Ep.10 “Hello Halloween” Part 1

If you talk about Halloween, What do you say about this?

Many people think about “Pumpkin” first. I don’t know why many people think about pumpkin first. After pumpkin, they think about weird creatures, such as zombies, the ghost who was born from scientific method. Ghost spirit, the ghost who was born from mysterious method, werewolf, etc. Oh!! “Trick or Treat” is too. There are many “Trick or Treat” words a lot in Halloween day.


In Thailand, there are many nightclubs and pubs create events about “Halloween.” At RCA, In Songkran Day, Halloween Day and Countdown Day have super events in this place. At Routee 66 Club, there are many people in this place. Every years in Halloween Day have a lot of people visit in Route 66. I think about Songkran Day in Route 66 is the best forever. For Halloween? I don’t know.

Before Halloween Day. (October 30 2015)


Kimi called to me after I got off work at 18:00 hrs. That time was the time to go back home. Yes, that day is Friday!! Thanks God! It’s Friday!!! But I worked in Saturday too, so for me, I want to say “Thanks god!! It’s Saturday LOL”.

“Hey Camp.” Kimi called me with interested feeling. “I know someone who spread your bad rumor about you’re booth babe scammer! That is very interested.”

Actually I wanted to confess about I forgot about this due to this rumor was already faded away and I didn’t want to seek rumor sender who made me trouble to contact with booth babes. It was over. This time is normal situation. No one suspected me as booth babe scammer.

“Kimi.” I talked to her. “Actually I forget about this.”

“Huh?” Kimi asked me. “Do you forgive them?”

“Yes.” I answered. “Because I will resign booth babe and photographer society. Booth babes won’t be longer to see me.”

“Why?” Kimi asked me.

“Kimi. Do you feel about boring?”

“Boring?” Kimi asked me back. “Ever. Why?”

“I really bore to take booth babe photos. I didn’t get anything. Actually I want to hit on booth babes. Someone wants to take many booth babes photos because they want to hit on her, but for me, there are few booth babes that remember me and they are welcome me. Sometimes taking selfie with booth babes I feel bored too.”

“Looks like your attitude changed.” Kimi says.

“Kimi, I want to say about selfie with booth babes. First time I feel good to take photos with herm but 2-3 years later, I feel I’m less to respect. She wasn’t my girlfriend. Everyone can selfie with celebrities. Someone takes photos with booth babes and he uses that pictures to his lockscreen. Looks like that is mirror about me. I feel ashamed about my self-esteem is lower.”

“Hey! Don’t think a lot Camp.” Kimi says. “Do you know you are advantage more than another guys. It is bored because you take photos with booth babes a lot until you can do it every time. You may think about someone is beautiful and you can take selfies with another people.”

After that Kimi stopped to talk temporally. Then she started to talking again.



“Do you want to go to Route 66 with me?”

“Route 66.” I said. “What time do you go?”

“Saturday.” Kimi answered. “At 21:00 hrs.”

“Want to party with Halloween Day?”


“That is interesting.” I said. “Looks like rumor spreader will come to Route 66 too.”

“Yes.” Kimi answered. Or this was reason why I must go to Route 66?

“So… See you again in tomorrow. Good bye Kimi.”

“Good bye.”

Then I ended calling. After that I walked from Interchage 21 building to EmQuartier department store lonely. At EmQuartier department store, there were many people at here because that day was a day of slalry. There were many people walked with shopping. Someone hanged out too! For me, This time should hang out with my friend together.

After I walked lonely at EmQuartier, There were many of people who walked with their lover. Everyone looked like having girlfriend or boyfriend. Looked at me, no one walks with me. Um… No… There was someone can walk together with me. Kimi could do it!

But my mood is changed very fast and that time I wanted to be alone because I wanted to think lonely. EmQuartier was very beautiful place. I thought this place was beautiful more than Siam Paragon. In this time I didn’t go to Siam Paragon with long time because I didn’t have some business about Siam Paragon. Actually EmQuartier was near my workplace very much. First time of opening EmQuartier there were many of people who interested this place very much. I ever went to this place with start time. That was very beautiful. That time I thought this wasn’t worth to go. Siam Paragon was better, but now my workplace was near EmQuartier so I try to go this place.

When I walked to EmQuartier, I went to Thonglor in next time. Thonglor was a miracle place of nightlife. There were many of Japanese people in here. Yes, Japanese people I had ever found in Thonglor were very cute and nice to talk together due to they could talk with Thai language. Her talking with Thai language was really cute! I loved her.

The day of Halloween


Finally this day was October 31 2015 ! Every nightclub created event about Halloween day. There were many of gorgeous hired gun at here and welcomed me. Everyone came with ghost and thriller style. They wanted to tease me!! Oh no!! Get out my way damn zombies!

Before I went to Route 66, Kimi related me to stay at 7-11 for waiting her. In the time of waiting Kimi, some hired gun walked to me. She was really sexy and very gorgeous. Thai girls if they were tanned skin, that was very great. Not big or small eyes and good smile. They were very gorgeous. And I wanted to embrace her with my love ❤

“Hey guys.” She called me with lovely face. Oh! Why was she very gorgeous so I wanted to play with her.

“Looks like you invited me to lost my mind.” I teased her and smiled. Everything was occurred with my intuition. My experiences about PUA would be used again. Her eyes and her face could be my girlfriend in future.

“Hahahaha.” She laughed and she smiled. You know my big weak point. That was very severe if she revealed her charming again. “Hey can you buy that drinks? 3 bottles you get T-Shirt!!!”

After that she showed beautiful T-Shirt with Bacardi skin. Oh!! That was very cool. Finally I bought 3 bottles of Bacardi for getting cool T-Shirt. But when I saw that hired gun, I couldn’t let her went away. This was my turn. Wasn’t it?

“Hi” I called her. “Let’s take selfie together.”

I called her to take selfie together. She was really nice to smile.

Actually I wanted to request her phone number. Because she was really cute. And she was suitable to talk together. These were my reason. Although these were bad reason, but my heart wanted to talk with her. I couldn’t refuse my feeling now.

“Dream. What is your phone number?” I asked her about her phone number.

“Phone number?” She asked me back. “Sorry, I already have a boyfriend.”

“That is really lucky.”


“You’re really sincere to your boyfriend.” I talked about her sincere heart to her. “If I found some people that not sincere, I will feel unlucky when I date and I see real boyfriend.”

“Hahahaha.” She laughed. “But you dare to request my phone number.”

After that she walked away from me and she stayed at her booth to trade her Bacardi. That time I found Kimi who was waiting me. Kimi walked to 7-11 and said “Hey Camp. What’s are you doing?”

“I am waiting for you.” I answered. “Why do you come lately?”

“Lately?” Kimi asked me. “No!! We ever traveled nightlife started at 21:00. Wasn’t it?”

“I think so, but in this time there were many people waited to enter to Route 66 now.” I said to Kimi about people who wanted to enter Route 66.

“What? Isn’t 21:00?”

“Yes. This event will be startedat 20:30 hrs.”

“Luckily.” Kimi said. “I came to RCA at 20:20 hrs.”

“So let’s go to Route 66.” I said to Kimi.

After that I and Kimi walked away from 7-11. There were many of people who dressed with suit of death. That was very scary. But that weren’t creepy much as same as spiritual ghost from Thailand. Luckily in Route 66 in this year used Alien theme that wasn’t freaky much. Let’s go baby.

“Looks like I’m staying in this place with long time.” Kimi said to me.

“Yes. I think so.” I commented about this situation too.

But 3 seconds later, Route 66’s bouncer let people to come in Route 66. In this event have fee THB 400 that wasn’t expensive much to enter. I walked with Kimi until to the bouncer destination. He checked my bag and Kimi bag to detect unsuitable things. Finally my things and Kimi’s thing in their bag was secured. Bouncer let me and Kimi to enter at first area.

The first area was the area that you must pay ticket to enter this event. I and Kimi paid ticket together and we walked to second bouncer to check our ticket. He teared my ticket that was a signal about used ticket. So we entered to Route 66 proudly.

“Looks like there are many people in here although this time isn’t 21:30 hrs.” Kimi said to me about this event was very interested. This time was only 20:30, but there are many people to enter at here.

“Halloween is one of the biggest event in RCA.” I talked about festival in RCA. “There are 3 festival in RCA that create every year. First is Countdown. Second is Songkran Day and third is Halloween day.”

“But this place lose!” Kimi said.


“At Japan, there are many festival that are exhibited. A lot of exhibition are really great.” Kimi described about Japanese festival. “Do you know in Japan there is Thai Festival?”

“I know.” I said about Thai festival in Japan. “That was very great. Sometimes I want to go to Japan for looking more experiences.”

“But beware Japanese toilet.” She talked about Japanese toilet. “Using toilet in Japan is very hard.”

“How about hard?”

“You should use eletronic toilet.” Kimi described.

“Yeah… Huh?” I frightened about electric toilet. I haven’t ever heard about electric toilet as same as another people. After that looks like someone come to Kimi.

“Camp.” Kimi said to me and smile. “I will go to my friend now. Do you come with your friend?”

“No.” I answered. “I don’t have my friend.”

“Really? Didn’t you ever realte your friend?”

“I thought I come with you only.”

“Um… I will talk about someone who spread your bad rumor soon, I will leave to my friend now.”


After that Kimi walked to her friend. Looks like she was very happy about meeting friend again. In the time of waiting Kimi, someone touch my shoulder and called me.

“Hey Camp.” She said to me. I turned my head to that direction. Finally that girl was someone I ever loved. That was my ex-girlfriend “Annabelle.”

To be continued…


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