Savior from canned fish experience

If you’re urban people, looks like public transportation is the best way to go to another place in capital city. Such as Tokyo, Beijing, London, Paris, etc. Now at Bangkok there are near capital city from first world countries.

Looks like using owned car isn’t necessary forever. At Bangkok there are many cars that drive in small lane of road. Sukhumvit road in Bangkok is one of the most traffic jam problem in Bangkok although that place have BTS train to give more convenience. Everything in Bangkok is very expensive. You may say this is cheap, but many people who work with salary get very low salary. That is very contrast.

Luckily about at BTS train there are many people who are mixed with student, office worker, salaryman, blogger. But one of disgusting feeling is “Can’t talk together.” because talking in public transportation is making someone is annoyed. That happen in Japan. Do you know there are many people who stay at train a lot and there aren’t people talk together. They use chat application to send together. I don’t know why they do this? Are they care someone very much?

Train Commute Home
Japanese salaryman in the train.

But in Thailand, talking in BTS and MRT is usual, but don’t talk loudly as Chinese people. For smart device users, there are a lot. For kids, play with big iPad. For teenagers, use iPhone 5,5S, 6 and 6S to chat with friends. For adults, use phablet to talk together. Looks like this is unusual. If you go to South Korea or Japan, you may think this is really freak.

tokyo subway
Oh no!!! They are a lot!

Finally, I watch someone who is crowded still smiling. Look at this!!! they aren’t effected about canned fish experiences.


Looks like Canned fish experience can be occurred every place and you aren’t bored if you have smart devices with data connection!


Watch another side! Crowded people in the train against you to close together. If you are looking new friend from crowded train, that place is suitable, but there are some people don’t accept to meet. Sometime you talk to them and they are arrogant. They still use their smartphone and think about you are abused.

But this situation is very hard to occur. Because they have low skill for meeting new people.


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