The best couples in Hormones The Series revealed!!

I want to confess about since I have watched Hormones The Series since season 1 to season 3, There were many of relationship in this series due to there were many characters that had parallel sequel. I ever wrote “My favorite Character in Hormones The Series” so let’s look this. But in this article I want to talk about  the best couple in Hormones The Series Isn’t Dao & Koi? Why I think about Win & Jane is the best? I will reveal about this in this article.

Win & Jane

Relationship is nearest realistic love (Blood type B ❤ Blood type B)


One of the key to the success of love isn’t confessing I ❤ U & U ❤ I or giving any bouquet of roses to lover or dating with love moment. There are many guys misunderstand about real love in reality world. Sometimes they may get girl to be a relationship because of hitting on, but in 2 months later, they are separated because they can’t compatible. Oh!! No!! I don’t want this to be happened. When you are divorced or broken up, you must wait to seek real love with long time. But stop!!! Sometimes you may not seek someone to love, but see your nearest people that can love easier.


The love is created by making love together. One of the key to the successful love isn’t make your lover interested or impressed only. But “talking” is the genuine key to the real love.

Yes. Talking. Don’t think a lot.

But that talking isn’t talking for hitting on or use pick up lines. Talking with open mind together. If you talk a lot, you know their personalities. You are not stressed. You get new friend (or lover together).

So why Win and Jane can understand together easily?

You observe Win’s talking and you don’t see any Win‘s pick up line or pick up moments to Jane, but when Win pick up Kwan, his pick up failed every time due to his picking up is really standard and Kwan thinks Win didn’t love Kwan sincerely. But when Win did many asshole stories, he felt bad to escape many bad stories from Thailand and wanted to rest his mind in New York. Everything Win felt uneasy, there was someone who wanted to listen his asshole stories. That someone was Jane.


When Jane brought Win to buy chewing gums together at New York, that time Jane wants to know more stories from Win. Actually Jane knew about Win before Win came to New York and she know Win as “Win, the teacher rider”. That means Win did more asshole stories when he ever learned at Nadao Bangkok. If you don’t know how many Win did asshole stories, look at Win’s stories. 

But Jane started by opening question “What is the most asshole story you did at Thailand?”

Then Win wanted to talk about his asshole stories to Jane.

“What is the most fucking asshole you have done in Thailand, Win?” Jane asked Win.

Yes, there were many assholes Win ever did, but how many people can listen his stories? Kwan? or Mork, his best friend? No!!! Because that friend can’t listen that stories and Mork may not help Win to solve his bad feeling.

Win ever did asshole moment a lot.

Sometimes at that time Win didn’t have any friends because when he stayed at New York, he didn’t connect with Mork and Kwan and his friends such as Tar, Toey, Pai, etc. Only Pat and Jane could connect together, but looked like Pat wasn’t endure Win’s asshole stories. He might kidding and didn’t help Win.

Grease-3 35

For Jane, she has always wanted someone who know her mind and can talk understandingly. Luckily, she found Win who have many assholes stories. Although she brought Win to the darkside life by letting Win used crystal meth, but in her heart she didn’t want to control Win’s mind much. She wanted Win to clear his stressed mind out. Crystal meth Win and Jane used because this could refresh their stressed mind to start from zero. But I don’t want you to focus crystal meth. That drugs let Jane to end her future too due to she resigns drum major or bad moments in future (if she still use crystal meth). I want you to focus about Win and Jane’s talking. They shared experiences together and they have only sincere heart to walk with couple together.


In real life, In Thailand or another places in this world, there are many of men that haven’t understood about how to be in a relationship. They think about a lot of women love men with his high status, rich or something that make you to be a victory. And there are many of women who are gorgeous! You are already understood about this. In this time there are many gorgeous girls in this world because of many plastic surgery service from clinics. And in social mindset of men think about that gorgeous girls want men with high guts, more power, can take care her or some bullshit appearances of misunderstanding.


Actually in reality, rich, handsome, high status, high social, have supercars, handsome are only first impression. But when you get lovers, not only first impression to decide being in a relationship. You must talk. Talk and talk only!!!

Why do I recommend to talk? Not only talk, but real key to the successful or relationship is “conveying”. There are another conveying that not only “talking.” Writing, chatting or sending some surprised stuff are in the meaning of “conveying”. Talking and knowing together is the key to the successful of great relationship, not hitting on only.

So why Nutt is failed to hit on Jane?


Because Nut interests about hitting on Jane only. He confesses loving Jane that he doesn’t know about Jane much and Jane doesn’t know about Nutt too. Nutt never talking to Jane without hitting on. So… this is really failure.

Although Win and Jane have already been broken up and their love appeared only Hormones season 2 ep.6 and Hormones season 3 ep.5, but this is one of the legendary of love in Hormones the series ever.

Dao & Koi

Immortal love forever (Blood type A ❤ Blood type AB)


That has really surprised about my article about Dao & Koi’s story have had a lot of views. I am really surprised. But in the time I was writing Dao & Koi’s article. I thought this was the best sequel of loving in Hormones The Series ever and if this loving can appear in real life, that is the wonderful miracle. I know everyone want this immortal love to be happened in real live. Isn’t it?

When I was teenager, I wanted this immortal love, but now I want love that can happened as same as Win and Jane. Ah!!! Sorry my love was really as same as Win and Jane since I learned at high school that my girlfriend at high school was really cheeky as same as Jane. And I was cheeky too so I and her could go together.

Come back to Dao & Koi’s love. This is wonderful about this love isn’t happened with man ❤ woman love together, but this love is happened with girl ❤ girl. So you can call they are lesbian, gay or LBGT. That isn’t wrong and this love is the evidence about love can be occurred with same sex. We are next generation that respect about same sex loving. There aren’t only male ❤ female or female ❤ male.

The starting of being in a domestic partnership together


As same as Win and Jane, but way of relationship is really harder than Win and Jane. Their relationship started when Dao felt weird about going to department store that she ever dated with Din, her love interested in Hormones season 1, but Din fucked Dao and he separated Dao away without connecting. After that she wanted to solve her pregnancy lonely. (For full dialogue, look at Dao & Koi’s profile). But Dao’s stress stories she can’t receive forever. Luckily she had Koi, close friend who take care Dao together since she and Dao learned at Nadao Bangkok College and Dao trust Koi about her bad experiences. After that they love together and their love can’t be separated forever.


But Dao & Koi’s love wasn’t easy. Don’t forget about Dao & Koi are female together and loving with same sex is insulted in all society. Although their moments were really cute, but this were lower than male ❤ female. If Dao’s mother know about she is in a relationship with Koi, Dao’s mother may not allow and she never to be in a relationship with Koi forever. Dao hid her love secretly to Koi. No one know about this. Dao’s mother is the most obstacle of Dao & Koi’s loving.

How dare you reveal my relationship!!!!?

Finally looks like that obstacle will be faded because Dao’s mother read Dao’s new novel “เกี่ยวก้อย” (Hook little finger) that have stories about Prao love girls. When Dao’s mother read Dao’s novel, she doesn’t object Prao’s sex vision, but Dao’s mother support this novel by complementing Dao about “This novel is really fun”.

Dao’s mother open “เกี่ยวก้อย”.

When Dao knows about this, she go to Koi (for more dialogue, I recommend to read Dao & Koi.)

Come back to the reality. Not only talking together can be in a relationship. There are 2 key of the truth of relationship. First key I ever told you in Win ❤ Jane paragraph. Second key of the truth of relationship from Dao ❤ Koi is


Although you convey a lot to your lover, but if your lover talks to another opposite sex people, are you jealous?

Although your lover break up your relationship and go to be in a relationship with silly reason that they will be separated, do you trust about your lover will return to you?


Love never harm another people. Love is powerful feeling. Love can’t be occurred if you don’t have trustworthiness to your lover. If you have trustworthiness to your lover, you’re not jealous, envious and disrespectful about love.


In Dao & Koi’s story, when Koi separated from Dao to be in a relationship with Net, Koi still felt weird. Although Net is very good guy, but good guy and someone can be in a relationship may not be both together. Koi wants to change herself to love male people, but she can’t change herself. Meanwhile Dao trusts about she can love Koi again. She want something that big obstacle is faded away. Finally that obstacle about Dao’s mother objects her relationship will be faded. Dao waits this with long time ago until she confesses her love to Koi. Koi tries to accept, but that time Dao confesses, Koi is in a relationship with Net. Finally Koi wants to walk with her heart again. She decides to love Dao. Dao feels happy and Koi feels happy too. Nothing is worried. Nothing can stop Dao & Koi’s love. The love that be occurred with “TRUSTWORTHINESS”.




  1. I agree about your opinion. Love can be occurred with talking and trustworthiness. Thank you for your article you ever wrote.

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