What is #กูเมย์หลีด !!?

If you visit HormonesTheSeries page in Facebook, there are many Thai comments.

But for Jane’s contents, you see #กูเมย์ลีด or กูเมย์หลีด a lot!!!


That meme “กูเมย์หลีด” will be haunted everywhere.


“Do you interest to be a drum major, Jane?”


At Jane’s character introduction clip, กูเมย์หลีด appeared again.



So what is “กูเมย์หลีด” ?

กูเมย์หลีด is spelled to “Goo-May-Lead” กู (Goo) mean “I” that used with friends, close friends, เมย์ (May) is her name and หลีด (Lead) is short term of “Cheerleader” So กูเมย์หลีด = I’m May, the cheerleader.

Tarnerng as May, the cheerleader.

Tarnerng, actress who gets “Jane” role in Hormones The Series also get “May” role in “May Who?”, the romantic comedy movie that she is in handsome and beautiful group so she is cheerleader in the named of “May”. But name “May” in May Who are a lot so girls who have name “May” must extend their personality. Finally she gets “Maylead”

At the trailers of May Who?, at final scene that 6 points star cheerleader team want to slap May Who but male protagonist uses fire extinguisher to 6 points star cheerleader, but male protagonist misunderstands about that girl he want to escape together isn’t May Who? but that is May, the cheerleader.

May Who (same actress who have “Toey” role in Hormones The Series) who isn’t popular that is in “Invisible group” love Frame, popular athlete, but someone interests Frame too…

Six points star cheerleader team want to slap May Who due to May Who love Frame, the most popular athlete.


“Do you think to love Frame? You’re May who that should know yourself where you should be.”

May Who felt shocked!


“Stop!” and blow white smoke from fire extinguisher.


“May, let’s escape!!!” but he bring wrong May!


“GOO-MAY-LEAD (I’m May, the cheerleader!)”



After that scene, Tarnerng got meme #กูเมย์หลีด everyplace when she appeared.

See May Who’s trailer at this.


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