In the national book festival

One shock believe about Thai people is Thai people read book average at 7 lines per year. That was really shock when I said about this again and there were many people objects about this with debating in, the most famous webboard in Thailand that was similar as Reddit. I believed about there were Thai people didn’t believe about this bullshit statistic. Who thought about this? Or this was a campaign to let Thai people read many books as same as another people in other countries?

Finally in this time what average lines do Thai people read no one don’t know, but one signal that I trust about Thai people read many books is in the national book festival.

National Book Festival Entrance.

There are many visitors in Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. More visitors than Thailand Mobile Expo or Commart. I sought about reason why many visitors in here. Finally I found them.

First is book page design. In this time there aren’t only plain texts, but now have more design I read and felt enjoyable, such as pastel colors and new placement of paragraph, illustrated pictures.

Second is quality of contents. Although there are more design, but books in this time weren’t same as thesis or dissertations. There were more playful, but less of words.

But more design, more expensive. That was usual. Books in Thailand now be sold average THB 150-250. And reasons of expensive are colors printing, more pictures, more design. But they were worth to be expensive. Some wrtier ever told in his book about “book is as same as sovenir or gift to another people” So this was a reason why books in this time had very beautiful design, colors printing or simple reading. I really agree about this reason. When my friend’s birthday will come, I ever buy worth books to my friends. When my friends open it, they feel good and smiled to me.

There are many useful books at book stores. Physology or developed myself books are a lot and that book genre always be the best seller. No!!! How to genre is the best seller. The most interested book genre I has ever seen is “How to be rich”, “How to get THB 1,000,000,000 before 30 years old.” I ever read about this and I thought I didn’t agree about things that author wrote. It was good but it didn’t suitable for me. I felt not happy exactly if I have more profit THB 100,000,000 / month but I didn’t have holidays to travel or rest. So I focused to another genre.

And there were some books I really interested. When I’m graphic designer, I am not only graphic designer, but I must be an admin of Faecbook pages and websites so company website are under controlled by me hahaha. This age is the age of online. Online marketing is necessary for companies. There are many online shopkeepers in Thailand that trade their goods and get more profits because of knowledge of online marketing. That is really interested. But that book price wasn’t afforadble, but not expensive much. There was THB 225 to purchase it.

I wanted to told you about why Thai people read book more than 3 years ago. Now there are free article that you can read it at Facebook, blogs you interest. Those are free contents you can read it without purchasing anything. I don’t know about this is only in Thailand about Facebook pages now to be one of business. When Facebook pages grow up until more than 100,000 likes, they will publish new books so in this time if books publish, you don’t promote very much.

But beware bullshit contents in Facebook. You must clever to avoid this.

Luckily my workplace was near Queen Sirikit Convention Center, so I will go to National book festival again. Sometimes my destiny chose me to near the knowledge place to get better life.

And… I got good books with many short stories with only THB 50.


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