Ep : 8 “Welcome to the reality world”

Damn it! That rumor still haunted everywhere. I’m not booth babe scammer. I can’t do my jobs since that rumors threatened me. Oh!!! That bullshit rumors. STOP NOW!

When I ever went to Thaibev Expo 2015 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, I was gotten out immediately because there were many bouncers pushed me out from entrance with silly reason that I don’t know what I did wrong.

“Why don’t I get to enter this event?” I asked to bouncers curiously.

“Because you’re do something wrong.” First bouncers answered to me with angry sound. I really don’t fear.

“What?” I asked him. “I’m not a robber.”

“Yes, you’re not a robber, but you’re booth babe scammer.” That right bouncers said to me. Oh!!! That right bouncers was really banger look.

“No.” I said with my fear feeling. “You’re misunderstood. Someone created rumors to make me bad.”

“Rumors?” Left bouncers said. “That’s not a rumor. That’s reality.”

“No way!” I said to both bouncers. “That’s really misunderstanding.”

“It’s reality.”

“Let me go to this event.” I said to bouncers.

“You’re no permission to enter this event.”

“OK. I give up.” I said

Something was really changed. Something warned me about I will be finished working as event blogger and won’t have permissions about taking booth babe photos. I didn’t want to argue with these bouncers because if I still argued with them, I always was guilty. Guilty person always be guilty.

Someday before TGS Big Fest will exhibit, I found May, booth babe I ever met. When she didn’t dress with booth babe style, she was still gorgeous. I ever asked about her plastic surgery but she said she never did plastic surgery at any part of her body. I trusted her talking. When I found her, she remembered me then I talked with her at TRUE Urban Park.

20141120_true_article_main_image“Hi you. What’s your name?”

“My name is Camp.” I answered. “You’re May. I remembered.”


“I wanted to talk something with you.” I said to May.

“Something to me?” May asked me. “What’s about that?”

“My bad rumors.” I said to her.

“Is it true?” May, my close friend asked to me when she listened my stories about bouncers let me out from Thaibev expo 2015. She felt curiously.

“That’s true.” I answered certainly.

“Why?” May asked me with her curious face.

“I don’t know. I may find some causes about this story.”

“Or you never talk to booth babe as me?”

When May said about this, I stuck temporally. I thought about earlier time when I met booth babes. Yes, I said less. I had to talk with some question about her name and her blood type only. Not another story I had to say because when I talked to booth babe, I didn’t have much time to talk with her. Only 1 minute to talk with her due to they were working and talking to booth babe in working time is disturbing them. Sometimes if I will come to booth babes with nice greeting, I shouldn’t worry about how she think.

“Yes.” I undecided said. “Why do you know?”

“I ever met some guy that not talk to much.” May said. “I thought he is weird and I don’t know how about him. Do you talk a lot?”

“Maybe.” I said silently.

“Huh? Why you said silently?”

“May. I want to tell something.” I described my feeling to booth babe and photographer society to May. “Luckily you’re not famous booth babe. Sometimes this society is really insincere.”

“What is it insincere?”

“Some booth babe want to lay with rich guys and get much money. They called “Sideline”.” I talked about darkside of this society. That was really happened with some booth babes who wanted a lot of money. They wanted more money to do plastic surgery, such as extending breasts size, fixing chin to be sharper. Not only ladies did that, some men who were transsexual are done surgery too.

“I have ever heard about this.” May said slowly. She might think about this. “But I’m not. Do you believe me?”

“I always believe you.” I said sincerely. “Actually I trust everyone who talk with me. Sometimes this thinking is really fool, but real clever people shouldn’t let another people know about me.”

“I agreed.” May said. “I have lucky story to tell with you.”


“Some company want to hire graphic designer.” May described about this lucky story. “I’ve ever heard about you that you’re specialist of Graphic Designer. Isn’t it?”

“Why do you know?”

“Hey!! Everyone know about you. You’re also popular.”

“Popular? Why I don’t know about this?”

“Um… You don’t know yourself is really usual.”

“But I interested about that company you mentioned.” I was curious about company May ever mentioned because I wasn’t hired. I’m blogger that wasn’t gotten any profit from them. “Where is it?”

“At Interchange 21 building. Asok.” May answered. “That’s really great.”

“Interchange 21?” I talked indirectly. “Looks like I ever heard.”

“Building that have City Bank.” May answered with me curiously. “You may know.”

“That building?” I asked to May curiously.

“Yes!!! Finally you remembered it.” May said. “Hey Camp. Don’t forget about TGS BIG FEST 2015. I will be a booth babe at Ozone booth.”

“I never forget this event.” I said to May. “TGS BIG FEST have Playstation booth that I will go.”

“Playstation?” May asked me curiously. “Playstation will come to TGS Big Fest?”

“Yes.” I said. “That’s very interesting. And… Do you interest about Playstation?”

“Yes.” May answered. “Actually I already had Playstation 4.”

“As same as me.” I said. “Playstation is very awesome game console. Now price of PS4 is cheaper than last year.”

“Yes.” She said. “Ah. I must leave now. See you again at TGS BIG FEST.”

“Good bye, May.” I said to her.

After that she left from me. She worked as sale marketing at some company. Her talking is really charmed.

Actually May is one of booth babes I ever closed that very nice as same as Pomelo. In my life since I came to booth babe and photographer society. Alice is first booth babe I loved her, but she lost from booth babe society with long time. No events she was hired. Second is Pomelo and third is May. May was really beautiful without doing any plastic surgery. That’s really cool.

May, booth babe I’ve ever talked with her.

Next day Kimi called me when I was living at my home.

“Hi Kimi.” I said to her. “What’s up?”

“I have good news to you.” Kimi said. “Bad rumors now are faded.”

“Really?” I interjected to Kimi. “That is very good.”

“Because you’re really innocent.” Kimi said. “So at TGS BIG FEST you will go without worrying bouncers.”

“Yes!!!!” I felt very great. I smiled. “I ever met another booth babe that I was closed together. Her name is May. She isn’t famous booth babe but she is very gorgeous.”

“May?” Kimi asked.

“Do you know about her?” I asked Kimi.

“No.” Kimi answered. “But look like interested. Many booth babes without famous names aren’t arrogant much. I think about this.”

“I agree too.” I said to Kimi. “Pomelo and May aren’t arrogant because they aren’t famous booth babe. They do more things than hired as booth babe only. Pomelo has had her owned business (hired as booth babe for some jobs only.) May is sale agent”.

“That sounds great.” Kimi said. “And I had bad news to you. Don’t worry about that rumor.”

“What is bad news?”

“Diana Bangkok was defunct.” Kimi said.

“Huh? Defunct? No way. Japanese people drinks at here together.”

“They loss profit a lot.” Kimi described about defunct of Diana Bangkok, “I love Diana Bangkok very much. Finally they was gone.”

“I know your feeling because that day you found me, you ever went to Diana Bangkok?” I said to Kimi “Finally I will go to reality world.”

“Reality world? What’s that?”

“I will resign from booth babe and photographer society.” I described about this to Kimi. “I will go to nightlife society.”

“That’s great. But you must have more nightlife-mate to go with you.”

“Yes. I don’t think about this.” I said. “But May ever said about I will be hired at graphic designer at some companies at Interchange 21, Asok.”

“Interchange 21?” Kimi interjected. “Congratulation with you, Camp. You will get a job soon.”

“Thank you.”

After that conversation to Kimi, I waited about someone called to me to hired me as graphic designer. But from that day no one contacted me about hiring me to be a graphic designer. really no one. Until…. Before Friday. That day was Thursday. There was some strange calling to me at twilight time. That call I set ringtone “Mottai Nightland”, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s song that was cute. No one used this ringtone hahaha. When that ringtone rang, I walked to my phone that was being charged. I put charger out from my smartphone and I received calling.


“Are you Camp?” He asked me.


“I’m from Megumi Company (aliased name). I want you to interview with your job “Graphic Designer”. Have you hired with some companies?”


“That sounds good.” He said. “Can you interview with me on Moday?”

“Yes. I will be available.” I answered.

“Very good. So you will come to me on Monday. Prepare documents to register as member of Megumi company, such as copies of transcript, residence book and your 1″ ID photo. See you again.”

“Thank you” I said.

After I ended calling, I felt very surprised and very happy about I will be hired as graphic designer at Megumi company. Megumi company is a condominium agent company that was placed at Interchange 21 building. Oh!!! That place I can go to RCA and Thonglor very easy. WOW !!!! Welcome to nightlife society.

After that at TGS BIG FEST 2015. This event I didn’t pay attention to take booth babe photos as same as some photographers who wanted to take photos with booth babe only. There are many of gaming booth that were more interested than booth babes in this event. Actually I had ever seen booth babes a lot and there are really beautiful. In the beauty term, it can separate beauty gauge to more beautiful, very beautiful, gorgeous, OMG! Many booth babes in this events were beautiful with standard level. I thought about if you chose some girls because she was beautiful, I wanted to suggest about something is more important than her beauty because in this time ways to be beautiful is easier than last century. There are many cosmetics and plastic surgery that they can do it. Some beautiful girls are really bitch. That’s very much.


There are many people at here.

But I guaranteed about booth babes in this event weren’t bitch 100%. They were very nice.

Finally I found May, That was very good. She was hired as booth babe at Ozone booth. Ozone is new gaming gear brand that come to Thailand. I don’t know about how popular Ozone get, but some Ozone’s gaming gears I think that is awesome, but really standard looking.

Although Ozone was a small booth, but there were 2 gorgeous booth babe welcomed everyone who passed or visited at their booth.

May at TGS BIG FEST 2015.

“Hi May.” I said to her.

“Hey!! Camp. How are you?” May asked me. “Let’s selfie together before many photographers will take photos to me.”

“That’s my duty to do it.” I said to her. Then I took selfie with her.

“Why are you beautiful very much?” I asked May?

“Me?” She asked me back. Then she felt shy and smiled shyly.

“You’re not beautiful, but you’re gorgeous.” I complimented to her again.

“OMG. Thank you.” She said. “Do you pick me up?”

“If I say “Yes?” How do you do next?” Finally I confessed about I picked May up. She felt shy again.

“Hahaha.” She said. “You’re really explicit. Why are you explicit very much?”

“Because nothing to lie. I hate lying.” I answered about my mind to her.

“Wow!!! That’s very great.” She said.

“I want your phone number.” I said to her.

“Yeah.” She accepted to give her phone number to me.

“And I want something to tell to you, May.”


“Thank you for letting me to be a graphic designer.” I said to May. “On Monday I will go to Megumi company for interviewing.”

“Congratulations with you, Camp.” She said to me. “Prepared for interviewing first. And… If you will be a graphic designer at Megumi, Have dinner with me OK, but you will pay my meals, OK?”

“Yeah.” I accepted. “But won’t tease me by ordering expensive meals, OK?’

“Maybe hahaha.” She said.

After that day I didn’t think about PUA mission much. I thought about this communication have been usual in everyone. Comeback to last centuries that was an ages of feature phone. No one walked and looked their phone as same as this age. Although iPhone was born at last centuries, but that iPhone could work only few things only. Then in this time, there are many people communicated with chat application. There are awesome chat application that you can talk with friends, send stickers to them. But typing for communicating I thought it is unusual. Actually talking head to head is real communication and simple communication. Talking with booth babes isn’t hard if you interest her. Although you may find arrogant booth babes, but may booth babes aren’t arrogant. Let’s see someone who weren’t famous booth babes. Famous booth babes was as same as actress that there are many of people who interest them.

Next day I registered about being graphic designer at some company at Megumi. Will I be hired? To be continued at my diary Ep.9.


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