Ep.10 “Hello Halloween” Part 3 (End Part)

“Huh? Are you kidding me, Kimi?”

I can’t believe about Annabelle is the person who spread bad rumors to me. I can’t believe her. She doesn’t do with this.

“Impossible Kimi. Annabelle never do this forever.”

I still talked about this with my angry mood to Kimi. Kimi was lying?

“Hey!! That lady is someone created the rumor and let you get out from booth babe and photographer society.” Kimi still talked about this to me. I still thought this was impossible.

“Kimi.” I said to her. “I don’t know about you are lying me, but I will go to Annabelle to ask her directly. Wait here.”

After that I walked away from Kimi and walk to that place near restroom. But when I came to restroom again, I couldn’t see Annabelle. Unluckily about I didn’t request Annabelle’s phone number. I couldn’t contact her directly. So I sought nearest people at here. Yeah!!! That girl. She might know about Annabelle.

“Hi.” I said Hi to her after I walked to ask about Annabelle. With a few seconds, she turned her head to me.

“What’s up?” She asked me for something.

“I want to know about some girl who dressed with black suit. Tall body, gorgeous who ever stayed at this place. Can you know about her?”

“Um…. No. Sorry.”

“Do you know Annabelle?”

“Annabelle?” Looked like she might know about Annabelle. Then she was interested and said “I know. She is celebrity of this event.”

“What?” I asked her again. “Celebrity? Are you kidding me?”

“Don’t you know Annabelle?” That girl asked me back.

“Yes, I don’t know about her.” I said.

“Where are you come from? Do you know about Annabelle is very famous celebrity in nightlife.”

Huh? Annabelle is famous celebrity in nightlife society?

“Really?” I asked her again.

“Do you want to see her?” She asked me.

“Yes. I want.” I answered.

“She walked away from Route 66.” That girl described.

“Huh? Why!!!?” I asked her again.

“I don’t know. Do you have her phone numbers?”

“No.” I answered to her directly.

“You’re Annabelle’s friend and you don’t know her phone number?”

“I haven’t met her for long time. But thank you for your information.” I said to someone who know about Annabelle.

After that I came out from place near restroom to meet Kimi. In that day there were many people in here. Looked like chaos time. Everyone were turned to zombie. They haunted everywhere and tease me with frightening moments! Oh!!! Although they were creepy, but finally they still handsome and beautiful.

“How about that girl?” Kimi asked me after she walked to me when I went out from place near restroom.

“Someone said about Annabelle walked away from Route 66.” I described the story from that girl. “But don’t worry Kimi, I thought everything is turned to usual moment. Forget it.”

“I see.” Kimi said. “Go to place near DJ?”

“That sound was good.” I said about that. “Let’s dance together.”

Then I and Kimi walked to DJ zone to dance together. Every songs in this place used with EDM genre. We loved it. I and Kimi ran among zombies who wanted to eat me every time. After 21:00, we didn’t think about alcoholic drink. I forgot it. I loved to dance…


“That fucking booth babe scammer!!!”

Someone said this and pointed to me. I turned my head and said to Kimi. “Hey Kimi, we’re in trouble. Let’s escape!”

Now everyone say me and want to seize me. I brought Kimi to get out from Route 66. Although I paid ticket and I wanted to stay at Halloween night until this event finished, but my life and Kimi’s life was more important. Luckily exit was near us so escaping in this event was very easy.

“Kimi. Go here.” I said to Kimi and held her hand to escape together. Finally we paced out from Route 66 area. No one followed me. We felt tired for shocking moment. Looked like Kimi had low energy.

“Are you OK?” I asked Kimi.

“Yes.” Kimi answered. “Looks like booth babe scammer rumor isn’t end easily. I just think about that fucking moment will be faded away.”

“Kimi.” I asked her.


“Why do you know about Annabelle was rumor creator? I don’t agree about this. Do you ever see her with suspect moments?”

“Do you want the truth?”

“Yes. Tell me Kimi.”

To be continued…


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