Winter at Central World

Every years at Central World, there are some events that exhibits on December of every years. For November, there are many of beer garden that make you feel relax and enjoyable with your friends to chit chat together. Although first time of opening beer garden is illegal, but finally it isn't illegal so don't panic… Continue reading Winter at Central World


Top 5 best songs from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

The attraction from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu isn't from her appearances from  her performance only, but her songs, musics are really enjoyed to listen and never be bored. Every ages can know Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's song meaning. Although Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's songs is based in Japanese language, but if you can translate what she says, you… Continue reading Top 5 best songs from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Jelly (Hormones Character)

I love everyone. I love to be among many people. Looks like many girls interest me... I love to do many activities... Love to be famous... Love to be the best team... For me... I feel lucky to be the girl. (Jelly's vision only.) Phawadee Kumchokpaisarn (Gookgai) as “Jelly” Real name & Last name : Wasuwee… Continue reading Jelly (Hormones Character)

Slow life at Bangkok

At every Saturday, I think this is same as Thanks God It's Friday, but my working isn't off at Saturday so in Saturday, I still work. After I was tired from working with thinking a lot, looks like I want something make me refreshed... Drinking wonderful drinking such as liquor, Bacardi, Absolute from north pole...… Continue reading Slow life at Bangkok

Sun & Jane = best friend forever

For me, I really loved Hormones The Series very much. Although Hormones The Series's story was happened for teenagers, but every episodes from Hormones have meaning of life together. When I saw Win, I missed myself who was jerk and cheeky. When I watched Jane, I really remembered about my ex-girlfriend who ever met. She… Continue reading Sun & Jane = best friend forever

Why blog is greater than Facebook (or another social network)?

Finally I feel lucky very much about I love to write my blog more than playing Facebook. Facebook is one of the most influence social network in Thailand ever, but there are something that I feel upset about Facebook. Another social network such as Twitter, I really like about it. Twitter's timeline is realtime, not… Continue reading Why blog is greater than Facebook (or another social network)?

Review Pretzel Ball. Worth to eat?

Looks like at Auntie Anne's has new menu that you may shocked. Actually this menu I ever saw at Art Box Thailand. Is this better than cheese ball in Art Box Thailand? Can this be worth to eat? Let's check it out. Someday at Terminal 21 I felt interesting about some menu at Auntie Anne's… Continue reading Review Pretzel Ball. Worth to eat?