Episode 4 updated! (click at text below)

Jane’s story in Ep.4
Dao & Koi’s story in Ep.4
ZomZom’s story in Ep.4
Kanompang’s story in Ep.4

In Ep.4 Oil isn’t appeared.

Minor updates

Toey : Extended dialogues “Second break up with Pooh” and “Third break up with Pooh” and extended story about dating with Pooh at China town Yaowarat.

Jane : Cut relationship paragraph because they were repeated. But extended “her character habit predecessor” and conversation with Win at Union Square about downer effects, more dialogue at Central Park.

Kanompang : Extended dialogue “Final opportunity of loving Tar” and more love scenes!

Dao & Koi : Extended dating with Din at Madame Tussauds and poem ” ❤ Stellar against the earth ❤ ” and change “fiction” to “poem”

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