Sun (Hormones Character [E])


I’m very lucky about I was born to be a man.


I can flirt everyone who I feel love.

Nothing can’t stop me.

Because I decided to do this.

I’m popular as same as Win.

Looks like Win gave 2 successors, Jane and me.

For gorgeous ladies…





(Sun’s vision and may have Jane vision in sometimes.)


Theeradon Supanpinyo (James) as “Sun”

Real name & Last name : Artit Intarapat
Date of birth : May 2 1998
Zodiac : Aries (Count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : (The Rebel)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality (Extreme until meet Jane)
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54274
Grade : 10 (room 1) in season 2, 11 (room 1) in season 3
Habit : Nice mood, love to play, foxy, have leadership mind and very feminine (because he use lipstick)
Like : Gorgeous girls, be popular
Dislike : unfair behavior
His phablets : I don’t know which smartphone did he use in season 2. Samsung Galaxy A7 Gold (Season 3) ,Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (after he is playmate)
Appeared in : Hormones Season 2,3
His main episode : Season 3 Ep.9 “Testosterone” 
Relationship : Jane (100% | 💞  soulmate), Earth (50% | ✌️ close friend), Usa (30% | ✌️ close friend), Toto (30% | ✌️ close friend), A (60% | ✌️ close friend), Ryo (60% | ✌️ close friend), Kanompang (50% | ✌️ close friend), Mali (50% | 💔someone ever loved), Tar (20% | ✌️ See Scape Rock Band teammate), Oil (20% | classmate), Phao (50% | ✌️ someone interest Sun very much), Goongging (40% | ✌️ Playmate Agent) ZomZom (-∞ | 👹 hate her forever)
Similar character in earlier generation : Win 100%
Ever have sex : Ever
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Ever
Sucking tobacco : None
Ever let another girl got pregnancy : None
Use drugs : None
DISC Personality : I (Influence)
Smoke Color : Purple (Looks like he has “Cloud flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme song : 
CAPSULE – Step On The Floor , Abuse Your Mouth -บทเพลงกระซิบ (Whisper song)



Sun’s stories in Hormones Season 2


In Hormones Season 2, Sun was minor roles that wasn’t important to main stories much. He was invited to be vocalist of See Scape from Kanompang’s invitation due to earlier See Scape’s teammates couldn’t be longer to perform forever.  First time he sang a song with lower sound tone. Looked like that wasn’t suitable for Sun much so Tar called musicians to down tone. Finally, Sun could sing a song easier.


In Love of Nadao Day, Sun sangs songs his set list.


But looked like Kanompang surprised Tar by singing “Whisper Song” with Tar for romantic moment (because at this time Kanompang was in a relationship with Tar.)

Next song is the love songs that I will give to you…
Kanompang surprised Tar and everyone by singing “Whisper song” with Tar.
She gave bouquet of roses to Tar for “Happy Valentine Day!”

But Tar did surprised moment more than Kanompang by running to Toey. That signal was Tar dismiss Kanompang to go to Toey and Sun soothed Kanompang about this shock moment.

Kanompang and Sun sang a song together, but looked like Tar saw Toey curiously.
Oh!!! What are you doing?
Don’t worry, Kanompang.

In Hormones Season 2, his womanizer and playboy personalities didn’t appeared much. He looked like ordinal students who was near popular due to be See Scape’s vocalist.

Sun’s stories in Hormones Season 3

What are you doing mate? Let’s go!

Oh shit! Looks like I’m late. Hey!!! wake up now!!!


Sun and his friends who sleep at car wake up. They dress student uniform immediately and looks like Sun uses lipstick to makeup. After that, looks like we’re late. If we go to front of Nadao Bangkok College, we’re punished, so we climb to Nadao Bangkok College and enter to Nadao Bangkok College stealthy.


Hey Jane. Nice to meet you.

When Sun comes to his classroom, looks like there is someone who is strange. That new classmate is really cute and gorgeous! Until That girl introduces herself. Her name is “Jane” so Sun introduces himself to Jane too, but between Sun talks, That teacher throws whiteboard marker to Sun!

“Hi Jane. I’m Sun.”
That teacher throws whiteboard marker.
That whiteboard marker goes to Sun immediately!!
Ah fuck!!
“Is this usual?” Jane asks her classmate.

Jane feels shock about this. She never saw teacher who does with this. What the fuck?

Meet Mali and ZomZom when they come lately.

Rules of Nadao Bangkok College is “Don’t come to Nadao Bangkok College after 8:00 hrs because if you go late, your habit scores are decreased. When ZomZom and Mali queue in students queue who come to Nadao Bangkok lately,

They queue.

But Sun comes to Nadao Bangkok lately too and he invites Mali and ZomZom to escape from queue.

“Hey you.” Sun called ZomZom. “Do you want to escape this queue?”

“Yeah.” ZomZom answered.


“Get ready!” Sun says to ZomZom and Mali.

Look at right side of this picture, Sun and ZomZom escape, but Mali doesn’t know about this escape.

Finally they escape successfully.


After ZomZom walks away, Sun requests Mali’s phone number for flirting.


“Nice to meet you Mali.” Sun sent message to Mali’s WeChat account.

Someone want to be a guitarist of See Scape Rock Band.

Looks like Phao wants to be a guitarist of See Scape Rock Band. He felt impressive when he looked music band played musics in campaign day. Phao wants very much. But looks like Sun isn’t arrogant to accept Phao’s request.


But… You again, Phao? You wait me at music practice room! Phao want to look See Scape play music. So Sun allow Phao to enter to music practice room for knowing situation.


Sun invites Phao to play song together.

After Phao finishes learning in that day, Sun walks to Phao and invites Phao to play with See Scape Rock Band. Phao exert about being a guitarist of See Scape very much and near ending this month, See Scape tries to play songs with 2 guitarists due to challenging with Farbarworn school’s band “The Painful”. After Sun accepts Phao to play guitar together, Robot, Phao’s friend tells about Phao’s ex-girlfriend is in a relationship with guitarist of The Painful. So this may be Phao’s revenge.


Yes!!! OH YEAH!!

In practicing…


Looks like Phao exerts to be a guitarist very much. Songs that See Scape uses is “ช่างมัน” (Let it be)


But damn it!!! Looks like Tiger’s skill is better. So Sun chooses Tiger to be See Scape’s guitarist.


Sun : So I choose Tiger to be guitarist.

Sun : Thanks for trying.

Let’s rock baby!!!


At Alien Rock Concert, See Scape Rock Band and The Painful play music together.


Hi, Mali. Do you want to go to nightclubs with me?


After Alien Rock concert, Sun invites A, Ryo, Non and Kanompang (and Kanompang invites Jane and Oil later.) to go to Nightclub. Looks like he invites his love interest, Mali too, but Mali denies because her dad doesn’t allow and going to nightclub when age under 20 is prohibited. (But Sun has dark method about this).)

Let’s crazy hangout!


After that Sun goes to the nightclub with Oil, Jane, Kanompang and See Scape rock band. Sun plans something to his friends about requesting some songs to musician in nightclub. After that that fucking song Kanompang has hated forever will be sung.

Sun plans something with his friends.
Kanompang dances with Oil.
Kanompang eats piece of carrot.
Kanompang feels weird. That song…!!!?
“Kanompang’s ex-boyfriend composed this song.” Sun talks to Jane.

That song’s name is “Toey”. Tar, Kanompang’s ex-boyfriend composed this song to Toey due to his love that very sincere.

Toey was a reason that let Tar went away from her so she hates this song very much. After that Sun and his friends sing loudly to Kanompang for teasing her.


I disappoint

And after that day I stick this in my heart

I just start

Before I find and this isn’t my wanting.


“YEAH FUCK THIS TO ME!!” Kanompang yells to Sun.


“OH!!! Don’t cry baby~”  Sun teases Kanompang.

“Don’t fucking interest that bullshit!” Kanompang says to Sun.


“Yes!!! Don’t care that fucking guy!” Sun raises Kanompang’s hated to be higher.


I just know.


“What do you fucking know?” Kanompang asks Sun.

About my heart has same questions.



“Very badass!!” Sun says.

“Hey” Non interjects to Kanompang.

I just know with stories between you.

When Sun and his friends sing a song from hell, Kanompang throws vegetables to Sun. After that Kanompang drinks harder.


But looks like she still hides something.

I have the hope that still in my feeling.

“FEELING THAT SON OF THE WHORE?” Kanompang yells to Sun. Oil keeps Kanompang calm about this.


Don’t fear every answers.

Good or Bad? I don’t care. I am not sorry to ask…

“Do you want to be with me?”

“NO WAY!!!” Kanompang yell to Sun.


“Do you want to walk with me?”

“How long time passed away, my heart still want to ask you.”


“Cheers!!!” Kanompang drinks a lot!!! But she wants to blow her vomit out from her mouth. Non sees Kanompang that isn’t Ok. He asks to Kanompang. “Kanompang, are you OK?”

Then Kanompang blow her vomit to Non!! Oil takes care Kanompang that she was drunken due to that fucking song.



“Are you OK? Kanompang?” Non asks Kanompang again. After that Jane walks away from Kanompang and Sun’s reserved table.

Are you very drunken? Jane!!!?


Um… Looks like Jane goes away from Sun’s reserved table with long time. But when he finds Jane, looks like Jane have weird behavior. She gazes laser light and let her hand waving with long time. Is Jane very drunken?

“Are you OK?”

Jane doesn’t respond to Sun. Sun sees about Jane’s hand shakes unconsciously.


“Why does your hand shake?” Sun asks Jane. “Feel cold?” Then Sun picks up Jane’s hands. But Jane hugs Sun. Then she releases immediately with strange feeling. Sun thinks Jane has weird feeling. Jane isn’t drunken because her movement isn’t unbalanced. So… What is Jane happened?


“Do you want to go home?” Sun asks Jane.


“No.” Jane answers. “Go another place?”


Sun drives his car to the place Jane wants.


“Finally what happened to you?” Sun asks Jane again.


Jane silent with a few second, then she asks Sun “Do you ever feel about you’re alien?”


“No.” Sun says.

“Aliens talk with human not understandingly.” Jane says about alien. “It can talk with only its folk. Someday, alien found another alien that talk understandingly. But after that day, it have some moment that both aliens were separated. But when both aliens meet again, first alien still be an alien, but another alien is transformed to be a human.”

“What level have you drunken?” Sun asks Jane. “Are you OK?”

“I’m OK.” Jane answered. “maybe…”

After that day


Non asks Kanompang about her drunken. She felt good, but she is teased by Non who calls Kanompang “Carrot” because Kanompang blowed vomit with big piece of carrot to Non in nightclub.

Looks like Non interests Kanompang so Sun who has more experiences about flirting another women suggests Non how to flirt Kanompang. He warns Non about flirting Kanompang is very hard. First ever flirt Kanompang, finally he was broken heart.

Sun suggests about flirting Kanompang to Non.

Rumor about Jane uses drugs spread together.


When Sun and his friends practice music. Looks like they get bad rumor about Jane, their classmate.


Jane… Isn’t this real?

Sun doesn’t believe about this. But finally he knows directly from Jane. Some night Jane calls to Sun via Smartphone to bring her. Jane want to go someplace.


“Do you want to go someplace?” Sun asks Jane.

“Go somewhere.” Jane answers. “When I was child, I and my brother wanted to buy this spinning RGB light ball. I couldn’t remember about why I wanted this. But when my mom bought this, I didn’t know how to use. I and my brother helped to erect a tent in bedroom. And I used this to illuminate in tent. Then we played as UFO. Turned to be alien. That’s really silly. But when I was near ending grade 6, my mother wanted me to learn at another country. That time I didn’t know anything. My mom said that was good, I would go. Actually I stayed at USA at one year. But for long time, that was 4 years. I stayed until I felt that place is my home more than in Thailand. And someday Ben got accident. After that, my mom was worried a lot. Where I go, she want to know. If Ben wasn’t dead, I will not come back to Thailand. I am still at New York. Don’t start my new life.”

“Sun” Jane calls Sun.


“If I tell you about I haven’t done, do you believe me?” Jane asks about she didn’t use crystal meth to Sun. This question she doesn’t talk easily that means Jane trusts Sun.

“You tell something I always believe you.”

“Feel good.” Jane says with happy mood. Then she confesses about she uses crystal meth. “But I have done.”

Sun feels frightened about Jane have used drugs. (but don’t know about Jane uses crystal meth.)

Sun feels curious to Jane and says “Who know about this?”

“From mouth, there are 2 people.” Jane answers. “You and Looktarn.”

“And how did teacher Looktarn say?” Sun asks Jane.

“She has tried to help me. Help everything without fired from Drum Major. Help until I feel I am really fucking asshole that let teacher to lie with me. But don’t worry. Tomorrow I will resign.”

“Why?” Sun asks Jane. “If someone don’t know about this, is that OK?

“It’s really fucking crappy.” Jane describes. “I have done everything failed .”

“I know where we are going.” Sun says. Then he drives to Nadao Bangkok college. Jane and Sun climb to enter inside Nadao Bangkok College to do something. Sun runs behind stand cheer.



“Hey! What the fuck are you doing?” Jane asks Sun. Then he equips broom to Jane.

“What the…” Jane asks.

“You won’t be a Drum Major.” Sun says. “Give a send off.”


“No!!!” Jane refuses. “What are you playing? That is really silly.”

“That is silly as your UFO.” Sun talks to Jane. “Go go go . Let’s walk!”

Jane walks with Sun to get right position. Then Sun says “Stay here. Ready!!!”


“And Nadao Bangkok College’s Drum Major in this year is… JANE!!!! Clap your hands!!!”


Then Sun walk to behind Jane so Jane readies to walk with Drum Majorstyle.

“Are you a fucking Drum Major?” Sun askes Jane. “Command walking now! Shift your Drum Major mace (broom) now! Hey!! Quick!”

“Um.” Jane said and she commands.

“Quick! Drum ready!!” Sun says.



“Tad dad dad dad shoong tad shoong tas shoong…” Sun uses his mouth to copy drum sound let Jane walks.

“Are you OK?” Jane asks Sun. “Hey! Why do you stop?”

“Tad dad dad dad shoong tad shoong tad shoong…”

“Ah pant! Are you OK?”


“Shoong shoong … shoong shoong… shoong shoong shoong”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jane asks Sun.

“Tad dad dad dad shoong tad shoong tas shoong…Tad dad dad dad shoong tad shoong tas shoong…”

“Why do you stop?”

Finally Jane and Sun lay their body to the lawn.


“When I invited you to come to this place, I didn’t think about I must imagine a lot.” Sun talks to Jane. “When you’re Drum Major, you’re fucking badass. I felt regret.”

Then Jane cries to Sun. She felt very happy or something so Sun hold Jane’s hand to trust Jane’s heart together.



“Where planet did alien come from?” Sun asks Jane. “Cry as same as human.”




Jane sees to Sun and they see the moon together.

Relationship updated!!

Sun 💎 Jane

(Best friend forever)

Date with Mali

Before sport day, Sun and Mali date together. Sun brings Mali to go around travel places in Bangkok.


After dating, Sun’s friend invites him to go at nightclub because looks like someone is very interested.


A : Will you go to invade at this night? Someone says at nightclub have new DJ that very fucking cute!

Let’s win Sun!








Not only Sun is See Scape’s vocalist, he can play basketball! 1 day left to the sport day, there are some sport to qualify. In lunch time, at basketball stadium, Sun from blue team and First, Pala from yellow team challenge basketball together. Kanompang and Mali cheers Sun to win.

But looks like Mali sends weird message via WeChat.

Mali : Do you wanna having sex with me tonight?

Sun : What happened?


Then Sun comes to male toilet. First says. “Hey Sun. I send that sentences from Mali’s smartphone to you. I’m sorry.” (Actually First know about Sun’s habit is really womanizer and love to approach new ladies. But First don’t know about Mali is a girl who Sun is loving).


“Are you kidding me? Mali is damaged! You should think before do! I want to ask about do you have crux? To show that fucking son of the whore moments? Don’t your dad and mom love you? (In Thai, father and mother are the most respective people as same as respecting god in Christianity. Insulting father and mother is mean the severest insulting ever in Thailand.) 

“Hey. I have already forgiven. What the fuck do you mention to my dad and mom?”


“And what the fuck do you do next?” ZomZom says and push First body. Then Pala tries to stop ZomZom.

“Don’t fucking interfere!” ZomZom yells to Pala. “If this happened to you, can you be calm?”

“Hey you.” After that Non go to the toilet. “What happened?”


Then Mali want ZomZom to stop this. After ZomZom walks away. Sun insults First



Bastard First, you’re very fucking asshole!





After break time, looks like First and Sun angers. He plays basketball aggressively… Until Sun is taken damage from First by being crashed until Sun’s left arm is hurt. First is gotten penalty by being banned from playing basketball. After he walks away, First kicks ball to referee teammate. Finally Yellow team is lost with fouling.



After First walks away from gym, Kanompang and Ter helps Sun to stand up.

Hey Jane! Long time no see!


After being suspended, Jane comeback to Nadao Bangkok again. Kanompang and Sun welcome Jane warmly. Looks like Sun welcomes Jane by hugging Jane, but Jane pushes Sun away and says “Too much!”

Hey Jane!


Sun wants to hug Jane, but Jane pushes Sun away.


“Too much…” Jane says.

But… Ying, English teacher comes to grade 11 room 1.


She is teaching “Passive voice” but looks like some classmate chit chat without paying attention to teacher, so Ying throw whiteboard marker to that 2 classmates. Jane feels frighten. This moment is occurred again?





Sun worries Jane’s behavior very much. She is problematic again. Looks like Jane is aggressive more than earlier time.





What are you doing Jane!!? Keep calm and carry on…

Who are you, madam? (Episode 9 “Testosterone” | This episode is mine!)


Near the final examination, Sun still sleep at his car. But… That alarm…. So sweet and cute alarm from his smartphone “Samsung Galaxy A7”. Ah… Looks like Sun is awaken… He picks toothpaste “Salz” and toothbrush to brush his teeth.



Then he wear Nadao Bangkok College school uniform. Yes, his car has been parked near Nadao Bangkok College.

After that when learn off, Sun relates Phao to go to first floor at Siam Center. At Siam Center, there are a few visitor in here. Actually reason that Sun go to Siam Center because he bought some cute clothes to give her love interest, Mali.

“Are you Mali? Today I bought some T-shirt with bear decoration as you ever told me. I ever wore that and I felt very fit for me. Then I will take some photos to show you.”

When Sun is calling to Mali, looks like someone interest Sun. That lady is choosing some clothes, then she sees to Sun curiously.

4-Goongging For Sun’s ordinal behavior is flirting every girls who interest him, so he send some interested signal with contacting to that lady’s eye and smiling. Then that lady who sees Sun accepts Sun’s feeling with smiling back to Sun. That means this chick I will flirt you and you will be fun.


“OK. So Mali, I will end calling now. Good bye.” Sun calls to Mali and ends this call to interest that gorgeous lady. Ah…. That lady? This is really interest as same as someone at nightclub.

7 accepted

After that Phao runs to Sun excitedly. Phao dresses with Nadao Bangkok College’s student uniform that is really exert to meet Sun. Phao thinks Sun is my idol.

“Hello Sun.” Phao says hi to Sun.


“Hi. I’m sorry about I call you immediately.”

“Hey! Never mind. Do you have something quick?” Phao asks to Sun curiously.

“I will invite you to play music with See Scape Rock Band at Loy Kratong day.” Sun invites Phao to play guitar with him at Loy Kratong day, the day of floating Kratong at nighttime that is one of the That’s traditional festival. “Do you interest about this?”

When Phao hears about this invitation, He thinks about he never is the part of See Scape forever, but now this is same as holy miracle creates the second chance to be guitarist of See Scape Rock Band again. Looks like Phao’s dream is real. So he is very excited and says “Really?”

“That’s true. I ever say your video clip from your Instagram. You are evolved very much. And…” Then Sun shows his hurt arms to Phao. “You should help me too.”

Wow!!! That opportunity will be the true!!! When Phao hears about this best news, he feels very fucking happy and he says “Yes!! Yes!!! Oh!! Yeah!!! I interest this!”

“That’s good. In the end of semester, we practice songs with long time. Do you stick with any tutorial learning?” Sun asks Phao.

“Maybe but don’t worry. I will manage my time.”

“You also talk about this.”

“That’s real!”

“Go tutorial learning. See you again.”

“Thank you very much. Good bye Sun.”

Phao’s mood is very excited. He gets second chances of being guitarist of See Scape again. He feels very happy and very exert! Wow!!! My world is shining!!! I have the faith to be in my life again. My life is more hope!

After that Sun picks his paper bags of Mali’s clothes to go to Mali at her residence. But that office lady comes to Sun with something. Ah…. That girl… She come to me? I’m really handsome that control her to go with me?


“Excuse me. What’s your name?”

“My name is Sun.” Sun answers his name.


“I’m Goongging. I want you to have dinner with me.” Oh!! Hey!!! She requests Sun directly. But Goongging doesn’t know about dangerous moments from Sun. Hahahaha. Who is lost? Let’s check it out.

“Today I will go back to my home.” Sun refuses Goongging’s request and he uses his charming to Goongging. “Can I request your phone number? And after that I will date you again.”

“Hey! I have some cost about wasting time to you, Sun.” Goongging says about she wants to have dinner with Sun and Sun get some money from Goongging. Sun never know about this. Huh? Why? I have dinner with Goongging and I get some money? What the fuck?

Date with Goongging.


At some restaurant in Siam Center. Goongging invites Sun to date and romantically talks. Sun feels bad and complicated… He never be flirted. That gorgeous lady Goongging is flirting him. For Sun’s stress mind and worry, He has dinner with a few.


“Sun. You have sat with long time… Why have you eaten a few?” Goongging feels about Sun is stressed. Sun doesn’t know how he want to be next. Ah…. I can’t guess her movement. Am I losing?

“I have been stuffed.” Sun answers to Goongging genitally.

“Hey. Don’t fear. I never poison you. Because if I will treat to eat you, I will request genitally to you without doing this.”

Then Sun sends charmed feeling to Googging. After that Goongging asks curiously about “Do you have girlfriend?”

“No. And you?”

“I’m not too.”

“And… Do you work at Siam zone?”


“I work with seeking some interested guys, And I meet you.”

Looks like Sun has opportunity to flirt Goongging back. Ah!!! This is my time. Can you have tolerance about my charming?

“That isn’t hard. Just for inviting you and you sit at this place.” Goongging thinks flirting Sun isn’t hard as same as Sun’s talking. Hahaha. Why flirting Sun is easier? Oh!!! Goongging thinks about that lovely Sun is really adorable.

“You know about me less.”

“So you should do something that make me know you more.” Ah!! Wow!!! Goongging challenges Sun with letting Sun to perform Sun’s identity more than this.

“No… If you addicts me a lot, I will take care you carelessly. I have more girls in my stocks.”

Um… That’s enough… Goongging feels surprised about Sun’s flirting moments. That is really sweet and lovely. Oh… Goongging may be fallen in love. Although Goongging have more ages than Sun, but ages just be only numbers. Sun can flirt that lovely gorgeous lady that have more ages than hin. That’s enough.

“Hey Sun. If I tell about you can do it with a job, Do yo interest?”

“This? What’s that?” Sun feels curious and confused.


“Only dating, talk and you get money. Have you ever heard about playmate?”

What the fuck? Can flirting be the job?

“What’s that?”

“Playmate is a job that bring customers to have dinner, travel together. Playmate’s duty is making customer to be happy and loneliness is faded away. And you get payment as money from your dealing with your customer. Most people who are a playmate can do this job with 2 hours and get more thousands Baht.”


“So you’re madam?” Sun asks about this curiously. He feels weird! “That you exploit to be a gigolo. I don’t receive this job.”

“I want to say about at first time everyone listen about this, they thinks as same as you. Actually I don’t bring you to be a gigolo. I want to create happiness for someone who want about this. If you interests about this, I will find customer to you. My customers are since mature ladies to teenager ladies each you will meet and what they want you to do. For me, I get payment with some percent for finding customer to you. I want to Say about I get my profit with my working, you also get your profit too. And you are a man who is talkative,  I believe you can do it.”

Sun thinks a lot! What the fuck am I being? Oh no…. Then Goongging takes Sun’s photos for some reason. Sun feels frightened. Sun can’t control her. She has high skill of flirting me…


“I will give that photos to my customer for deciding. If my customers interest, Sun may think about this again.

Sun is stunted… He doesn’t have shield to protect Googging’s artifice. Ah…. After that Googgig gives envelope of payment to Sun.


“Payment… That I ever told you about this.” Goongging says. Sun that is stunted confuses about this payment. I talks to some girl only and I get money? What?

After that for Sun’s doubting, he open his phablet to search about “playmate job.”



Just as a friend who watching movie together and shopping with me.

Similar as lover, but not having sex together.

Ah… Someone send message to Sun’s WeChat. He opens that. And… Some customer sent message to Sun. That customer uses WeChat name as “tuktanarak” (sweetie cutie doll)

Tuktanarak : “Hi. I want someone to travel with me together. Can you bring me?”

Tuktanarak : “Goongging recommend to you.”

20-TuktaSun : “I’m available.”

Tuktanarak : “So can you meet me at Siam.”

Tuktanarak : “I wear pink cloth.”

After that he tells to his mom pleasingly.




“I forget sheet at friend’s dormitory. May I get it?”


“Yes. come quickly. Don’t come to home until midnight.”

Then Sun walks to kiss his mom’s cheek. Then he goes away from his home and says to his dad. “Dad, I will come.”

“Quickly.” Mom still talks to Sun.

“I know.”

Date with Tukta.


After that Sun goes to Central world. Sun dresses with cool costume to date with his customer. He still seeks Tuktanarak. Ah… Looks at this girl. Although she is chubby, but looks like she is really cute to be my customer of playmate. So… let’s ask about her.

“Excuse me.” Sun asks to that pink costume.


“Are you Tukta?”


“Oh no!!! I’m not.”

Then that chubby girl goes away. Um… Who’s Tukta?

Finally there is someone calls Sun from the backside. Um… Is this Tukta? Someone touches Sun so Sun turn his head to backside… And Sun feels…




What the fuck is that?

“Sun. I’m Tukta.” Tukta introduce her name to Sun. Huh? Is this my customer?

“Oh yeah.” Sun says unwillingly.

“You’re more handsome than photo Goongging sent to me.”

“Oh… Thank you. Where are you going?”

Then Tukta show tickets she ever bought to Sun. That mean Tukta want to watch movie with her.



Sun smiles to Tukta.

“So let’s go to watch movie.”


In the cinema, Tukta tries to do many sweet moments to Sun, such as touching Sun’s hand, fall on the Sun’s shoulder, For Tukta, she feels very great to meet Sun who is really gentle and warm. But for Sun, looks like he is really bored and want to kick this customer away!



Ah… This is my turn… When Sun and Tukta finish watching movies, Sun brings Tukta to Do Not Disturb, nightclub that he ever go with his friends (Kanompang, A, Ryo, Oil, Jane in episode 5).


“Sun. Is this place that you bring me to enjoy?” Looks like Tukta never go to nightclub, she may go, but not modern nightclub as this.

“Yes. This place is more enjoyable than watching movie. Crazy dance!!”

“I never go. I fear about if I go to this place, you will be bored.”

“I will not bored… I fear about you may not enjoy with this.”


“Ok Ok. So If you want to eat something, you choose freely. I will pay with you.”


“Sun… If I want you hire you as my boyfriend, Can you accept?”

What the fuck!!!? What are you thinking grandmother?


“Being your boyfriend?” Sun asks Tukta back curiously. Then Tukta shakes her head vertically. Oh… Shit… No…. In this time Sun feels very bad. That grandmother hires my as her boyfriend? What crazy am I approaching with fucking this?

“May I get suggestion from Goongging?”

“That moment don’t worry.” Tukta says clearly. “So I will talk about this to Goongging. But if you’re not OK, be never mind.”

“How can I do more than this?”

“You still take care me, but take care as my boyfriend. And you aren’t in a relationship in this time.”

“So can I request my cost?”

“How many cost do you want?” Tukta asks back.

“1000 Baht per hour.” Sun answers. Looks like 1000 Baht is expensive. But…

“I can pay.” Tukta says.


What the fuck!!!”

“Can you pay that?”

“I can pay. No problem.”

Sun feels weird and stunted. Oh no. Will I be Tukta’s boyfriend?

“So in this time you and me as your boyfriend. OK?”

Tukta still talk about this. Then Sun accepts Tukta as her boyfriend temporally.

“You take care me as my boyfriend.”

“So let’s go baby.” Sun talks and bring Tukta entering to nightclub.


In Do Not Disturb nightclub, Sun still dances enjoyably. But looks like Tukta doesn’t move her body much. Sometimes Sun and Tukta drink and cheers together.


But… Oh no!!! That chick smack me from behind. Ah… She says.

“I’m sorry.”


But… that nightlife girls cheers with Sun and wants to know about Sun directly.


“What’s your name?” She asks Sun.


“Do you have girlfriend?”


Meanwhile, Tukta felt jealous and feel loser, she will go away from dancing area with her sadness that Sun don’t take care her much.


“Can you sit with me?”

After that looks like Tukta goes away from Sun. So Sun put his glass of liquor and walks away from that reserved table to find Tukta. In this time Tukta feels jealous and want Sun to recover her bad feeling.

“Where are you going?” Girls at reserved table asks Sun.

“Toilet.” Sun answers.

“Can’t you go?”

“Just a moment.”


Then Sun goes to Tukta who gets bad feeling and be jealous.


“What happened?” Sun asks her.

“Dance with that chicks.” She answers. “I still wait at this place.”


“Because I’m in nightclub, so they invite me to dance, I also dance with them.”

Looks like Tukta angers Sun a lot. She don’t talk anything to Sun. Sun still talk to change Tukta’s mind.

Oh… That grandmother looks like a child who want to be pleased a lot. But Sun doesn’t give up with this.

“You and me are in a relationship, so why do I interest another chicks?”


Oh… Tukta still bored. Finally Sun says.

“I’m sorry honey that I don’t take care honey very well.”

Oh!!! This is really make Tukta pleased. Tukta says “You call me honey, that is same as being in a relationship.”


“Aren’t you jealous?”


What….? What do you want more, MILF?

“Hook a little finger together.” Sun says to Tukta.

“No. How to do?” Tukta says and she presents her cheeks to let Sun kiss her cheek

Huh??? Don’t worry. Think about kissing mom’s cheek.


Ah…. looks like this is the weirdest dating ever in Sun’s life.

Hey Jane, can you help me?





After Sun goes to home lately, Sun’s mom blames to him everyday. Actually, he does with playmate and get more money to buy luxury crab to his parents.

Then he takes a bath and sing a song. After that, he wants to chat with someone. In the chat screen on WeChat, looks like there are a lot of people contact to Sun.


Jeabbb (1)
“Saturday let’s meet me.”

Wann (1)
“How can you do?”

Pang Ja (1)
“How much?”

“What the fuck didn’t Sun answer?”

mali (1)
“Is your hand cured?”

Jane Mht.


Then Sun chooses to talk with Jane. He send some sentences to Jane.



Sun : Do you sleep?

Jane : No.

After that Sun calls to Jane.


“Hello.” Jane says.

“Do you sleep?”

“I don’t sleep. What the fuck do you call me?”


“I don’t know! Oh!!! I want you to tutor vocabularies. I don’t remember about that. Please…..”


“Um… OK.”

Then Sun puts his smartphone to the bed for listening Jane’s voice.

“Let’s talk.”


“I ….. (I can’t know about Jane voice clearly…)”


“Start at smile = show your teeth.  grin = smile widely. then smirk = smile with… What the fuck is that? Smile with… with close your mouth. Then laugh, chuckle, giggle = laughing.”

“How difference is that?”


“Laugh is normal laugh. Chuckle is laughing silently. Giggle is laughing with Kik Kik Kik sound.”

“What the fuck about Kik Kik?” Sun asks Jane.

“That’s it. remember it.”

“Next is behold = to see. Peep = hide to see. Catch = aim and look and Stare = gaze with wonderful feeling. Do I repeat?”

In this time Sun is closing his eye.

“Hey! Don’t you fucking listen me?” Jane talks to Sun.

“I still listen.”


“Um. I repeat again.”

Looks like Sun chooses to talk with Jane. Sometimes Sun will be turned to the alien as same as Jane. Now his feeling can know Jane’s feeling better than another people. Sometimes Jane may think about Sun is the best friend who know Jane’s feeling as similar as Win.

After final examination.


Looks like Sun is punished for something so he must keep chairs to the top of desks. His hand still hurt. Ah!! What the hell is that? But… Jane comes to Sun and says.

“Hey!! Are you tired?”


“Oh!! Looks like heaven send you to help me. Can you help me to keep chair? I hurt my arm a lot.” Sun talks with best feeling that Jane will help him for keeping chair onto top of desks.


“I know you don’t hurt this arm.” Jane says to Sun directly. “Do it now. Teacher punished about you fidgeted in examination room, that not punish me. I will sit and give the will to you.”


“Don’t be my turn.” Sun talks to Jane.

“I’m waiting your turn.” Jane says back.

Oh!!!! Looks like there is someone sends some messages to Sun’s phablet. Ah… Tai Natcha says “Do you want to travel with me?”


Jane suspects Sun’s new phablet. Oh!!! That is really luxury phablet called Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.


“Hey that’s fucking new phablet! Looks like you’re rich.” Jane says to Sun.


“Do you suspect?”


“What the fuck have you done?”

“I have worked.”

“What work?”

“I don’t tell you.”


But looks like Sun want Jane to Know his working. For Jane’s habit, when someone don’t want to tell her, she don’t want to know about that immediately.

“Sit down!” Sun says to Jane.


“Tell me. What working have you done?”

But Sun don’t tell immediately.

“Now!” Jane says.


“Playmate service.” Sun says about his working. Jane feels confused. Is this job exist?”


“What about that? Customer buy you?” Jane asks to Sun curiously.

“You talk about buying is….. really weird.” Sun talks to Jane. “They think about payments with hours.”


“Hey…” Looks like Jane feel really weird.

“Hey!!! Listen to me first. When I meet customers, I must have dinner with them,entertain themselves to be happy. As same as lover.”

“So have you prostituted yourself?” Jane thinks about Sun is use his body to do something like whore.


“It isn’t fucking prostituted myself. I haven’t stripped off and let customer fucked me. What is this same as prostitute?”


“As customer buy you. Then they scrub and scoop, so is you as rubber doll?” Jane asks Sun curiously.



“Just pay and separate.”

“Playmate is similar as another service jobs.”


“Such as waiters. When you go to restaurants, waiters (or waitress) serves drinks and services until customers satisfy and customers give payment as me!!! That I don’t serve ordinal things. But I serve love to customers.”


“If your customers fall in love with you, then their boyfriend want to take down you, how can you do?”

“Why can they take down me? I am not wrong. They come to me themselves. For me, I still do my duty. If that customers is you, Do you break up handsome and more attractive guy as me ruthlessly?”

“For me, I don’t take down you.” Jane says to Sun. “But I will break up my boyfriend.”

“Why are you also ruthless?”


“Huh? That mean I’m fucking suck girlfriend?” Jane says directly to Sun. “He also go to meet another gorgeous girls. Although he doesn’t buy that weird service that you tell, but he buys for using, substituting? That are same.”

“Do you insult me?” Sun asks Jane.


“So I’m fair about when my girlfriend buys playmate to date or watching movies in cinema, I allow. That’s better than hire another guys and fuck together at some love hotels.”

“So if I am your girlfriend and I buy some playmates, are you allow?” Jane asks Sun curiously. Inside Jane’s heart, she wants to warn Sun about his working isn’t good. She feels jealous when Sun do this working too.

“You’re not my girlfriend.” Sun says.

“I suppose.”

Sun thinks a lot about If Jane is his girlfriend and Jane buys playmates, How does Sun feel? Finally he doesn’t want Jane to use playmates service that mean Sun is very suck boyfriend, so Sun says

“I will feel jealous. I don’t like it.”

“Yeah! You’re not fucking OK about this.” Jane says to Sun directly.


“That’s very hard to say.”

“Have you been fucked?”

“Hey!! Although my body is attractive to be eaten, but I confirmed that every customers never eat me!!”


“Yeah~~~~” Jane says.

“So if you asks a lot so do you interests about this working?”

“No! I’m not good at entertaining another people. And how much is my face cost?”


“5 Baht LOL.” Sun answers directly.

But looks like Jane smiles with her happiness and Sun sees that Jane’s lovely smile.



“That is 2000 Baht.” Sun raises Jane’s face value.

“Is that cheap?” Jane asks Sun. Then Sun contacts Jane’s small eyes.


“What the fuck are you smiling?” Jane asks Sun directly.

“May I want to look your 5000 Baht smiling.”

But looks like Jane doesn’t like it so she says “Am I fucking your playmates?”

Then Sun touch some money and say. “I have payment to you. Pay with the cash.”

But Jane still deny.

“Go to working.” Sun talks and keep chair on the desk.

“Escape to pay money?” Jane asks Sun. Then Sun walk to Jane and says “Open your hand.”

Then Jane open her right hand and Sun gives a pack of paper napkin.


“Get this to deposit first.” Sun says to Jane. “To blow out your chewing gum.”

“Yeah. That is better than don’t get anything.” Jane says.

“That chair you ever sat, keep it.” Then Sun goes away. But before he goes, he says to Jane.

“Jane, that you tutored me about giggle = laugh with Kik Kik Kik sound. I can do it. Thank you.”



Then Sun walks away. For Jane, she feels interest Sun more than another time. Sometimes Sun isn’t bad boy as another one thinks. Sometimes, Sun can make Jane out of alone situation. She smiles to Sun oneself. Jane thinks about Sun is really best friend. Kanompang? Um… Looks like…. that my friend is better.


For playmate job, Only Jane know this… As same as Jane ever told Sun about she used crystal meth from her mouth. For Jane, she doesn’t want Sun to work as playmate.

Oh yeah MILF!


Ah… Looks like this is Tukta’s favorite nightlife, singing Thai vintage karaoke. Oh…. My mom sings a song with me. Then Tukta’s friend wants to take photos. Wow!!! That handsome guy!!


After that Tukta tells Sun to go to secret room for confess something.

“Tukta. What do you want to talk with me?”

“Thank you very much, Sun that make me felt happy very much.” Tukta says to Sun.

“Certainly, madam.”

“Sun. Do you know? In my life, I never had good boyfriend. Every boyfriends I have ever met, they committed adultery. I don’t know what I was wrong. Until I’m mature, I feel about I always stay with single status. But sometimes, when I see couple walks together, do together, I feel envious.”


“I feel I have more valuable when I stay with you. You make me to be next. Thank you very much for doing little time to be meaningful. I don’t waste my payment” Tukta feel appreciated very much for being in a relationship with Sun temporally. She feel meaningful.

“So next time you’ll be my doll.” Sun smiles and talks to Tukta. Then he hugs Tukta with his warmth.


Mission completed!!

Finally Sun completes first customer’s dating. So next customers are mixed together. Ah… Looks like second customers is really nice.


Third customer? Wow!!! Yeah!!!


But fourth…

What the fuck is Sun doing?

Warning sentences : this character may has inappropriate behavior, should use conscious mind to watch. Parents should advise.

Fifth… gay customer again…


Ah… Six customer… Lovely girl, but not gorgeous.


Sun is changed. He doesn’t pay attention to See Scape rock band.


“Hi everybody…” Sun says Hi to See Scape teammate.

“Hi.” Phao says with his happiness.

Then Sun walk to microphone destination for singing as vocalist.

“Are you ready?” Sun asks to everyone.

“You said about being near. Wasn’t you?”Bassist asks. “More than hours we have been waiting you. Renting music room is fucking expensive.”

“Traffic is jam.” Sun tell reason why he goes to practice room very slow.

“Are you ready?” Sun asks to everyone. Looks like bassist and drummer isn’t appreciated Sun’s habit much. After that they practice music together.



Looks like Sun doesn’t exert about practicing much. Because Sun does playmate jobs. So he doesn’t have more time to do anything much.

For Sun, he loves to be playmates, but he may be lost someone who still love him.

The revelation

At ECONCEPT, Famous English tutoring school that Dao, L and Koi learn too. Sun opens his phablet to looks Goongging’s message in WeChat.


GungGing : Today at evening please go to my big party. That is my friend’s party.

Sun : OK.

But when he is walking to get out from ECONCEPT, looks like Sun is in trouble. ZomZom and her friends comes to Sun.

“Hey! Do you learn at this place?” Sun asks to ZomZom. But ZomZom silents and asks Sun back directly.

“Who is that girls in yesterday? That girl you fed ice cream. “

Sun lies to ZomZom with saying. “Oh… My upper class woman I ever meet. Why?”


“How many have you talked with fucking chicks?” ZomZom feels angry and talk to Sun. But looks like Sun has many girls he talks. Why ZomZom is fucking angry? So ZomZom says “Yeah, I borrow my toes to count.” Sun feels weird. What the fuck do you anger?

“Hey! Why don’t you fucking answer? SPEAK NOW MOTHERFUCKER!” Numcha, fat body girls who is ZomZom’s friend asks Sun.

“Please gentle talking. Don’t be loud. Please talk to outside.” Sun talks to ZomZom’s friend.

“Why do you feel shy?” ZomZom asks Sun. “I want to talk at here. I want to know clearly. Everyone will know about not only you’re short body, you are also fucking slutty and do as same as opened pussy whore too.”

“Hey!!!?” Sun confused. What the fuck is ZomZom insulting? “I just talk with open relationship. I don’t decide to be in a relationship with someone. Do you feel stuffed?”

Then ZomZom shows picture from her phablet that Sun and Mali kissed together.

“And what the fuck is that? And Mali?”

Oh!!!? Is this the reason to insult me violently?

“I’m not in a relationship with her.” Sun talk to ZomZom. “Everyone can meet another people. I have permission. Mali is too.”


Then ZomZom calls Ja to catch Mali to see that shitty love interesting.


“So that time you meet her, have you and Mali been? Love or lies?” ZomZom asks to Mali.

“Are you fucking silent, son of the whore?” Numcha supports extracting Sun.

“Talk this clearly. If you don’t talk clearly, I will fucking slapped you now!” ZomZom really fucking anger very much.

“Open fucking shitty mouth, asshole pussy face!”

“I like you. But don’t love you.” Sun says to Mali. “I’m sorry Mali.”

Then Mali walks away from ZomZom. She feels sad very much. Mali is heartbroken.

then ZomZom insults and strikes Sun again and she said…

“You’re fucking promiscuous, son of the slutty whore. I want you to be infected AIDS to the death!”


115-I want you to die with AIDS

And she pull Sun’s body and says “Don’t fucking talk my lovely sister forever”


“Fuck you pussy mind!” Before ZomZom walks away, Numcha insults Sun again. Sun doesn’t know why is this happened? Ah… crap!! I’m sorry Mali. I’m wrong.


But Sun’s life should be progressive. This nightmare will be over. He drives to the party that Goongging invited.

Last playmate job “The paradise”

“Sun… come here.” Goongging calls Sun when Sun is going to the paradise.


Then Goongging equips red bow ties to Sun’s neck.

“Can I be done with this?”

“Sun… Hurry. My friends are waiting you.” Goongging says. Then she takes off Sun’s wear.


“Huh? Must I be taken?”

“My friends hired you very expensive.” Goongging says reason. Then Goongging takes off Sun’s wear except his short. Sun feels really weird. Is this really paradise?


Then Sun readies to enter the paradise.




You may suspects about blurred objects. That are bottle of liquors, beer, cocktail. Why are they censored, click here for the nonsense reason.


Wow!!! This is really paradise. There are many gorgeous girls with big boobs swim together.  Ah!!! Sun may forget Jane because Jane has small boobs and not gorgeous as these chicks!


“Ah… Are you come here?” Goongging’s friends ask to Goongging. Sun looks to customers who buy him. But Woah! Goongging’s friend is really amazing. Big boobs every where!

“Who buy me?” Sun asks to Goongging’s friends.


“This group.” Goongging says. “Everyone bought you.”

“All?” Sun confuses very much. Since first customers who is my grandmother, until this. That is really awesome!!!

“Everyone deposit our money to buy you with very expensive value. Let’s entertain us extremely!” Goongging’s friend who is small eyes talks to Sun. Looks like she has very high lust.


“Yeah!!” Sun says.

Then Goongging’s friend bring Sun to hangout with drinking alcoholic drinks together.


That right girls is really horny!!! She forces Sun to drinks glass of liquor to be empty. But sorry mate, you’re small boobs, but don’t worry. Your heart is really warm.


But… Sun don’t know about darkside of playmate service. Because playmate service is a job that abandon your dignity and do everything as slave!


Sun readies to be drunken. That lusty party girls take off Sun’s jeans except his boxer.


Oh no! Sun is being gone to the pool!



That lusty girls wants to rape Sun!!!


Sun’s drunken LV MAX!!!

But Sun doesn’t know about he is being the pet of customer!!! He feels glorious about he is surrounded with gorgeous and sexy girls. No No No!! Sun is drunken and effect from liquor is igniting Sun’s hidden intuition.


“Hey Sun. Can you play guitar? But this day I want you to be my guitar.” Girl with bleen bra talks to Sun and she draw guitar to Sun’s body to play.






Danger!!! Sun is out of control!!!




“Sun… Wake up…” some girls talks to him when he is out of control.

A few hours later…

“Hey boy. boy!!! This isn’t fucking bed. Sign at this!”


Sun wakes up… But…

Fuck me!!! Isn’t this true? Am I at police station?




Fuck!!! My dad!!!


After that Sun feels guilty. Looks at down. Oh!!! I blew vomit?


Sun doesn’t know what happened when he was out of control, so he opens his phablet to look everything










Was I transformed to be cutie dog? Fuck! Holy fucking shit! I’m not fucking dog Oh!!! I’m really Casanova but how was I transformed to be that damned dog!!!? Fuck!!! I can’t forgive myself! No!!!


What the fuck was I am adorable dog!?44-dog

That is dog’s peeing!!!! NO!!!!!!

Fuck myself!



“I’m sorry, father.”

Sun’s dad doesn’t talk anymore to Sun. He doesn’t argue anything. He still be silent and let Sun feels guilty. Finally he seizes Sun’s car key and doesn’t allow Sun to drive his car.



Why playmate service is really hard to control?

Ladies with big boobs?

I like it… But…


I lost all of dignity…



A… Ryo… Phao…


Oh!!! Fuck me…

They let me…

I feel fucking bad!

Goongging is really evil!








I’m alone…

Ah crap…






Fuck me!





But… I remember someone warn me about playmate service was risk and she didn’t want me to do this job. She warned me about this job was same as “whore”.






I should believe you, Jane. If you know I was drunken as fucking dog,



I don’t know about…



If you know that… Will you hate me, Jane?




I fear about you.



I don’t have anyone who stay with me.

Failure is first step to be successful (Episode 10 “Growth Hormones” | Pala’s main episode)

Jane invites Kanompang to have lunch, but Kanompang denies due to work student council working


After that Jane and Sun walk to canteen. But way to the canteen, Mali and her friends, Phao, Robot are staying.


Mali evade Sun by seeing another side.


I’m sorry Mali.


After having lunch, Sun relates A and Ryo to music training room to practice music in the name of See Scape rock band.


“Hey!!! I appointed you at 16:00 hrs. Isn’t it?” Sun asks to A and Ryo. “You’re also late.”

Then A asks you Ryo with whisper voice “Didn’t you tell to him?”

“Hey… didn’t you tell him?” Ryo asks to A.

“I thought you tell him.”

Looks like A and Ryo talk something that Sun doesn’t know and that is strange behavior. So he asks to A and Ryo. “What the hell are you?”


“I want to talk to you directly.” Looks like A want to talk clearly to Sun. He doesn’t want to care Sun forever. Sometimes Sun makes something wrong. “I don’t know how to tell you better, but we decided about Loy Kratong day in this year, See Scape will not have you.”


“What the fuck are you thinking?” When Sun hears A and Ryo’s opinion, he feels weird and confused. Are they denied me?


“We will want Kanompang to be a vocalist.” A tells reason about Sun won’t be a vocalist of See Scape.

“Problematic moments are occurred before this. I want you to rest. When you focus to See Scape, you come with us again. We want to pay attention truly as same as when we met together. Do you understand us?” Ryo tells his opinion to Sun. Actually Ryo tells right. In closed semester, Sun didn’t pay attention to See Scape much.


Then Sun think a lot to tell. Finally he says “I might not pay attention of practicing music.”

A and Ryo walk to music train room. Before A and Roy walk, A says

“I’m sorry mate.”

And Ryo touch Sun’s shoulder and says “Hey, I’m sorry too.” Then A and Ryo start to practice new songs to play in Loy Kratong day and let Sun sees their practicing lonely.


Fuck! I lose, lose and fucking lose my friend… Fuck!

Then Kanompang sings a song “ถ้าเธอคิดจะลืมเขา (If you think to forget him)” with See Scape Rock Band. (For lyric with translating, look at “Kanompang” article.)


Meanwhile Sun feels bad about in this time, he should be at stage to be a vocalist. He feels lost. lost everything. Fuck!


Someone touch my head… Who’s that!!!?





What the fuck are you doing on my head?


That smile? Ah… I understand.


Thank you Jane…


For staying with me when I feels lost everything.


I should believe you, Jane.


You blamed me a lot… blamed me about I was rubber doll,


nasty guys.

But looked like you pulled me from the hole of darkness.

I don’t know how to thank you to you.

You’re my precious girl, Jane. ❤

When I saw you at first time…
You saw me calmly…


Fuck!! That bastard teacher…
When I asks you about my name…
I know you was kidding me about forgetting my name.
When I saw your smile, I fall in love as drowning in the lake of heart.
What happened that day? Why did you still gaze laser light?
What level was you drunken? You said about alien to me!
You dare to confess about you uses drugs to me.
That mean you trust me?
Your heart isn’t same as another girls I ever met…
Ah….. Where planet did you come from? Could alien cry?
Stay with me. Don’t cry Jane. I feels bad too…
When you ended to be suspended, I feels very happy.
You’re not gorgeous I think… Small eyes, tall body, small boobs, but why I think about you first…
Hey!!!! Your arm is very long…


Ah that sincere smile again….
I choose Jane to talk with me first… I don’t know why?
I want to listen your voice. I know you don’t use many swear words to another people except me. That mean you close me a lot.
Why are you so rude?
You confessed about you uses drug, so I confess about I work playmate service too.
You compares about you’re my girlfriend and let you to buy playmate…
What are you thinking Jane?
Are you jealous me?
By the way, I trust you and you trust me…


I maybe transformed to the alien as same as you…


I have ever been an alien and Jane trigger me to the real form?

Relationship updated!!

Sun 💞 Jane


After Kanompang and See Scape teammate finish to play music, Sun walks to See Scape members.

“Hey you.” Sun calls to A, Ryo, Phao and Kanompang.


“Today is very fun. I felt missed.” After Sun says to his friends that ever felt disappointed to Sun, looks like they understand Sun’s feeling. Then Phao sees Sun for something.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry really.” Sun apologizes.



“I want to sing songs with you.” Sun still says to his friends. Then A touches Sun’s hand for trust Sun’s feeling.


“Thank you Phao. Thank you Kanompang too that was a vocalist.”


Looks like Phao feels liking Sun’s attitude very much. He thanks for give opportunity to play as guitarist at concert.

“Sun!!!” Phao says and hugs Sun immediately. “Thank you very much. Thank you everything. You make me to be a guitarist with See Scape. Thank you for knowing power at the stage, power from audiences. Thank you everything. I don’t know how to talk with you next. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you.”


“You’re the most fucking too much boy!!” Sun talks to Phao. “Next opportunity, play with me again.”


“Next time you will be a vocalist too.” Phao says to Sun excitedly.

“Sure. See you next time. Good bye.” Then Sun tells to everyone to leave them. Kanompang waves her right hand to say body language “Good bye” to Sun.


Is it real, Kanompang? (Episode 11 “Oxytocin” | Oil’s main episode)

Someday looks like inappropriate moment from Kanompang is leaked insanely. Sun feels frightened very much when he opens his Facebook from his smartphone and he sees rumors from Nadao Bangkok College Facebook page that told about Kanompang is very dangerous girls. At the morning he runs to Kanompang who just comes to Nadao Bangkok College ar entrance door.


“Do you see that?” Sun brings his luxury phablet “Samsung Galaxy Note Edge” with opening his Facebook app to Kanompang. Kanompang read that contents from Sun’s phablet and she is really frightened as same as Sun too.


Gorgeous student council leader is more dangerous than you think.

She ever prostituted herself to musician at classroom to welcome at Valentine’s day ❤


M’mild Naruchat : Looks like she is innocent, I don’t think so.

Kong Thanapat : My dream is broken, my cutie Kanompang.

Chulalak Pansai : I fucking think so!


Au Kawaii : She is so fucking dangerous!

Karnz Chonticha : Is it real or bullshit?

Meiji Ornrurdee : She never do this at classroom.

Now Kanompang felt infamous and shamed herself. What that moment is occurred to her. Bad rumors always make people are infamous as same as 3 months ago that Jane had gotten rumors about she used drugs. After that Oil comes to Kanompang.


Then Kanompang gives Sun’s phablet to let Oil read that weird and abusive post and comments about Kanompang. Oil feels shocked too.



“Is it real?” Oil asks to Kanompang.




“Pang. Did you ever say this moment to another people?” Oil asks to Kanompang. After that Kanompang walks away. Looks like Kanompang runs to her best friend.

Sun tries to stop Kanompang, but he can’t.


Huh!!!!? Did Kanompang talk this to Jane?



Kanompang and Jane argue aggressively. Why best friend do that? Why?



Sun runs to Jane and yell…

Jane…. Jane!!!!!!


What the fuck is that? But I trust you Jane. You haven’t leaked that weird moments about Kanompang. I always know you how you be. But don’t go away from me!

To be continued…

His character habit’s predecessor.

Win (100%)


Another side of Win that not only challenge influence, Win was really womanizer and very cheeky. Actually Sun’s habit is more than Win about he can drive a car and more womanizer than Win. But feeling about playboy moments, Sun has it 100%


  • Sun was born after Jane for 1 day.
  • His blood type, zodiac are same as Jane, so his habit and feeling was similar as Jane too.
  • Sun’s real name “Artit” in Thai translated to “Sun”
  • Sun is only Hormones the Series’s character who can drive a car.
  • Sun’s body is short.
  • Look at Sun’s promoting biography. He is really ordinal.






  1. Jane talks to Sun with strong language… Looks like they are closed together. But ZomZom insults Sun very violently. Why is she so rude as Pai?

  2. hey campcomartz,
    do you know the name of the actress that plays gungging? I would really like to know please help me find out. thanks in advance.

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