Teaser “The Influencer” Ep.10 and more information

What is “The Influencer”? The Influencer is my diary about travel in nightlife that sequel is continuous from “Road To Celebrity” PUA stories from earlier blog that I closed due to violate another people. I’m really sorry about that and I have start to new season about my diary.

Teaser stories…

I went to some nightclub at Thonglor with Kimi for meeting new people to seek evidence of rumors of booth babe scammer, then I found someone who ever knew. But… that nightclub is very big trap!

For Hormones Fan…

This story is different from Hormones The Series because in Hormones The Series are the stories based with student in grade 10-12, but The Influencer is my real stories (and more fiction in sometimes) that happened to me. Love, relationship, disappoitment and another thing will be in “The Influencer”! Sometimes stories in “The Influencer” is really linear due to this is my diary. But I will increase fictional stuff for more entertainment.

One more thing…

For daytime events, Motor Expo 2015 is the final event I will go because I am hired as graphic designer employee that don’t have much time to go any daytime events. I have only Sunday is weekend.

Booth babe at Motor Expo.

Reason of Motor Expo 2015 or any events that contain booth babes is last daytime event because I will meet someone who was a booth babe. Her name is “Pomelo”. This is final time to meet her and farewell from booth babe and photographer society. But picking booth babe I still have but don’t write directly due to this is my private moment. Actually I feel bored to take photos to booth babe. Now many booth babes hates me a lot with unknow reason. So I will be faded away from booth babe and photographer society.


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