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Thank you for everyone who watched my articles about Hormones the series. First time I wanted to write about their personality only, but there aren’t any site that have international version of Hormones The Series. There are a lot of site of this with Thai language that you ever know only pictures. So for stories updating, I will updated them every Sunday at evening (Indo China Time).

The most views from my Hormones article is “Dao & Koi (Hormones Characters)”. I don’t know why there are many of fan about Dao & Koi. Are they cute and beautiful? Until I watched Hormones Season 1 to Hormones Season 3 to look Dao & Koi’s story that was very fantastic about love story in Hormones the series. Because Dao & Koi’s love was LBGT loving that there are many people who want to know about LBGT that why they love together. But storyline about Dao & Koi has only “love” stories only. Except season 1 that Dao got pregnancy and she tried to fix her pregnancy. Then everything that Dao felt sad, she kept it herself to my heart until Koi knew about Dao’s feeling. After that Dao and Koi talked together and they decided to be a domestic partnership.

Dao & Koi, the best popular story in Hormones The Series.

Actually I wasn’t a big fans of Dao & Koi much. I confess about when I watched Hormones Season 1,2 and I found Dao & Koi’s scene, I didn’t interest as same as Win and Jane (In season 2 I interest about Toey more than Jane). Sometimes I skipped Dao & Koi’s scene because I wasn’t LBGT so I didn’t recognize about that feeling of love. You can blame me as you think, but finally I wrote Dao & Koi’s article for everyone who love them and I wrote all details about Dao & Koi so don’t be disappointed about Dao & Koi. Everything you should know about Dao & Koi have been revealed!

But when I wrote about Hormones characters, I still update their stories until Hormones Season 3 will be ended. (Except characters from first generation that be appeared in Hormones Season 1, such as Win, Kwan, Pai, Sprite, etc. That characters are finished in Hormones Season 2.). So for updates, please check my Twitter (@campzzzth) in every Sunday. Or if you don’t wait on that time, please read my blog and still refresh my blog hahaha.

For time I will update Hormones Character’s stories (Indo-China Time)

  • Dao & Koi : Every Sunday at 14:00 hrs.
  • Jane : Every Sunday at 15:00 hrs.
  • Oil : Every Sunday at 16:00 hrs.
  • Kanompang : Every Sunday at 18:00 hrs.
  • ZomZom : Every Sunday at 20:00 hrs.

Latest Updates

  • Hormones Characters’s article : Extended “Actor and Actress’s real name” under their profile pictures.
  • Home page : I stuck Hormones Characters at featured area. You can look at them easily.
  • My diaries : I will divide my new diaries to be each part because my diaries are very long and I don’t have enough time to write it.
  • I will not change my theme. Cubic theme is the best. Not suitable for low internet connection. Sorry about that.

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