big updated!

Thank you followers and everyone who read many article in my blog. My blog should be grown up every time. Everyday I watched new theme that be perfect from my sites. Finally, I got it with The Dyad Theme.

In future, this blog isn’t Hormones blog. Many people watched my blog via tweets and posts someone shared and press that links. Looks like sticking posts with Hormones Character aren’t worth to stick forever because rarely people enter to my home site, they enter to my article via reader or social network.

For Hormones Fan, I still update ever episodes by posting new post and link to each characters’ stories and I created new category “Hormones Characters” at top navigation bar. But for very response, you should follow me at Twitter via @campzzz.

– We grow up together –

Computer, Laptops

First page
For screen that lower than 1920×1080, they are shown with 2 column.
Article page. Feature photos show at left, but real contents show at right side.

iPad and Tablets

Contents are shown with 1 column. Feature photo and contents ordered horizontally.
Content page as same as another template. Feature photos stay on top.

Smartphones, Phablets





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