TGS BIG FEST 2015 revealed!

TGS isn’t Tokyo Game Show, but this is Thailand Game Show and Bangkok International Game Festival 2015.

Finally one of the greatest game festival in Thailand that every gamers still wait to it revealed. The greatest game festival that show everything such as, gaming gears selling, game selling, E-Sport competing and cosplays. There are many ofentertainments from game world at here because this is the world of imagination that you will touch them once in a year.

I may not introduce much, so let’s check it out!

The entrance of TGS BIG FEST 2015 is different than last years because they want futurism theme that be appeared in games a lot, such as Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 that will be published at next month or Star Wars battlefront that will be published at next month too. In this time there are many game with futurism theme a lot. That is a good sound because sometimes magical stuff maybe bored. But future is near you a lot. Because you use smartphones that is very futurism. Sometimes you think about mobile phone have physical buttons. but now smartphone have touch screen that let you touch button in screen too and now smartphone is modern age of mobile phone successfully.

That day there were many of kids and teenagers who interested to enter this event. I ever checked friend’s post in Facebook that he said about there are many of people who queued a lot. I thought they queued to buy some item codes from online games because I knew this feeling much. I ever queued to purchase too.

I went to TGS BIG FEST at afternoon (approximately 14:00 hrs.). There were many of people in here. Oh!! That was as same as some big concert in Impact Muang Thong Thani. In this year, there were many interested booth a lot. The most interested booth was “Playstation” booth. Sony would distribute their Playstation 4 much in Thailand. This is first years of Sony to exhibit in TGS BIG FEST.

There were many of player who watched playing Street Fighter V.
There were many of player who watched playing Street Fighter V.
I don’t know what game is…
Uncharted 1,2,3 remastered in Playstation 4. I tried it and I felt impressive.

But sorry I already had Sony Playstation 4 so this booth I didn’t interested much as same as another gamer, but I still interested it.

Actually I interested keyboard in this event because now I was a gamer in Playstation 4 only, but I also be a blogger who typed a lot, so I wanted to use good keyboard to type happier and no mistake typing. There were interested keyboards such as keyboard with blue mechanical switch. There were a lot.

That awesome keyboard.

Affordable gaming gears were able to some beginners for purchasing gaming gears easier. Nubwo exhibited about their gaming gears that cheaper than another brand, but quality from Nubwo’s products are not good much as same as another gaming gears brand. Semi mechanical keyboard Nubwo sold were really fake mechanical keyboard because that switches still used rubber dome, but very high quality of rubber dome. Two advantages were high profile and change keycaps easily.

Nybwo booth was here.

Finally hydraulic race simulator revealed in TGS BIG FEST 2015. That was really simulator. I ever tested driving with this racing simulator and I felt as same as drive in real life. There were feed back and sound that surrounded around me. That was awesome.

But… looked like racing simulators competed together because at Logitech that ever made racing wheel controller showed their racing wheel performance at their booth too. I didn’t try them but that sound from this game I thought this was really interested, but that hydraulic racing simulator always won for my heart.

Look like you’re bored about that gaming gears, so I let you to look game booth. First is Garena, the biggest online game service provider in ASEAN. Now they revealed new game from Garena (but really old in reality) that called “Vindictus”. Question is why Garena used this game to serve?

Vindictus from Garena.

Because this game was published since 2009-,2010, but now is 2015. That game use old engine that maybe less of feeling to play. Although you may tell about this game is really fun, but someone don’t care about fun or not fun, but care about good graphic.

Winner,  game provider came too. XShot, one of the most profitable game from this company had be used to contest again in this years. So don’t talk about XShot’s graphic because this game’s graphic is as same as you play PS2 game but have high resolution. I don’t know why many players still play this game.

Ahhhh… That Garena… You still win forever in online game in ASEAN. Your stage is the biggest in TGS BIG FEST Every years I have ever seen. Now you still big, bigger, but big stage had very crowd at here. Beware that crowd!

Because Steam never created competition of DOTA2 in Thailand and no game providers in Thailand too, so Electronic Extreme created competition of DOTA2 without waiting Steam to create competition. There were many people who watched this competition very much because don’t forget about DOTA2 is one of the greatest online game in Thailand. Chaos from this booth wasn’t as same as Garena who still sold item codes to use in their owned game. That was moderate.

Let’s come to the mobile game in TGS BIG FEST 2015. There were some mobile games that was used in iOS or Android, such as DOT ARENA that was RPG game in mobile devices. I didn’t try to play because that game wasn’t suitable for me much, but suitable for someone who love cute things. I am a gamer who interest console game so this booth I didn’t interest much.

There were many of mobile games that were shown at TGS BIG FEST. MOL is too. Games from MOL were awesome that contained much of RPG games in smart devices. I ever played RPG games in smart devices finally I erased it because I didn’t have much time to play it. Yes, is was fun, but sorry about my devices have very low battery ages. However there were many fun games in smart devices that many game providers published many games in smart devices.

Do you interest booth babe? Yes! Many booth babes were here, but I took booth babes for booth babes I ever met them only because many photographers seized me a lot. In this event booth babes weren’t protagonist, but game were real protagonist. If you wanted to pick up booth babes, I didn’t recommend because this place was very loud and louder than nightclubs I had ever gone, such as Grease Mon-Sat with LSD zone. To be less for hearing. That was a trap! So you should go to another exhibition if you wanted to pick up booth babes.

Race queen appeared in this event too!

But one thing was different was there were many cosplayers in this event. As same as Comic Con. I didn’t take cosplay photos in this event so let’s go to this yourself.

Look at this!! That Owl!! Owl was computer case!! That was awesome. Who designed it?

Kritika… What game is that?
Competing Call Of Duty Black Ops III via PS4.
You can selfie with booth babes if you dare to do it.
Black + Green = Razer!!
Sometimes I am envious about PC gamer have beautiful gaming gear.
Acer Predator Series appeared.
TGS BIG FEST Main stage.
That monster PC!
Booth babe from Ozone. Left is May, my friend, but right I don’t know.
Cosplay in this event.
Steelseries booth.

One more thing…

You should know about gaming gears never discount every game event. In usual time and in game event still be sold with same price. Such as Steelseries Rival. Many shop sold at THB 1,890, but TGS BIG FEST or Commart still be sold at THB 1,890 without any promotion. Oh no!!! Why…

One disappointment in this event was there were so many crowd in here. I smack a lot of people. but for THB 60 and get experiences from this event, I thought is was very great.

If you’re gamer, you should go to TGS BIG FEST that exhibit until Sunday 18 2015.


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