Pier 21, the paradise of lunch at Asoke!

One of the most disturbing things for people who work at Asoke is “Very expensive meal” WTF? One meal is THB 50 and little size as same as THB 30 at my village. They give reason about “this is Farang’s price.” Farang is word in Thailand to call Caucasians people. Many office workers at Asoke are victim about very expensive meal price. Not only ordinal lunch, lunch boxes with healthy is very expensive. That price is THB 60 / box. I don’t know about how much is it delicious. In future I will review about this.

Terminal 21, they have paradise of food at here.

Don’t worry about expensive lunch because I found someplace that sell affordable price at Asoke, but how to go to this place is hard because there are many people still think as same as me. Looks like their heart are thinking same as me too. If you love to meet people, let’s go to Terminal 21 to seek new friend at this place.

There are many customers in here.

The paradise of lunch in Terminal 21 is at 5th floor of Terminal 21. It called “Pier 21”. Pier 21 isn’t stayed at Canada only, it looks like being stayed at 5th floor of Terminal 21 too. Every noon there are people walk and reserve with putting their items such as bags, wallets, staff card, keycards. etc. They are confident about no one steal it hahaha. But for me, looks like reserving this first isn’t necessary as same as ordering lunch first.

Why I say about this place is the paradise?

Paradise is the heaven too. But looks like paradise have more gorgeous word than heaven. Pier 21 is food court that has been stayed at 5th floor of Terminal 21. Some side of Pier 21 can look to the road. Yes, you can look another people’s life who walking, driving and do something as same as someone from the paradise such as angels. One stunted things in Pier 21 is “Affordable price”

Kaomunkai and Kaomokkai is THB 30 and THB 33. For another restaurant, that lunch will be more than THB 45+ due to this is Asok place. WTF!!?

And the most stunted lunch I want to recommend you if you come to Pier 21 and want to eat something is “rice with duck meat.” The most awesome lunch in Pier 21 is appeared. Although this menu is THB 35 but do you know another restaurant this menu is THB 45+!!! Because duck meat is really expensive! OK, let’s try to eat them.

First day I eat rice with duck meat. Tasting was very awesome because dipping sauce that you can refill with unlimited times. But one con about this is rice. Rice from this menu looks like isn’t beautiful and hard to eat because that rice is also sticky. But for delicious food, I give 10/10 to this. Only THB 35 and have lunch with duck!

Second lunch in next day I’ve ever tried is “Ivory noodle with duck meat.” Concept of this is same as “rice with duck meat” but change from rice to ivory noodle. Wow!!! Looks like better than rice with duck meat, but this is worse than rice with duck meat because this is THB 40 and delicious is lower than rice with duck meat. I think rice is the best for eating with duck meat. Another one is really suck and don’t try about them. So this meal I give 8/10. Near perfect, but looks like rice is affordable and get better delicious feeling.


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