Be freedom

Are you a critic?

Are you a reviewer?

Are you crazy?

Are you care?

Sometimes I asked about this very much. Asking or creating many questions sometimes are good, but sometimes can make me thinking a lot. Because this is logical asking that use left side of my brain. Actually when you are adult, imagination will be reduced to be empty. Imagination is came from right side of brain. I love it a lot since I was childl. I love to draw many pictures, but when I grew up to teenager, adult, imagination will be reduced. But I’m lucky about I’m not born from the family that focuses about society much. So my first habit is individual that is main habit from people with blood type B as me. But I’m lack of social skill than another friend. Sometimes I leave away from society. Sometime I enter the society. That’s really weird LOL.

So this article I want to tell about “Freedom”. Freedom is very powerful as same as love. Freedom is the most powerful releasing everything in this world. You can do it without someone control you. That’s really good.

In this time there are many of something that want to control you. Looks like those things I can’t look with my eyes, but can look with my heart. Such as…


Yes. Society is the most controllable things in this world. Now society is created as “social network.” You will be popular or you will be infamous, social network is judging you. Although you don’t use that social network, but there are many people judge from society. This is unfair, but this is true in this time.

When social network appeared, looks like society in each nation have only one society. In Thailand, Facebook is the most popular social network. Some news and some content creators started to publish in Facebook because power of sharing in Facebook is really powerful. I ever talked about my earlier blog about Pick Up Artist was terminated due to look like someone told me I was scamming. That effect was form sharing from Facebook.

I told about bad moment, so I tell about good moment in this blog too. Dao & Koi (Hormones Characters) is the most article’s view in my blog due to I shared this in my Twitter and there are many people retweet them. Social network is really powerful.

But looks like power from society or social network will control you without telling something. Many celebrities from social network that be called “Net Idol” are controlled from many people thay he or she doesn’t know who they are. I really wanted to be Net Idol, but finally I think this isn’t suitable for me.

Net Idol, celebrity who is popular from sharing in social network.





Who is society? Society isn’t my parents. The biggest issue about society is “You’re caring society very much until you are lost some personalties.” That is really creepy.

Your lover

Luckily about many lovers know about how to be in a relationship with trustworthiness. But many ladies in Thailand want to control her boyfriend or husbands because now women can find their jobs and can make profits without caring another guys. Although there are many beautiful girls in Thailand, but many beautiful girls don’t have their beautiful mind. Houseworking should be women’s job, but in Thailand houseworking is man’s job. After he gets off working, he must washing clothes, wash dishes, cooking, etc. For girlfriend and wife? She does makeup.

Girlfriend and wife will control you about your income, your wallet, your car, your house, your time and your society. For you who love to party every Friday, you will be controlled.

But not at all. There are some girls who love freedom as me. They love to travel and want to make love forever. If you get suitable lover, you may be freedom too.

But at all, rarely people know about truth of love.

Finally I want everyone to reduce your exert moments and focus about how to be freedom.


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