Untitled Pizza shop at Interchange 21

Fruit pizza? Do you ever hear that?

Looks like everyone don’t think about this much because pizza should be paired with meat for topping with tomato ketchup. But in my life, this is first time to eat fruit pizza!

I was unlucky about at Terminal 21, department store at Asoke street that contains Pier 21, the very awesome food court is burnt from accidents from 4th floor in Terminal 21. Everyday when I am working, at lunch time I go to Terminal 21 everyday. After accident was happened, I turned my body back to nearest interested meal to have lunch.

Finally, looks like I found it. Untitiled pizza shop.

Easter Egg 1
Untitled pizza. Yes, this shop named “Pizza”.

That shop named “Pizza” yes. this is Pizza shop. There are many pizza you can choose. Before this time I ever eat it with Hawaiian topping. Now I tried to eat weird topping. “Fruit!”

Ester Egg 2Actually fruit can be eaten with fruit jam. That was really delicious. OK. Pizza with fruit topping was it delicious? Let’s try it out.

I carried this to my office at 25th floor. I opened it!! Wow.. This pizza was divided with 4 pieces.

Easter Egg 3let’s eat this..

First taste I touched is

What the fuck!!!? This is really weird!!

Tomatoes ketchup and raisin’s taste were mixed and got the weirdest taste ever. No mozzarella cheese! This isn’t the pizza. This is something that be mixed together and get bad feeling from the hell.

Don’t try to eat this topping. I warned you.

Note : Another topping is very delicious. Seafood topping is the best!



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