If you love Jane, don’t forget to watch Hormones Season 3 Ep.5

Finally Jane’s main episode will reveal at Ep.5. So what happen in Ep.5 let’s watch this teaser!

If you don’t have skills of Thai language, don’t worry…

44 (2)

“Forward March!” Jane commands march band members to walk, but someone walks wrong rhythm so she says “There is someone walk with wrong rhythm.”

45 (2)

“Hey sister! We’re grade 12.” That guy said.


“What problem?” Jane asked back.

46 (2)

“Jane. What problem do you have?” Looktarn asked Jane. “Talk with me directly.”


After that Jane strikes with her drum major mace to some guy.


“Have I ever told you about if you come late, call via your smartphone to me?” Jane’s mother asked her.


“I will go outside. no comeback.” Jane says. “Don’t wait me.”


Then Jane jumps out from her balcony and I guess she will go to nightclub.



When she touches green light at nightclub. Someone takes Jane’s photos.



Finally Jane frightens! What’s that?


There are something you should know

First is place that Jane strikes her drum major mace is same as place that Dao meets Koi and Net about confessing her love at Ep.4

Jane’s scene.
Dao, Koi and Net’s scene.
Dao, Koi and Net’s scene.

Second is Jane has only mom. Where is dad? In Jane’s mom arguing scene there is only Jane’s mom.


Third is at nightclub scene, there is subliminal objects about bridge from New York City. That means her memory returns to New York City, or she remembered about her ex-boyfriend, Win? Or this episode will know why Jane comes to Thailand?


Fourth is someone takes photos. That is really interested.


And why Jane feels frightened?


From real teaser after Ep.4 ends, there is some dialogues that Nutt talk to someone.


“Do you think about she got downer effect from drug?” Nutt askes.

“น้อง” is used with some people that younger and Jane is grade 11. So Nutt is grade 12. And that matches with sentence “Hey sister! We’re grade 12.”. So Nutt may be one of march band member that talks about this to his march band teammate.

At final talking someone says “If I tell you about I haven’t done, do you believe me?’ That voice is Jane. I remember. She may talks with Kanompang after rumor tells about Jane addict crystal meth. For “done” means “using some illegal drugs, such as crystal meth” that uses indirectly.

What will Jane be happened? Who is Nutt? How Looktarn’s feeling does Jane do something explicit? Will Jane return to using crystal meth? Don’t miss Hormones The Series Season 3 Episode 5.

Finally episode 5 revealed!!! Click here to read episode 5!!



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