Rosewill RK-9000V2 with Cherry Blue Switch I love it!

For authors who have worked with typing, keyboard is very necessary. If you have good keyboard to type that means you win 50%. That victory mean you felt comfortable and stick with typing more times. Membrane keyboard I’ve ever used with all shape, such as high profile (standard keyboards) to low profile membrane keyboards and ergonomic membrane keyboard from Microsoft. I want to tell about…. Thank you all keyboards I ever used to let me wrote more than 55 articles in 2 months. Dao&Koi (Hormones Character) article is the most popular article that I typed with ergonomic membrane keyboard. Thank you for Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 You was very awesome from earlier time I ever wrote to my blog.

This is really awesome keyboard, but now I used this at my office.

And where will Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard be gone? That keyboard I will use at my office for using graphic design. That’s very great for using long time. I ever used keyboard at office and I felt bored because I used force very high to press. Although that is wireless keyboard, but for long time using, I disappoint. When I types it, why is it hard?

Finally my destiny let me touch real mechanical keyboard for author. That is “Rosewill RK-9000V2” This is mechanical keyboard that use Cherry MX Switches all button in this keyboard. Actually I ever used mechanical keyboard but that mechanical keyboard was really bad. It was used with Kailh red switch that very bad manufacturing. Some button was broken, couldn’t use. How to fix was press broken button strongly, but this was temporally fixing. Damn Kailh mechanical switch. But I’ve ever heard about there are many mechanical keyboard that be used switches from Kalih, such as Razer, TTEsports, Truly Ergonomics, etc. That means in future Kalih’s switches will good as Cherry. But sorry I have enough with Kalih.

My nightmare when I used this keyboard is some button is broken. I couldn’t press them.

After that, I wanted to choose mechanical keyboard for typing because I’m blogger that type with long time (after I finished working each days.) I researched about mechanical keyboard. OH NO!! There are many mechanical keyboard that were expensive. Reason of expensive price was individual design and macro functions for playing PC games. That individual design I thought this wasn’t necessary much. I wanted typing only, not any beautiful, cool, badass moments. If someone choose my keyboard to use something and they see that light on the keyboard, they may think about I’m nerdy hahaha.

Finally I chose Rosewill RK-9000V2 with blue switch. The reason is… in discounted promotion until October 31 2015 with THB 2,390 (USD 67.17). That is really affordable.

On Monday before I work at Interchange 21, I looked some mechanical keyboard that was great and affordable at Pantip Plaza. There were many of mechanical keyboard I chose, such as gaming keyboard that have price THB 3000+. Don’t worry because there are many affordable mechanical keyboard I could buy. There were many mechanical keyboard that used with Kalih switches, but price was really affordable. I focused about endurance more than affordable price.

When I pressed many button on tested keyboard in front of some shops at Pantip plaza.

“HI, you can consult about this with me.” Shopkeeper walked and said to me when I pressed many button at tested mechanical keyboard. That sound was really click, loud but very fun to type.

“This is keyboard that use blue mechanical switch.” Shopkeeper said. “This keyboard is THB 2,490 that can illuminate itself. But if you use for typing, I prefer to this keyboard.” Then she pointed to that standard keyboard that couldn’t illuminate. “This is Rosewill RK9000V2 that use Cherry MX blue switch.”

Cherry MX Blue switch!? I had ever heard about this.

“Um…. I choose that keyboard. Rosewill RK9000V2.” I said to shopkeeper. “That keyboard used Cherry MX switches?”

“Yes. Better than those keyboard. Another one uses Kalih switches.”

“I think so.” I said.

After that I got Rosewill RK9000V2. One of interested point of Rosewill RK9000V2 is port I connect to computer. There are USB and PS/2. I ever heard about keyboard with PS/2 is suitable for gaming and if you use PS/2 connector to computer, can get N-Key rollover. Finally PS/2 port is used by Rosewill RK9000V2

First impression of this keyboard is I can type faster than earlier keyboard. Actually ergonomic keyboards can’t let you comfort immediately, but opposite result. If you ever used ergonomic keyboard, when you use another standard keyboard layout, you must adjust yourself with standard keyboard again to type more correct.

But I don’t know this is a flaw of mechanical with blue switch? There are many sounds from pressing. But I like it very much because I love that sound that really beautiful. But not suitable for using at office that coworkers will annoy.

I got some resources about if someone wants to use mechanical keyboard for typing in office, Members in some webboard prefer mechanical with brown switches. But keyboard with Cherry MX Bown switches in Thailand isnt’ available as same as another countries due to be not famous as same as Cherry MX black switches or Cherry MX blue switches. That 2 switches are specific. Black for gaming, blue for typing. Brown is balanced between black or Blue that have tactile but no click sound. I ever tried about brown switch that is great as same as blue.

Finally I searched about there is mechanical keyboard in Thailand that use brown switches, but that keyboard used Kalih switches and price is very affordable. That mechanical keyboard with brown switches cost THB 2,490. I will use that in office soon.


For author who want some badass keyboard, you should choose blue switches or brown switches. Luckily in this time there are many mechanical keyboard with blue switches that are affordable to buy.


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