Argh! I tread dog shit!! Press Ctrl+Z!

Damn it! It can’t undo!

I’m graphic designer who use Ctrl+Z often. When I do mistakes, I press Ctrl+Z to undo them. That is really simple.

But in real life, when I am gotten some moderate accidents, such as pouring orange juice to me. First time I say is

Hahaha. where is keyboard? I can’t press Ctrl+Z!

Or I toast some bread and that is over toasted.


Press Ctrl+Z!! Oh… It can’t UNDO!

You use iPhone 5S and that your lovely phone’s screen is broken


Press Ctrl+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z!! Damn it!

Some lovely friend blow vomit to you due to she is drunken with very high level.


Open smartphone and press Ctrl+Z. Damn it ! No Ctrl button.

Wow!!! Red hot wok!!!


Oh no!! at the kitchen no Ctrl and Z button to press!

I flirt her and she refuse to give phone number.

Press Ctrl+Z! Yes!! It happens, but… happen in dating game LOL.

If someone can make Ctrl+Z tool to undo everything, first customer will be mine.


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