Blend 285 presents “DJ SODA” live in Bangkok! (Rewritten edition)


One of the greatest article I’ve ever wrote. This article make me popular in that time. And I ever go to that place, I felt very enjoyable. DJ Soda was really sexy and very cute to entertain everyone at nightclub. Everyone wanted to take photos with “DJ Soda!!!”

June 26 2015

That day was really fun and more unpredictable. That day was a first time I went to Safe House, nightclubs that have very high influences in Thonglor. I never entered to this place. But that day I would go. I ever heard about DJ Soda will come to this event. For 4 months ago, DJ Soda was really popular in Thailand due to there were many media presented many news about DJ Soda via Social Network a lot, such as “Twitter”, “Facebook”, etc. She was really cute. Everyone thought about this. Until DJ Soda appeared in Thailand at Safe House. There were many people interested about DJ Soda a lot. I was one of people who interested DJ Soda too so I went to Safe House.

But before I go, my close friend, “Don” wanted to go with me too due to he wanted to see “DJ Soda”. In Safe House, Don ever told me about…

“This nightclub you can’t go lonely. There are many influence customers at here. If you do something wrong, you may not survive.”

“Really?” I asked Don curiously.

“Um. I ever heard.” Don said. “But I don’t comfirm about this. Many nightclubs in Thailand are really safe. Nothing is dangerous. Trust me.”

“I always trust about nightclubs in Thailand.” I said to Don. “Don’t think a lot, Don. We are together.”

“Yeah.” Don said. “Thank you very much about your trust.”

“Hey, Don.” I said. “Let’s go to DJ Soda event.”

That conversation I talked to Don before DJ Soda came to Thailand. He was curious about DJ Soda a lot. He wanted to see DJ Soda. For me, I interested DJ Soda too, but not much as same as Don because I interested Thai girls more than Korean girls. Thai girl’s beauty is really gorgeous and perfect. This is my opinion. Don’t trust me all thing.

June 27 2015

“Hey you.” Don called to me via smartphone. “Are you ready?”

“I’m always ready.” I answered to Don. “And you?”

“I waited you at Safe House.” Don talked about he already stayed at Safe House.

“WTF? Why do you come early?” I asked to Don curiously. “That event will start at 21:00 PM.”

“I am excited.”

“No!!! Don’t be excited a lot.You let me away. I think you will go with me together.”

“Too late.” Don said. “Go go go go.”

“Yeah. I will go.” I said and ended calling. After that I dressed my clothes to be suitable in this event. Red and black shirt was always awesome. Then I went out from my home and I traveled with bus route 23.

Bus route 23 was always awesome everytime. This bus could bring me to the world of nightlife. The world of unlimited nightlife that really great and may be chaos in sometimes. Nothing to say about the world of nightlife. Do you know about before I got graphic design working at Interchange 21, Asok, when I traveled to the word of nightlife, it was really difficult because buses that have journey in nighttime found very hard. Goddammit! Why!!!?

Finally I had gotten bus for nighttime journey. It brought me to the Safe House easily. But before I went to Safe House, Don called to me.

“Hi Camp.” He said. “Where are you?”

“Ekkamai Road.” I answered. “Near Safe House.”

“Holy shit!” Don interjected. “Why did you come very fast?”

“I transported with bus route 23.” I answered. “That bus could bring me to the Thonglor nightlife zone.”

“Really? Why don’t I know about this. I thought about when I go to Thonglor, I always use Taxi every time.”

“I have bad experiences about Taxi.” I said to Don.

“What the fuck about bad experiences?” Don asked me back.

“Many.” I described about bad experiences of Taxi. I biased a lot of Taxi. “You never found bad experiences so don’t talk a lot.”

“I see. But don’t see any negative sides of Taxi now.” Don described me. “Let’s enter to this event, Camp.”

After that I and Don walked to Safe House. There were many people at here. For this event, male customer would pay THB 300 to enter this event due to this event is single lady party. Um…. So if I paid 300 and I didn’t get any girls, that was meant this event wasn’t worth.

I and Don walked to ticket counter to pay access to enter this event. This wasn’t use ticket to enter, but used wristband to enter. For male customer would get blue wristband, but female customer would get pink wristband. For female, this event was free to enter. After that I entered to Safe House. There are many people were already entered to this event.

“Look likes females get advantage to access this event.” Don talked with me. “Look at it, there are many gorgeous girls at here.”

“Hey Don.” I said to Don. “Sometimes that girls may not real girl.”

“What do you say?” Don asked me.

“Hahaha. Sometimes you may find ladyboys at here.” I described about fake girls. “Ladyboys can observe easily. Their shoulder is wider and straight more than male.”

“What the fuck do you think?” Don asked me back. “Why do you know much?”

“I ever look many girls.” I told my stories to Don. “OMG!! One weird things about ladyboys are… “her infatuation.”

“Infatuation?” Don said. “What is it?”

“LBGT people have very high infatuation to love. Such as gays or lesbians. More jealous than straight sex people. Someone who was heartbroken would hurt themselves, such as using knife cut their arms. Severe moments will…. suicide.”

“WTF? Why do you know?”

“Long time ago there were couple with girl ❤ girl.” I told weird story to Don. That story ever happened since I’m learning in high school with grade 10. In Thailand, girls who have male appearance called “Tom” and girls who have love-interested to Tom is “Diiz”. I will call “Tom” and “Diiz” for simply easier. “That diiz cheated Tom by having adultery. She was in a relationship with some handsome guy that her lovemate “Tom” didn’t know. When Tom know about that, she used gun to shoot that guys until he died. And Tom shot herself.”

“Oh no!!!” Don said. “There are many tom in this countries.”

“Don’t worry.” I said. “If you saw some Tom walks with Diiz, walk away from them.”


In Safe House, there were many of couple who interested this event. Someone who reserved a lot of table at in front of DJ zone. But for my experiences, don’t interest about table reservation, but focus to “front zone” first. Luckily there weren’t many reservation at here. So I and Don reserved to this place first. But I and Don might endured with 2 hours to stand at this place without moving. I and Don agreed so I could endure to stand.

“Are you kidding me?” Don asked me.

“No. I am not kidding, I can stand in this place with 2 hours.”

“What the fuck?” Don asked with potty mouth again.

“Keep calm and wait DJ Soda.” I said. “This is the best view.”

“OK.” Don said.

After that DJ Yukie was on stage. She is female DJ that was really indy. Her hair style was near the hispter. She had her Macbook to open songs. Her song she opened is Hip Hop style. That was really fun, but sorry I wasn’t Hip Hip fans.

DJ Yukie

I waited until DJ Soda appeared. Wow!!! When DJ Soda appeared, there were many people wanted to take photos a lot. Her song genre she opened was “Hip Hop” too. But 45 minutes later, DJ Faahsai and MC blackpearl joined together. That time I saw was really crazy. There were many sound that  was very loud. Very crazy!!!! And people who came from behind me smack me forcefully. OH shit! I’m hurt!!! WTF are you doing?”

DJ Soda appeared
There are many people took photos to DJ Soda.

That was very crazy moment I’ve ever seen in nightclub. That was really chaos.

Finally DJ Faahsai and MC Pam were on stage. I wanted to tell you about… That was better than DJ Soda!!!

Why was better? Because DJ Faahsai and MC Pam were better to entertain audiences. DJ Faahsai opened very great EDM songs I ever listened. Such as songs from CAPSULE. Sometimes DJ Soda had great appearances. But for me, I cheered DJ Faahsai. Her songs were better. Great moments!!!

DJ Faahsai

One reason was after DJ Soda was out from stage, there were many of people walked away from Safe House. In Safe House wasn’t crowd forever. Let’s dance!!!

DJ Faahsai and MC Pam.

“That’s very good. That’s my time to rage!” Don said to me.

Yes!! Don said right. Heart of nightclub is EDM songs and everyone wanted to dance together. That time DJ Soda was on stage was really awful to dance. Until some girls invited me to open liquor for reserving table.

“Hey you.” That girls invited me to open liquor.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“May you want to open liquor with me?”

“No problem.” I answered. “Hey Don, I think this night was really fun.”

“Yep.” Don said.

After that that girls brought me to silence zone.

“What’s your name?” That girl asked my name.

“Camp.” I answered. “And you?”

“Kimi” Kimi answered. Yes, she was Kimi. That time I didn’t know about her but she was really interested.

“Look like you came from Japan. Wasn’t you?”

“Yes.” She said “Why do you know?”

“Your eyes are really small and your talking was as same as Japanese style.” I answered. “I ever watched many Japanese anime so I know about your speech.”

“That was really good.” Kimi said. “Do you look at DJ Soda?”

“Yes.” I answered. “But you’re more cute than DJ Soda.”

“OH!!!!” Kimi said. “You hit on me?”

“No.” I answered. “Why do you think I hit on you?”

“Every guys in nightclub want to hit on every girls. I really know.”

“I don’t know hot to hit on.” I said. “I don’t have any flowers send to you.”

“Hahaha.” Kimi laughed. “Why do you think about flower? Sometimes flowers can’t make girl surprised.”

“So my skill of hitting on was really bad.” I said. “I can’t hit on someone.”

“Really? And what are you doing? That isn’t hitting on?”

“No.” I answered. “Maybe.”

“hahaha.” She laughed again.

“How long do you came to Thailand?” I asked her.

“For 6 months.” She answered. “Thailand is the land of food. I love Thai foods very much.”

“Really?” I asked her. “And why do you talk Thai language very well?”

“I practiced myself when I’m grade 10 to grade 12.” She answered.

“And do you think what languages is the hardest? Thai?’

“I think Thai is very hard. There are different sound to call some sounds.”

“Yes.” I said. “Japanese language is hard too.”

“What is it hard?”

“Kanji characters.” I answered. “I can’t read it.”

“Hahahaha. That was really hard.”

“Why Japanese must use Kanji?”

“Kanji characteres can make sentences shortter.” Kimi described. “That used from Chinese characters.”

“Um.” I said. “And… What is your blood type?”

“What are you asking?” Kimi asked back.

Finally Don sent message to me.

“Are you fucking with that girls?”

“Hey Kimi.” I said. “I may go to my friend now.”

“Yeah.” Kimi said. “Hey!!! What is your telephone number?”

“Why do you want my telephone number?”

“Someday I will meet you again.” Kimi said.

After that I gave that telephone number to Kimi. That time I ever wrote my earlier blog “siampua”. That blog was contained about story of my picking up girls, but there were many problem and more isue that I couldn’t be PUA forever. Sometimes I felt sad and lonely. Although I could say hi to everyone, but my some side I was really alone. I couldn’t cure my lonely feeling. That was my freak symptom. Until rumors about I’m booth babe scammer spread out all!!!!

2 months later… I want to live with normal style. But I found Kimi when I drank beer lonely at 7th street Thonglor.

She wanted me to be PUA again. I refused. But…. I would try to be PUA again.


I don’t love to be PUA forever. That is simple about you can be a PUA, but inside my heart, I am alone. I can talk to someone with fun moments or entertain a lot, but sometimes I endure lonely situation that is very hard. I observe my friends who are in a relationship. Some couples have been in a relationship for 3 years, 5 years. But I haven’t been in a relationship more than 1 year. This time showing lover isn’t great as same as when I was young.

My question is…

I can talk to you.

But can you understand my talking and my feeling?



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