Ep.10 “Hello Halloween” Part 2

“You!!! Annabelle” I said to that girl I ever meet. She was my ex-girlfriend since I was learned at high school. Her name is Annabelle. She was really gorgeous and tanned skin. Her eyes were very beautiful. Since she ever learned with me at high school, she was alrealy beautiful, but now she was more beautiful. I called her about “gorgeous”.

Annabelle (26), my ex-girlfriend.

I ever wrote about Annabelle’s personality was same as Jane from Hormones The Series. Everything Jane did, that were same as Annabelle too and Annabelle’s blood type was as same as Jane too. (blood type B) so when I looked Jane in Hormones The Series was as same as looking Annabelle since I and her learned together.

Jane (17) from Hormones The Series.

“How are you?” I asked Annabelle.

“I’m fine, and Camp?”

“Very well when I see you.” I said to Annabelle.

“Who come with you?”

“My Japanese friend.” I answered about Kimi went with me. “But she go to her friend group.”

“Japanese friend?” Annabelle asks. “Male or female?”


“I think your friend isn’t real friend now.”

“Do you mean I and she is in a relationship?” I said to Annabelle. “Don’t think a lot. We’re friend together.”

“Hahaha. But you’re so cool about you have Japanese friend.”

“Hahaha.” I laughed. After that Annabelle brought me to the silent place in Route 66. That place wasn’t have loud sould that made very big obstacle to talk. There weren’t more people at here.

“Why have you brought me to this place?” I asked Annabelle curiously.

“Easier to talk.” Annabelle said. “What are you working?”

“Me? I work as graphic designer.” I answered about my work. “As salaryman.”

“Salaryman?” Annabelle asked. “That sound good and stable about income.”

“And you?”

“I’m sale marketing.” Annabelle said.

“Looks like you should be booth babe hahaha.”

“Booth babe?” Annabelle asked. “Why? Am I beautiful?”

“Maybe.” I said. Then I touched Annabelle’s chin. “You always gorgeous. Aren’t you?”

“Hahahaha.” Annabelle said. “Your mouth is so sweet as same as when you stayed with me.”

“Long time ago.” I said. “I didn’t know why I and you were in a relationship together?”

But Annabelle interefered to answer.

“I know.” Annabelle said.


“Do you know about love?” Annabelle asked.

“Why do you ask about this?”

“I don’t know.” Annabelle described. “But I want to say something about you.”


Then Annabelle was silent for 10 seconds. And she said “I forget it.”

“No!!!” I said to Annabelle. “I still wait your story.”

“I’m kidding you. Actually I didn’t think to find you at here. I also feel weird.”

“Weird or happy?”

“Why do you know I’m happy?” Annabelle asked.

“Your eyes tell me.” I answered. “Looks like your flashback appeared in your mind extremely and you felt love me.”

“Crazy!” Annabelle said. “That love feeling was ended in long time ago.”

“Really?” I asked her. “Do you know you and me were same together, such as bood type, attitude, feeling and love. I think I will make you understand more about this.”

After that I couldn’t control my mind. My intution brought me to kiss Annabelle, but Annabelle accepted my kissing. I and Annabelle kissed together. But this was tender kissing for igniting flame of love in our heart.

“Because effect from alcohol?” Annabelle asked me. “You kissed me with your love.”

“Maybe.” I said. “Love can walk with my intuition, not sense. And maybe free.”

“Looks like you’re really Casanova.” Annabelle said. “Why didn’t you tell me since you are high school?”

“Why did I tell about this?” I asked her back. “That surprise moment I shouldn’t tell you everything. I will tell you with suitable time. That is better.”

After that I touched her shoulder and arm and I said “Looks like your arm is soft.”

“Hey!!! I am a woman!!” Annabelle said.

“But one thing that you still be cute girl.”


“Your boobs aren’t big much. You didn’t do suegery.”

“Yes. I really haven’t done any surgery.”

“That was good.” I said to Annabelle.

But when I talked sexually to Annabelle, someone said to me.


That sound looked like Kimi. I turned my head to that sound direction. Oh!! Kimi!! Why do you find me?

“What are you doing?” Kimi asked me.

“I talked with friend.” I said to Kimi.

“Friend or girlfriend?”

“ex-girlfriend.” I said to Kimi directly.

“Camp. This is your new girlfriend?” Annabelle asked me about Kimi is my new girlfried.

“No. She is my friend from Japan.” I said.

“Japanese people?” Annabelle feel curious.

“Yes. I’m Japanese and why?” Kimi asked Annabelle. “This is my boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend, don’t seize!!”

Oh!!! I was confused about this. After that Kimi brought me to another place in Route 66. Then she said with angry mood.

“Camp. Don’t meet that bitch again.” Kimi said to me.


“That bitch is a person who spread your bad rumor about you’re booth babe scammer!!”


Oh no!!! Finally someone who spread that rumor was revealed. Annabelle was real person who spread my bad rumor?

To be continued…


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