Beer garden = Illegal!!?

Now one of the hottest stories in Thailand is “Beer garden = illegal”. Huh? What the f***? Beer garden is illegal?

Everyday I watch my Twitter for checking notification. I use Twitter more than Facebook in this time because I can let another accounts retweet my article easily with #hashtags I want. I have 2 smart devices, such as Wiko Ridge (Android) and Wisebook (Windows 10 Tablet). Every smart devices I have already installed Twitter apps (but Twitter apps in Windows 10 is the worst. Very slow updating notification, but better than horrible Facebook app in Windows 10.) When I published every posts about Dao & Koi, there are many users in Twitter still looks many posts with #hormonestheseries3 and #ก้อยดาว #ทีมก้อยดาว . OK, everyday this is my routine to check notifications.

But when I check many notification, some posts from Nation, news account in Twitter make me stop to read it.

When I read, I says “WTF” directly in my room.

So why I says about this? Because Nation tells about “Beer Garden = Illegal”

Are you kidding me? Beer garden = Illegal?

Know about Thai’s vision with alcoholic drinks.

In Thailand, Buddhism is religion that be believed by a lot of people in Thailand and everyone who was born in Thailand are believed with Buddhism too. So how about Buddhism and why Buddhism is mentioned about alcoholic drinks?

In Buddhism, there are 5 precept, such as

  1. Don’t kill any animals.
  2. Don’t steal anything.
  3. Don’t adultery.
  4. Don’t bullshit.
  5. Don’t drink alcoholic drinks.

Look at red sentence above. “Don’t drink alcoholic drinks.” Huh!!!? What the…

If you violate that above percept, you will be in the hell. In Buddhism, there are many level of hell so drinking alcoholic drinks a lot will be in the hell too.

But for reality world, there are a lot of accidents and crime in Thailand that be started with some person or people drink alcoholic drinks. So law of Thailand has been written about controlling sale of alcoholic drinks. Looks like everyone in Thailand still be the kids.

First is limiting sale time. What the hell? Drinking time started at 11:00-14:00 hrs, then 18:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs.

Second is every gas stations are restricted to sell alcoholic drinks.

Third is drinking alcoholic drinks in the car is illegal.

Fourth is drinking alcoholic drinks in school, universities, government places, park, Buddhism temple is prohibited.

Fifth is advertising about alcoholic drinks directly (show alcoholic drink products to see) is illegal. Not only for advertising, movies, anime, dramas hat be shown in Thai free TV are censored with blurred texture (not mosaic). Censorship in Thailand is mean “that thing is really asshole” Reason of that very high strict censorship is “avoiding illegal law”

Asshole censorship in IRON MAN, movie that be show in CH7 Free TV.
Not only movies, Hormones the series is victim about asshole censorship with beer, vodka, Bacardi, Shochu, Sake, Smirnoff and Absolut too. (but blur radius is lower than above picture.)

So what is real issue?

Thai law about alcoholic drinks is the start point of all about bullshit experiences and everything. That law are more restrict and less of reason to solve issue about crime. Actually censorship editors don’t want to let this happened. And this effect bring to some festival that happen every year at winter that called “Beer garden festival”.

Before winter in 2015, celebrities were arrested about advertising alcoholic drinks. Huh!!? Arrested because of posting beer? That is really nonsense!

Celebrities promoted beer.

But if you strict about law much. They are suitable to be arrested! Look at earlier paragraph and you say (nonsense) law of alcoholic drinks.

Fifth is advertising about alcoholic drinks directly (show alcoholic drink products to see) is illegal.

For beer garden, there are many famous music bands and celebrities perform music at beer garden. Before to perform at beer garden, they promote in their social networks that is one of the advertising too. Beer garden is activity about inviting everyone to drink together. Now everything about beer garden is based with profits of business, so this is “illegal” in Thailand too.


After this moment occurred, many people who have age more than 35 and think about alcoholic drinks is the water from the hell agree about this. But there are more people aren’t agree this moment.

Truth is…

Actually this was happened by Thai’s “drinking habit”. Thai people drinks a lot. Sometimes they challenges their friends to drink until that glass is empty. That challenges don’t accept that because this can harm your life severely. Someone is heartbroken and want to drink a lot until melancholy is faded away. That is wrong drinking.

Correct drinking is drink with little. Then you talk to your friends. Drink little, then talk. Do about this until your glass of beer (or liquor) is empty. Reason of drinking is downing your stress due to alcohol in drinks have little down effect. If you drink, you want to talk a lot and down your stress. When you down your stress, you feels down and want to talk a lot until your friends walk away LOL.

But in Thailand is unlucky about Thai government can’t do this campaign about correct drinking, but they create campaign about stopping drinking alcoholic drink. They uses prohibiting method without solve about first cause. After that tax about alcoholic drinks now be raised a lot until very freaky due to asshole reason “alcoholic drink is bad.”

I can’t talk about this loudly. There are many influence people much in Thailand.


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