Slow life in nightlife (Part 1)

This article is second article I wrote about slow life. Because slow life is really good so I support about correct slow life lifestyle to everyone who interest about this. Looks like slow life is very wonderful life that many people want about this. Actually slow life unlimited time can happen with Net Idol, celebrities from social network who have very beautiful or very handsome and they get more money for advertising products. Yes, it’s true about when you’re very famous, some companies hire Net Idol to advertise. Someday they travel in another countries and they drinks expensive coffee from Starbucks. But another people do as Net Idol, such as drinking Starbucks Coffee and share their selfie to their social network to get more social proof as same as Net Idol. They do that because they think it’s cool and very great, actually this isn’t cool. You want cool lifestyle with hipster’s slow life? Read this article and you may understand the truth of slow life that you feel good and another people congratulate you as role model.

The start point of my slow life.


Every Friday looks like the day of hanging out or meeting your friend at nightclub for relaxing from hard working. That sound from live music, loud talking and a lot of LOL make me addict nightlife at Friday. I really love Jazz music when I come to my home and open it. Luckily about my headphone is wood and wood give more nice sound than metal or plastic. Many instruments are made from wood so this can guarantee about sound from wood is better and look more premium. Finding wood headphones is very hard.

That is nonsense about this topic. Finally I say about “The start point of my slow life”.

My first point is “specify time for slow life”.

Every Friday I specify time of slow life with 4 hours. Time of slow life start when I get off my workplace at 18:00 hrs. That time is the time of transporting. I don’t wonder about there are many people who transport with BTS. Everyday at BTS trains are crowded and sometimes BTS trains stopped without prior notice due to avoid crashing next train. Ah… So my slow life time I don’t want to use BTS much.

First time I go to Central World for resting first. At Central World, there are many people who are interesting some events that have celebrities very much. And I may not interfere this event due to I don’t like it. Nothing interested and that celebrities I don’t know about her. So I bypass them.


Finally I ever heard about beer garden that was illegal in Thailand, but Thai government told about “beer garden still legal, but over advertising is illegal.” Now beer gardens is more wonderful place and I want to confess about I never go to beer garden, but I love to listen and dance with EDM music in nightclubs, so this isn’t affect to me.

Promotional Model [1] from Chang beer garden
But… Looks like there are more promotional models in this place. They welcome everyone very warmth. Their smile let another people who walk pass the entrance of Chang beer garden will be attracted and want to take some photos and selfie with promotional models. Looks like Thai promotional model can take selfie easier.

After that I walked to Siam Paragon for saying Hi to my friends who are sales marketing. They said “Hi” and little greeting. I work in condominium sole agent company and there are many beautiful ladies at here. But… I walk to another booth that came from another sole agent company. Looks like she want to talk with me.

Booth babe that was talkative.

“Hi. Are you come from “my company name” ?” When I walked to her, she asked about this immediately. She is booth babe who was really beautiful and nice to talk together. She is really Thai tribal who is tanned skin and gorgeous face.

“Why do you know?” First time she ask about my company name I felt suspected because no one talk about this and this information should be covered.

“I ever was hired with you company to be booth babe. Sometimes I missed many people in your company. Are you want to take photos, let’s take photos.”

Finally she posed to let me taking photos with very cool. I knew about how to take photos to get very long leg. Finally this picture appeared.

“Let’s take selfie together.” I said to her. After that I and her take selfie together. Sometimes I wanted to flirt her.

“Looks like you’re very gorgeous.” I said and complemented to her. She smiled to me and said with her good feeling. “Thank you very much.”

“What’s your name?” I asked her name.

“Fon.” She answered her name to me.

“And what is your blood type?”

“B” She answered her blood type to me. When she answered her blood type B, I jumped with my excited mood spontaneously.

“Why do you feel excited?” Fon asked me curiously.

“Because your blood type is as same as me.” I described reason to her. “Many booth babe I’ve ever found are blood type B and looks like you have attraction very high.”

“Are you a fortune teller?” She asked me.

“Maybe. Because my friend who is Japanese ever told me about if you want to know about basic habit, let me know blood type.”

“And what habit is?”

“Cheerful, ambitious, goal oriented, rebel, very high self esteem.” I described about personality from blood type B that I, Kimi, Pomelo, Pupae, Jane, Win and Fon are.

“That’s right.” Fon said.

“Do you ever watch Hormones?” I asked about Hormones The Series that now have season 3. Looks like she may know about this. Finally she said “Yes. Why?”

“You look like Jane and ZomZom.” I describes about Fon’s personalities. “Jane is character that looks like Japanese people, but her habits is very cheeky and very direct. ZomZom is more cheeky than Jane but she is same as male.”

Jane from Hormones the series. She has blood type B.
ZomZom, cheeky character who has blood type as same as Jane.

“Hahaha. Am I bad characters?

“Not at all.” I said. “Your eyes can tell everything about you and your eyes are very beautiful, so that mean you’re very sincere.”

“Sweet mouth!” She said.

But looks like I had to leave now in this time.

“I will go to meet my friends. See you next time Fon.”

“Don’t forget to hire me in next time too.” Fon said to me. “Good bye.”

After that I walk out from Siam Paragon. Unlucky about on Friday there wasn’t any events at Parc Paragon. But there were many people took photos or selfie together with their love. Everyday at nighttime there were many shops at Siam Square. Looks like there are many expensive clothes you buy. Oh no!!! Why were they expensive? Not only lot of portable shops, customers interested about this and they stopped to choose something from that shop that blocked my walk way. So walking was very hard.

Banana Banana

Next target to go in this night was “Banana Banana” the little banana desserts cafe that was at Lido cinema, 2nd floor. I was a loyal customer since I learned at university in year 1. At that time, my ex-girlfriend ever invited me to date at Banana Banana cafe. She looked like interested a lot. After that I went to Banana Banana with my girlfriend and she recommended some good menu to me. Looked like the best menu is “Mummy Banana” After my girlfriend order this, I ate it immediately. That was crispy and sweet from banana. And strawberry jam dipping support this menu to be the perfect menu ever.

6 years later, I returned to Banana Banana again. Banana Banana wasn’t changed. There were a few seats as same as 6 years ago. And menus I ever looked still used same menu too. Finally I ordered “Mummy Banana.”

“Hey you.” I told to chef. “I want Mummy Banana with strawberry topping.”

After that he made this menu. Wait for 4 minutes to get it. Between time of waiting, looked like some interested girl was ordering some menu. After she ordered, I said Hi to her.


“Hey!” She said. “What are you have something?”

“Looks like you are a loyal customer in this place.” I said to her.

“Why do you know?”

“I ever saw you for a month.” I described about this to her. Actually I guessed about this but looks like this was correct.

“So you’re a loyal customer as me?”

“Really yes!” I answered. “Looks like we meet loyalty customer together.”


After that I talked with her for 3 minutes until I requested her phone number.

“What is your phone number?”

“Ah…. I can’t give this to you.”


“I already married.”

Oh no!!!!!

After that I got Mummy Banana to eat. Looked like I ate alone again.

Mummy banana

To be continued…

[1] Promotional model is official word of “booth babe” that used with every ceremony. Using beer garden babe isn’t suitable much.


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