Thailand = Land of beautiful ladies

“Why Thai ladies are really gorgeous?”

“Why Thai ladies’ shape is very beautiful?”

“Do Thai ladies have lunch with little meal to be fulfilled?”

“But… Isn’t she a ladies?”

I’m blogger who love to read another lifestyle blog because I’m lifestyle blog too, but I’m more cheeky and very funny to write them. Cookiecoffee is my the most interested blog I am following due to blogger in this blog updates new article very fast, but exchage with a few paragraphs per article. Reading Cookiecoffee blog is good to know new side of life. But he writes only Thai language.

My latest interested article from Cookiecoffee’s blog is “4 facts about my Japanese ex-girlfriend ever told about Thai ladies.” When I read this article, I agree about Thai ladies are really beautiful and very gorgeous. I ever talked with Japanese people who went to Diana Bangkok and Japanese people are really short. Their height aren’t much. But they are really nice.

Magic from Thai booth babes and Thai race queens


Looks at booth babes and race queens in Motor Expo or Motor Show. There are many booth babes and race queens are very gorgeous. Background from beauty actually are came from doing surgery, such as make their face to more beautiful. 70% of booth babes extend breasts size due to some events organizers require booth babe with big size. Booth babe income is very high and worth to extend breasts size. So… many people talk about Motor Show and Motor Expo in Thailand are worth to go to Thailand and look them.

Caucasian booth babes. That is sexy.

Then look at Caucasian booth babes. I think about there are many people love another people who came from another countries. Thai people that have tanned skin want to be white, Caucasian people that have white skin want to be tanned. That is reverse! So I search about Caucasian booth babe and I think that are awesome as Thai booth babe. Actually Caucasian race is really sexy because Caucasian ladies is really perfect shape that have few of fat. In real life, when you hug people you love, few of fat people is more attractive more than thin people because their few of fat people’s skin is really soft and smooth. But don’t fat more. That looks like monster.

Chinese ladies have the most beautiful legs in the world. Thai people can get this too.

Talk about Asian race. Luckily about Asian race is created with thin shape and born from vegetable land. Chinese people and many Asian people (except Japanese) have very beautiful legs. Beautiful legs make to be sexy very easily but exchange with disadvantage about boobs size. Asian people have small boob size than Caucasian people because Asian people love to eat vegetables and want to be thin. But it is also contrast about they want thin body but have to extend boob size to bigger. Many booth babes are extended boobs size for their jobs.

For ordinal ladies.

Office lady can se every places.

Actually boobs size doesn’t matter for usual life. I work at Asok and there are many office ladies who work at this place. They are really nice and gorgeous. One facts about true gorgeous ladies (that mean they are already gorgeous without makeup) are “They are really nice and very friendly.” But phone number close to them may have low opportunity as same as another ladies. For booth babes, that is harder than ordinal gorgeous ladies. I tried to phone number close booth babes and I was denied 90% of all booth babes. That was very hard.

Back to ordinal gorgeous ladies. I have fact about 40% of ordinal gorgeous ladies have been in a relationship. So 60% left… They are single. I ever talks with ordinal gorgeous ladies and looks like she is really nice.


Many Thai ladies compete about attractive stuffs together. So when you see why Thai ladies is very beautiful because they are competing about beauty. Many Thai ladies spend lot of cosmetics or doing suegery to be the perfect face. Reason is popular in every society.

And beauty can get new jobs!! Many agent will hire you to be modeling. When you are modeling, you get another job continuoisly and will be popular at future.

Finally many gorgeous ladies have bad attitude about being the first place at all. They want to be the winner. So attitude about wanting rich men attitude still exist in Thailand due to caring their society that want to praise and being gorgeous looking is a part of investment.

Do they think about that all?

No!!! Although female’s intuition wants the best male, but in real life, they want “real men” that not want “perfect men”. Perfect men or perfect women is the sucessful of forbidding real relationship. They want “real men or real women who take care and bring up together.

Thai ladies aren’t arrogant, but someone make them to be arrogant. If you talk with sincere heart, everyone will talk to you very nice.



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