. This is croissant from the heaven!!

Although this tasting was really great that came from the heaven, but this was really expensive and eating only once can’t make you stuffed. And looking for this taste you must transport with BTS and go to EmQuartier to eat this. Damn it… You must pay THB 84 for go to EmQuartier and go to home to eat this.

So score of this is 9/10

After I ate this food from heaven, I went back to home. There are many people who wanted to go back home. Looks like no one talk together. They have owned world.


Good bye…

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