Art Box Thailand final week @QSNCC

I ever wrote article about Art Box when this was opened with first weeks. Then this is final week of Art Box Thailand that exhibited at parking near Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. There are many people who interest about this. At first time I ever went to this place, but that time was twilight when a few people came to this place to take many photos and dating. Yes! This place was suitable for dating. That is really cool.

But damn it! Many foods, creative drink and delicious desserts I ever loved in this place although designing was very beautiful to take some photos and upload to Instagram, but prices were very expensive. Starting price from delicious and cute desserts from Art Box Thailand was same as another (luxury) flea markets in Central World. Oh no!! This flea market was suitable for high social.

Finally I had worked near Art Box Thailand and at Art Box Thailand page on Facebook told me about “Hey you!! This is final week that Art Box Thailand exhibit at parking near Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. Hurry to go and you will get great experiences!” That sound looked like awesome and I will go to this place now.


After I got off working at place near QSNCC, I walked from my workplace to Art Box Thailand and listened many songs from my smartphone. This time smartphone was really necessary and suitable to my life. I couldn’t let my smartphone went away from me. I have been a blogger with cool smartphone to take many photos. When I walked out from small alley near QSNCC, first picture that I felt this place was really fun is blue light that were against branch of big tree in Art Box Thailand. Looked like tree of life in Avatar, very precious movie from 2009. That was a real target to be attracted. Looked like this was real signature from Art Box Thailand.


Ah… I arrived to Art Box Thailand neat Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. Looked like there were many people entered to here. Look at this! There were many Chinese people loved to this place. They took photos with Art Box Container for greeting this place. Look like this was really fun and precious to remember.


After that, tree from recycled wood appeared. This place was for sticking post-its with many feeling about Art Box Thailand. That was really awesome and looks like they loved about Art Box Thailand. They weren’t more creative to write feeling about Art Box. 60% wrote “Love this place”. But don’t worry. This tree was for some people who wanted to go home.

Tree of memorial. One of signature of Art Box Thailand.

Are you single? If you single and you want to seek someone who will be in a relationship with you, you think wrong. Although Art Box invites many people who were single, but looks like 70% people who came to this place weren’t single. They came with their lovers. That was lying. I couldn’t endure about this. Why did you lie me? Art Box Thailand?

But don’t worry mates. Someone were single, but looked like they weren’t interested. They weren’t gorgeous hahaha. Someone didn’t have big boobs 😛 But for single people, looked like they were very friendly. They were talkative and let me to the some side of my mind. This place was really wonderful as same as entering to nightclubs.

Hey mates!!! They were single!

One of the highlight of Art Box Thailand was “Concert”. Yes, that was concert you could stand or sit to listen live musics from many artists who came to play with Art Box. Many music bands were entertained. Their talking let me to go to another world again. If you were lost in realistic world, Art Box can heal you to fade from bad and bold realistic worlds that will control you life to be paralyzed.


Although this place was very good to seek some people, but look at this foods. What the fuck? Why did you sell your food very fucking expensive as same as Palio? No way baby! You were cheating me for letting my money went away from me.

I sought some food shop that sold very affordable. But… my destiny brought me to the high social place. Nothing was affordable, so I still sought worth meals in this night.

Finally, looks like this was really delicious and I ever ate this cheese ball since I was learned at universities. Ah…. That was my miracle. Thank you for my opportunity to meet this food again.

But how much?

“How much is it?” I asked to beautiful merchant. Looks like she was easy to smile to me.

“69 Baht.” She answered to me.

Bingo!!! That price was really suitable because my body have been suitable for diary products due to my blood type is B. (When I ate KFC, I felt very bad. My body was sick.) Although that price wasn’t suitable, but worth to buy.

“OK.” I said to gorgeous merchant. Then she picked 5 balls of cheese to little foam dish and she squeezed mayonnaise and pizza sauce to the top of cheese balls. Oh! That was really delicious although I never ate it.


When I ate them, I felt

Holy shit! Where am I ever? This is the dessert from the heaven!

OMG! That was really fucking delicious forever! I loved this cheese ball! Oh!!! My!!!! Gosh!!!!


After that I ate this slowly because I wanted to addict cheese’s taste. Oh!!! looks like tonguegasm! What the!!! Long time I still sought this dessert. Finally I found this.

But one disadvantage about this cheese balls were “expensive”. But not expensive much so I forgave about this.

I gave the score about this 9/10 (cut 1 point due to expensive).

Next is “Bloody drink”


Blood donor bag replica was appeared in this place! Wow!! Looked like being interested, so I tried to purchase this.

“How much is that?” I asked another gorgeous merchant who sold bloody drink.

Oh! At this place, there are many gorgeous merchant! Or your beauty can raise your price?

“79 Baht.” She said.

What the fuck about this? Expensive again?

But don’t worry because alcoholic was more expensive than this. So I bought and sucked this. First impression about bloody drink was…

What the fuck? How did I drink this?

I couldn’t suck this. That vermilion water wasn’t brought to my mouth. Oh! How could I do? So I looked to liquid controller. Um… I raised to upper. Then I sucked again.

Yes!!! I could drink this water!!!

And how about tasting?

Feel refresh and this was really sweet!

Not interested as same as cheese because I ever be interested about cheese balls. So when I tasted bloody drinks… I felt usual. Nothing make me surprised.

If I gave score about this, I gave 8/10 due to expensive and very hard to drink, but you can collect this blood donor bag for using another drinks.

So go to another side of Art Box Thailand.


Yes, they came with group. So another pics I won’t comment it. Let’s look together.


See at broken brick.


Wow sweet moment!


Many people went to here.


That couple!!!
Mister Loo?
Looks like they are…
Chilling place
Not only bringing couple, you can bring your family to go too.
Chinese people came to this place too.
Sometimes… The best method to stay close your secret admiring is “being only their friend”
First second I know about love is same second that I know “must be heartbroken”




Although this place had a lot of expensive foods or clothes, but one thing you may love this place was “miracle feeling.” As same as nightclub that you may see new love to be in a relationship. You can listen cute and catchy live musics at here too. Nothing can stop your imagination and chill feeling at this place. This place is yours.

Finally, I’ve gotten news about Art Box Thailand will move to The Em District. Bingo!!! That place is near my workplace that will start at December.  I will go to this again if I am ready.




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