Why my blog is used English language?

Know about my experiences of writing blogs.

I ever wrote my blog about simple diaries with Thai language. First blog I wrote is bravo-led.exteen.com . That blog I wrote at Exteen, Thai blog service since 2007. That age blogger was far away to let another people know about blog. That time was first age of internet that let another people save their moments in cyber world. Looked like this was really cool, but typing skill must very great to make successful blog. Finally I stopped to write since 2008 because I learned at university very hard. So my first writing blog was at high school.

After that, university life was bored. Learned, learned and learned everyday. So I thought to do something, writing blog again. Near to graduate, I started to write diary about PUA blog named underexperience. PUA was short term of “Pick Up Artist”. Pick Up Artist is someone who flirt women with art methods. Looks like this was really great, yes, that was very great. That time I tried to be PUA because I was heartbroken. I flirted every interest girls and this was really cool to do to everyone. Then I wrote report about flirting after I flirted. Many flirting were failed. But more times were successful. Failure and success were paired together.

Until underexperience was very popular.  I decided to open new website named “underexperience.com” with Thai language. That was very popular too. But trouble of writing underexperience was a lot. In this blog I wrote about flirting booth babes that was very easy. But someone abused me by sending rumors about I was booth babe scammer. Everything I wrote were terminated and closed underexperience.com for ending that bad experiences.

Finally. I created new blog with English named “campzzz.com”. Campzzz is my blog that be written with a lot of interest stories that happened in my life. But for people who seek knowledge very much. This blog isn’t suitable for you much. I want to use absurd and nonsense moments to be fun.

Why my blog is used English language?

If I write Thai at my blog, only Thai people can read. Thai language is very hard to learn about it. English is easier and my blog support English font very well.

Actually when I write about Thai language, effect to be drama was very high if I wrote something that abuse to some group. Thai people’s habit I am really fear is “Witch hunter” that means someone tell about me with negative side, then someone shares about this together until they are know about I’m bad people. If you ever read my diaries and I ever told about I’m booth babe scammer, this is origin of everything. I’m accused.

Since I wrote underexperience with English, this never happened. But why I wrote underexperience with Thai language, I am accused?

This is necessary reason about why I use English language to write my blog. I want to focus to international people and don’t let Thai people read my blog easily for protecting drama moments.

Effect from using English.

I can translate short stories from Hormones The Series. First time I created short stories from Hormones The Series is “Jane”, then I shared about “blood type” with Dao & Koi‘s thumbnail. Surprisingly about there are 10 people retweet about this due to seeing “Dao & Koi” thumbnail that be shown at tweet. Then I created “Top 10 WTF moments” that use Dao & Koi thumbnail. Oh no!!! There are many people retweet about this because Number 1 is “Dao is heartbroken” (but in this time “Dao is heartdroken” is fallen to number 2 or 3.

Until I did surprise things. I wrote about Dao & Koi (Full story) to let another people know about this. Finally they read it a lot until now this article have more than 3,000 views. Although Dao & Koi’s story is English, but Thai people also interest about Dao & Koi for many pictures that read easier. Then some webboard there was someone shared it to read together.  Thank you for sharing.

The most view in my blog ever.

For my diaries.

I still write my diaries with absurd, funny, nonsense moments as same as underexperience, but not abuse another people forever. I will focus to nightlife and review more meals in my blog.

*underexperience is alias name.


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