Ep.11 : The bridge to the next world

On Monday, the day of working. Long time ago I didn’t stay at office. Every Monday since I didn’t have a job I felt nothing to do in each day. I woke up lately and when I woke up, I wrote my new blog. Someday I walked out from my home to take photos for writing blog.

Sometimes I felt lonely and I felt bored about blogger life.

Although I have very high skill of communication, but I want some friends who know about me and I know about them.

Blogger is as same as nomad. They can go everyplace in the world, but they feel bored to stay at same place. I confess myself about I have nomad’s habits. I love to travel very much, but travelling uses a lot of money. Some people can get more money from travelling (as blogger). I can do but now that income isn’t appeared. So I comeback to salaryman for keeping more money.

Looks like I have new friends at workplace. This place maybe start new life of society.

“Hi Camp.” Cherry, secretary says hi to me. “When did you come?”

“At 8:45 AM.” I answered to her when she walked to her desk at office. In this day May dresses with very attractive feeling. For 2 days ago, she was low of attraction. I think in this day she maybe contact to another customers at someplace.

I think about… I will forget about that rumor about booth babe scammer It can’t make me failed in my life.

At Saturday after I ran out from Route 66 with Kimi.

“Are you OK?” I asked Kimi.

“Yes.” Kimi answered. “Looks like booth babe scammer rumor isn’t end easily. I just think about that fucking moment will be faded away.”

“Kimi.” I asked her.


“Why do you know about Annabelle was rumor creator? I don’t agree about this. Do you ever see her with suspect moments?”

“Do you want the truth?”

“Yes. Tell me Kimi.”

“You ever told about Annabelle was your ex-girlfriend?” Kimi asked about this again.

“Yes. Why?”

“Actually, Annabelle was graduated at last year.” Kimi said. “Because she was a celebrity and booth babe when she was learning in university. She used 6 years to finish bachelor of Art. Some subjects she dropped her subject often.”

“Don’t tell about you and Annabelle are…”

“Classmate.” Kimi said. “I and Annabelle learned at same place. For me, I’m exchanged student from Japan and I learned in the classroom that was same as Annabelle in some subjects.”

“And Annabelle ever tell about me to you?” I asked Kimi.

“Not direct telling. But someday I saw something that maybe harm your future.” Kimi told me.


“Do you remember the night when DJ Soda come to open musics in Safe House?”

“What about that?”

“That night Annabelle came too. But you didn’t see her. Actually I and Annabelle wasn’t close friend, but I know about Annabelle was popular only. That night she…”

“What was she doing? Kimi.”

“She talked with her booth babe friends about you.” Kimi said. “At Auto Salon, you might do something that unfair to booth babe. But I couldn’t believe it because I wasn’t at that moment. Someone took pictures about you and they spread together.”

“That mean not only Annabelle know about this.”

“Yes.” Kimi tried to describe everything why this happened to me. But for me, this wasn’t necessary forever.

“But… Kimi. Forgive them.” I said to Kimi to stop focusing about this. It’s over and don’t talk about it forever.


“I was wrong. Don’t seek the truth about it. It’s over. My new life in my new workplace is awesome and very good.” I said to Kimi.

Kimi stopped talking with a few second and she saw to me with something. “OK.”

“Actually when I talk with you, I feel better.” I complimented to Kimi.

“Huh? What do you say that?”

“I talk the truth. When I talk with you, I feel better.”

Kimi smiled to me and her face was red. Sometimes she was shy.

“Thank you…” Kimi smiled to me and push me away lightly.

Back to Terminal 21 at Food Court.

When at lunch time, there are many of people from office near Terminal 21 walk to have lunch at Food Court. Everyone must queue at gate detector for security checking from Terminal 21. But this isn’t waste more time. Then you enter to Terminal 21, there are 3 ways to enter to food court. At food court, it is at 5th floor of Terminal 21. The longest escalator is the best way to go because that escalator can shift you to 3rd floor.

The most attractive point of food court is “affordable meal price.”  Around Interchange 21, the place I work, there are many of expensive meal at here. For curry and rice, start at THB 40 (actually the price should be 30 THB.) And looks like that meal wasn’t delicious as same as their price. So food court at Terminal 21 is the best.

Every noon I go to food court lonely. For work teammate, they have lunch separately due to their working isn’t fix the time much. But that day I am surprised.

After I exchange my money to be coupon card, Looks like some girl I ever met comes to me. She is gorgeous girl. Her name is “May”.

“Hey Camp.” May says Hi to me. Her appearance is perfect. She dressed with sale marketing style that look more professional than booth babe suit. I am stunted…

“Hey… Are you OK?” May asks me.

“Looks like your appearance make me stunted.” I says to May. “You’re very beautiful.”

“Huh?” She asks me. “But I agree hahaha.”

“When you was booth babe, you’re ver sexy, but now you’re sale marketing. You’re also very lovely. What do you sell?”

“Hahaha. I’m seller of mobile phone.” May answers. “Sometimes I want to be master of ceremonies.”

“Master of Ceremony?” I asks her. “That looks like great. Why do you want about this?”

“Looks like I am good at talking.” May describes about her positive point.

“Really?” I asked her.

“Yes. What your opinion?” May asks me.

I looks her face and smiles to her. She was really gorgeous. I give 10 points to her.

“Hey… What are you watching?” May asks me.

“Gorgeous girl near me.” I answers to May.

“Hahaha. Do you flirt me?”

“Yes.” I answers directly. Looks like May smiles to me and she feels happy. “Thank you for giving my new job, May.”

After that I and May purchase meals to eat togeter. Before we are sitting, look like no seat to sit together. But luckily. I find it.

“How about you when you work at new place?” May asks me after we sit together.

“Very good.” I answers to her. “This food court is the best.”

“Hahaha. You love to eat.”

“May.” I am curious about May as booth babe. “I want to ask something about you.”

“What do you want to know me?”

“Why do you work as booth babe? And how many guys did they flirt you?”

May thinks with long time. Finally she says. “No one flirted me except you. How dare you flirt me?”

“I want to confess about… I feel your heart can recognize easily to me.”

“Hey… Don’t talk with this a lot. I feel shy.” May feels shy very much until her cheeks are red. “Actually I works as booth babe because I want to train yourself to be master of mecenary. Many people say I’m gorgeous. I never do any plastic surgery. Do you believe me?”

“I always believe you. Your boob size is good answer.”

Then May uses her hands to cover her boobs with shy mood. “Huh?”

“Hey… Don’t be fear. Sometimes my mouth is explicit.”

“I’m kidding you.” May says. “For rumor about booth babe scammer, is if faded completely?”

“No.” I answers to May. “Do you know at Saturday at night of Halloween, someone want to catch me about I’m booth babe scammer. That only someone and looks like Thai people believe and have very high awareness.”

“That’s really true. But don’t care about this much Camp.” May says. “I am your side.”

“Thank you.” I says to May. “For your trustworthiness.”

“I believe about if you’re innocent, you will wil everything.”

“I love you.” I says to May with my mind. I can’t control my talking. May hear about this and she is stunted.

“I love you too.” May says and she holds my hand.

Looks like that lunch time is the best lunch time ever. Sometimes my picking up skill should be used with correct girl, such as May. I really love her because she knows my feeling and I knows about her feeling too. But this is just started.


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