ZomZom (Hormones Character)


I just know about my dad is gay.

First time I felt worried very much…

But my daughter, Mali have father who was gay too.

Why did my dad lie my mom?

But this situation…

I felt weird very much…

(ZomZom’s vision only)


Narupornkamol Shaisaeng (Praew) as “ZomZom”

Real name & Last name : Supriya Kamolpitak
Date of birth : April 19 1998
Zodiac : Aries (Count with Sidereal time)
Blood type : (The Rebel)
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexuality
Student ID : Nadao Bangkok 54016
Grade : 11 (room 6)
Habit : Cruel face, fucking ultimate unlimited super ultra perfect direct mind, love friend 100%, Who challenge? PREPARE TO DIE!
Like : I don’t know what Zomzom like.
Dislike : Someone insult her father is gay.
Her smartphone : Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Appeared in : Hormones Season 3 only!
Her main episode : Season 3 Ep.3 “Adrenaline” 
Relationship : Mali (sister) , [Bew (close friend), Ja (close friend), Namcha (close friend),] Non (classmate) , First (classmate) , Ter (classmate) , Pala (boyfriend), Sun, the See Scape vocalist (Rival)
Similar character in earlier generation : Pai 100%
Ever have sex : Never
Drinking alcoholic drinks : Never
Sucking tobacco : Never
Ever undecided pregnant : Never
Use drugs : Never
DISC Personality : D (Dominance)
Smoke Color : Orange (Looks like she have “Sky flame” from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
Theme song : 
Better Weather – อย่าเสียใจคนเดียว (Don’t be sad lonely) [L]
Similar character(s) in The Urbanist : Miyuki (50%)



ZomZom’s story

First impression, she rides motorbike to Nadao Bangkok College. (Ep.1 growth hormones)

1 2

She is only female character who rides her motorbike to Nadao Bangkok. Because female who wears skirt isn’t appropriate to ride motorbike due to skirt will be opened with wind and appear underwear, but she already wears short. Teacher Wilai warns ZomZom about riding motorbike so ZomZom open her short to Wilai that means her short protects to see her underwear.

She opens her skirt to reveal her short.

Her friend at “Angels call me “OH MOM!!”” gang


ZomZom’s close friend is in “Angels call me “OH MOM!!”” gang. They have Mafia’s habit that very high influence. If someone sits in Angels call me “OH MOM!!” bench, they will be terminated immediately!

“Hey you I don’t have any seats. Yesterday we sat enough but why today don’t we have any seats?” ZomZom’s friend ask ZomZom that mean terminating everyone who sit at Angels call me “OH MOM!!” bench.

Meet Mali (Ep.3 Adrenaline | this is my episode!)

John traveled from America to rest with ZomZom’s father room. In this time ZomZom knows the truth about her father loves John that mean John and ZomZom’s father are gay couple (in a domestic partnership). ZomZom felt uncomfortable and start hating John and John’s sister, Mali.

John visit ZomZom’s father room.

“Hello, sister.” Mali said with Thai language to ZomZom when John lets Mali to talk.


“What is dad and John?” ZomZom asked.


“I love your dad.” John said to ZomZom.


ZomZom talks to Mali when she will be having dinner


“Do you ever know about your dad is gay?” ZomZom asked Mali.

“Gay? Yes. I know.” She answered.

“And don’t you anger?”

“No, because he takes care me.”

“And are you gay?”


“Why? Because your dad is gay, daughter is gay too.” ZomZom talked. “I’m sorry, my dad is gay too.”

“Hey. What do you anger? What do you hate me?”

“I don’t know. I don’t like your face.”

“Why? What about my face?”

“I’m upset. I want to have dinner.” ZomZom talks and walks away.

ZomZom felt sad about Mali is insulted about her father is gay.

Because ZomZom’s father is gay too, so ZomZom knows Mali’s feeling. ZomZom’s frend insult Mali very much.

ZomZom’s friends try to terminate Mali that she sits at Angels call me “OH MOM” bench. But ZomZom sees that is Mali, so she doesn’t decide to terminate. And rumors about Mali’s father is gay spread very fast until ZomZom’s friend know. So ZomZom’s friend teases Mali to speak “My dad is wussy.” ZomZom felt weird and can’t stop her friend to talk.

“Look at my mouth and said with me… Por Noo Pen Tood (My dad is wussy).”
“Por Noo Pen Tood” (My dad is wussy). What is “Tood” means?

Then ZomZom’s friends talk “Por Noo Pen Tood” with teased feeling everyone, except ZomZom that she says silently because her father is gay and wussy too.

“Por Noo Pen Tood” (My dad is wussy). ZomZom says silently.

ZomZom’s first love interest


“HEY!!! BE QUIET!! ANNOYING!!” She argue Non’s friend who speaks loudly. But Pala sees ZomZom, then ZomZom say “What the fuck are you watching?”


After ending class, She apologizes Pala about her arguing. That time she may interest Pala with her love.


Mali is insulted about her father is gay again


ZomZom’s friend invites Mali who walks near ZomZom’s friend bench and want to let Mali consult about my friend is pregnant but her father is gay. How should I do next? ZomZom felt uneasy because her father is gay as same as Mali too.

“Hey! Let her go. She will cry.” ZomZom says.

But Numcha is serious so she talk with Mali with English sentence “Hey! you don’t have mother?”


“But she must be born it because she pump pump (have sex) with your father and you’re born.”

“She left you so she don’t love you.” Numcha still insult Mali continuously.

“Hey you!” ZomZom warns Numcha.


“What’s wrong with you? You let me answer stupid questions? I don’t have a mother and I never met her and I don’t care. But I care is my dad is loving her dad (that mean ZomZom’s dad). They love each other. What’s wrong with that? It’s my family.”

Mali argues ZomZom’s friend and reveals ZomZom’s father is gay as same as Mali’s father, John. Then ZomZom walks away.

ZomZom insults her father

After that ZomZom comes to her father’s room. Her father describes about love to ZomZom but ZomZom misunderstands.

“Why did you lie my mom? Why did you love guys and marry my mom? Preceding have you never love my mom?” ZomZom asked her father.

“I love her.” ZomZom’s father said. “I always love your mom. Now I still love your mom, but not that.”

“You are fucking bullshit! Do you want to be a lady? If you want to be a lady, be it! And dress with lady style. I allow!”

41 39


She takes her skirt out and throws to her father. Letting some guys dress skirt means you’re fucking wussy. After that her father walked away.

She cries to her mother via video calling


No one want to receive ZomZom’s bad feeling, except ZomZom’s mother. ZomZom talks to her mother via video calling. ZomZom’s mother already know about her husband is gay and ZomZom’s father love ZomZom very much. If ZomZom’s mother seize ZomZom to be with her, ZomZom’s father doesn’t allow.

Next day ZomZom opens her Samsung Galazy Note 4 and open WeChat. Her friends mention her.


Bew : @ZomZom You….

Bew : @ZomZom Don’t hide with this.

Ja : @ZomZom Your dad is gay, that’s never mind.

Numcha : @ZomZom I’m sorry about my mouth is quarrelsome.

Bew : @ZomZom My dad love to play golf.

Numcha : @ZomZom Hey!! My dad like to bawl. Is he crazy?

Ja : @ZomZom Hey!! My dad is hard working.

Bew : @ZomZom Hey!! My dad’s mouth is bad smell.

Namcha : What style do you say?

Bew : That’s serious. I must use perfume to smell it.

Ja : @ZomZom We love you.

Ja : @ZomZom Comeback to us.



ZomZom’s father still love ZomZom although ZomZom ever insulted him


“Dad, I’m sorry.” She said to her father. Then her father serves breakfast to ZomZom. He still take care and love Zom very much. ZomZom cried about her father’s love again. Because ZomZom’s friend’s father are bad.

She cries again.

Go to college with me, Mali! (Ep.4 Serotonin | Phao’s main episode.)


Next day Mali goes to Nadao Bangkok College with ZomZom by sitting ZomZom’s motorbike. First day Mali is late so Mali and ZomZom comes to Nadao Bangkok College lately.

Rules of Nadao Bangkok College is “Don’t come to Nadao Bangkok College after 8:00 hrs because if you go late, your habit scores are decreased. When ZomZom and Mali queue in students queue who come to Nadao Bangkok lately,

They queue.

But Sun comes to Nadao Bangkok lately too and he invites Mali and ZomZom to escape from queue.

“Hey you.” Sun called ZomZom. “Do you want to escape this queue?”

“Yeah.” ZomZom answered.


“Get ready!” Sun says to ZomZom and Mali.

Look at right side of this picture, Sun and ZomZom escape, but Mali doesn’t know about this escape.

Finally they escape successfully.


She pair with Pala at biology work.


Because ZomZom comes to Nadao Bangkok College lately so she doesn’t pair with her friends, but only Pala can pair with her due to Pala absents in this day. But how to contact Pala?

“Pala must bring his grandma to the hospital every month.” First says to ZomZom.

“Is Pala good at learning?”

“Very good at learning.” First answers. “Although he absents often, but his score is better than me.”

“Good, so I will take care Pala.” ZomZom says to First. “I want Pala’s phone number.”

“Oh!!! What do you request Pala’s phone number to…?

“He works with me, so if I don’t have his phone number, what should I do?”

At Alien Rock Concert

33 34

ZomZom and her friends watch rock band from Farbaworn School. That’s really cool.

Fuck FIRST!!! You tease me again. (Ep.5 Dopamine | Jane’s main Ep.)


First wants to go to toilet, but First swap his friends’ shoe to random. ZomZom still find her shoe, but Pala sees ZomZom shoe and ZomZom get Pala’s shoe together.

36-ZomZom 37-find-Pala-shoe

38-Pala 39-ZomZom

Let’s go Pala! (Ep.6 Cortisol | Boss’s main Ep.)


“What the fuck are you watching?” ZomZom asks Pala directly. “Are you charmed with my beauty?”

“No.” Pala answers genteelly.


“OH!!! Boring about emotionless guy!!” ZomZom teases Pala.

Then Pala stands up and smiles to ZomZom.


“What the fuck are you smiling?” ZomZomd asks again. “Do you make report?”


“Yes, I do.” Pala answered.

“Make it? Let’s go!” ZomZom says. “Quick.”

Then ZomZom and Pala walk together. Looks like ZomZom and Pala date together.

44-Watch-map 45-Go 46-Milo 47-eat-Milo 48-oh 49-cute-moment 49-ZomZOm-zapp 50-that-shop 51-loo 52-df 53-Pala-and-ZomZom 54-Oh! 55-Pala-and-ZomZom 56-ZomZom

After that ZomZom and Pala talk something together at a park.

“Do you fear dog?” ZomZom asks o Pala.


“Why do you fear?”

“When I was child, my grandmother didn’t play pets.”


“Are they completed?” ZomZom asks Pala about plants he bought.


Look like ZomZom sees pala’s jasmine.


“Why did you buy jasmine? This day isn’t mother day.”ZomZom asks. (In Thailand, national mother’s day is in August 12 of ever years and giving jasmine is traditional culture.)

“I buy it to give my grandmother. She likes to put at her bedroom’s window. She said its smell is good.”\61-Pala

“You talk everything you mention to your grandmother every time.” ZomZom said. “Looks like your life has only grandmother?”

“I have only grandmother.” Pala says. “My dad and mom were dead since I was a child.”

“Really?” ZomZom asks.

“Hey!! Never mind. I’m OK that can mention about this.”

“How do you feel when you stay with grandmother?”


“That’s good. She can be everything to me. If I don’t have grandmother, I don’t know how to be in my life.”

“Don’t you feel lonely?” ZomZom asks Pala.

“Sometimes I felt lonely, but it’s OK more than not OK. I can’t choose.”

Then ZomZom asks something about….

“Pala” ZomZom calls to Pala. “If your family is unusual, what should you do?”

“How about unusual?” Pala asks back to ZomZom.

“Look like everyone feel disgusting.”


“But if I don’t be disgusting yourself, That isn’t happened.”

“Don’t you fear to be insulted?”

“If another one insult, I can’t do it.” Pala says. “But actually no one is perfect 100%. Such as you stay with your dad and mom. That’s usual. But I stay with my grandmother every time. That may be unusual.”

“I don’t insult you.” ZomZom says.

“I know.”

“Pala. If I tell something to you, you don’t laugh. OK?”

Pala accepts.

“My dad is gay.” ZomZom says to Pala.


“Um.” Pala says.

“Don’t tell this!” ZomZom warns Pala.


“Don’t tell this to everyone. If I know you tell about this, I will kill you to die!”


But Pala laughs. ZomZom hits Pala and says “Isn’t funny!”

Wow!!! Sport day will begin… (Ep.7 Androgen | Non’s main Ep.)

01-release-sport-day 3

Finally Nadao’s sport day will begin in a few days. ZomZom and her friends cheer together.

Stay with Pala.

19 20

Pala calls his grandmother via his smartphone. Pala’s grandmother still fix Pala to go home before 7:00 PM. Then he walks to ZomZom and says “I’m sorry about late.”

“Hurry to do, then you go home.” ZomZom says.

Then ZomZom’s friend tease ZomZom about sweet moment between her and Pala.


“Hey you!!! What? Why I see anything with pink color? Really? That’s real!! What happened to you?” That ant bites me!! (ant biting is slang about sweet moments. That sweet come from sugar that and love very much.)”

“Go now!!” ZomZom says to her friends. Then they walk away.


“Then my friend tease us, did you feel stressed?” ZomZom turn her head and ask Pala.

“No.” Pala answers slowly.

“That’s good. I will continue to play with you.”


Pala smiles. Then he asks to ZomZom “And are you stressed about that?”

“If I felt stressed, did I play that?” ZomZom answered. “What the fuck are you asking?”

Pala smile shyly again. Actually ZomZom has interested Pala. She wants to know clearly so she asks to Pala about his status. “Do you have girlfriend?”

“None.” Pala answers.


“Do you ever have?”


“So you’re still virgin?” ZomZom asks Pala. “So I can hit on you!”


Pala feels confused. Then he let something fall down to the floor.


“What are you feeling shy? I’m not starting to hit on you.”

After planting, ZomZom rides her motorbike with Pala to Pala’s home. Looks like ZomZom sends Pala lately because before 7:00 PM, Pala must stay at his home, but Pala comes late. He comes to his home at 7:15 PM. ZomZom doubts about Pala’s routine. Why Pala must go home before 7:00 PM.

Pala’s grandmother.


1 day left.


ZomZom sees First and Pala walks together, so ZomZom calls Pala to walk with her. But First run to the seat before Pala and he says “Stay before Pala!”

43 44 45 46

Then Pala walks to ZomZom

“Come here Pala. Hurry!” Then she give report of biological subject to Pala. He got score 47/50.


“In absenting, are you train yourself? Very good score.”

“Hey ZomZom.” First calls ZomZom. “Is this your sister?”

“You’re so cheeky.” ZomZom blames First. “I call Pala not calling you!”

ZomZom says yes via vertical shaking her head. So First says hello with English to Mali.



“Hi.” Mali says.

“My name is First.” First introduce himself with English. “First mean Teenueng (in Thai) nice to meet you Mali.”


“Hello First.” Mali says with Thai language.


Then ZomZom give present to Pala. That present is bottle of little plant and dog toy.

53 54

“Hey!!!” ZomZom’s friend and first interject.

“If this, do you fear?” ZomZom asks.

Pala shake his head with horizontal direction that mean (NO). And he says “Thank you.”

56 57

“Good look after this. Don’t let it die.” ZomZom says.

“Yeah. Plastic dog never dies.” Pala says.

“That’s mean fucking plant.”

Then ZomZom’s friend tease ZomZom about sweet moments again.


“LOL! Plastic dog… Plant… Good feeding… Our plant… Our bottle… That is really sweet!”

“You’re still teasing me again.” ZomZom says.

“Who is teasing? No one.”

“So let’s look this.” ZomZom says. Then she embraces Pala directly.


“My wife…I will hurry to have lunch and cheer you to play basketball… XOXO”

After that ZomZom’s friends feel jealous and walk away because they will queue to respect national flag.

61 62

“Hey wife… What are you doing? Let’s buy water together.” ZomZom called Pala.

“Hey, and me?” First asks to ZomZom.

“As only wife’s friend. Stay at this place.” ZomZom talks to First.

Let’s win Pala!

64 65 67 74 76

1 day left to the sport day, there are some sport to qualify. In lunch time, at basketball stadium, Sun from blue team and First, Pala from yellow team challenge basketball together. ZomZom cheers Pala to win!

But in the last break, looks like Mali send some weird message to Sun, her love interest.

Mali : Do you wanna having sex with me tonight?

Sun : What happened?

84 85

Then Mali bring Mali’s smartphone to ZomZom

“I don’t type it.” Mali says to ZomZom.

“At morning you put your smartphone away?” ZomZom asks Mali.

“Yes.” Mali shakes her head vertically. Then ZomZom think who do this silly thing. She sees First who go to the toilet and she says “Bastard First!”


Then she walks to male toilet and yells to First.

87 88

“Bastard First! Are you insane?”

“ZomZom. What are you talking about?”

“Use Mali’s smartphone to sent that fucking bastard sentence. Are you have mental disorder?”


“Hey… I teased her with kidding. Don’t be serious.” Then Sun comes to male toilet. First says. “Hey Sun. I send that sentences from Mali’s smartphone to you. I’m sorry.” (Actually First know about Sun’s habit is really womanizer and love to approach new ladies. But First don’t know about Mali is a girl who Sun is loving).


“Are you kidding me? Mali is damaged! You should think before do! I want to ask about do you have crux? To show that fucking son of the whore moments? Don’t your dad and mom love you? (In Thai, father and mother are the most respective people as same as respecting god in Christianity. Insulting father and mother is mean the severest insulting ever in Thailand.) 

“Hey. I have already forgiven. What the fuck do you mention to my dad and mom?”


“And what the fuck do you do next?” ZomZom says and push First body. Then Pala tries to stop ZomZom.

“Don’t fucking interfere!” ZomZom yells to Pala. “If this happened to you, can you be calm?”

“Hey you.” After that Non go to the toilet. “What happened?”


Then Mali want ZomZom to stop this. After ZomZom walks away. Sun insults First

95 96

Bastard First, you’re very fucking asshole!

97 98 99 101

After break time, looks like First and Sun angers. He plays basketball aggressively… Until Sun is taken damage from First by being crashed until Sun’s left arm is hurt. First is gotten penalty by being banned from playing basketball. After he walks away, First kicks ball to referee teammate. Finally Yellow team is lost with fouling.

In Ep.8,9 is under maintenance.

Huh, am I will be Miss Noppamart? (Episode 10 “Growth Hormones 2” | Pala’s main episode)

Second semester start!

“Who want to present another people to compete Miss Noppamart?” Ter asks to everyone in Grade 11 room 6. Then ZomZom shifts her hand and says “Hey Bew… Choose to Bew.. Everyone choose Bew now!!!”


“So who choose Bew, shift your hand.” Then Ter asks to everyone. Looks like ZomZom’s friend want to choose Bew curiously until Bew feels shy and she wants to pull her friend’s shifted hand down. Ah… Are you teasing me, fatty Numcha?


“Who choose ZomZom?” Ter asks to everyone.

Looks like ZomZom will be one of competitor of Miss Noppamart in Loi Krathong Day. 70% of classmate from grade 11 room 6 choose ZomZom. Wow!!! ZomZom… Let’s win the Miss Noppamart Contest. Except Pala that not votes ZomZom.


“Finally representative competitor of Miss Noppamart from grade 11 room 6  is ZomZom.” Then Ter concludes result of voting to everyone and he claps his hand too.


With ZomZom friends, they are happy very much!


“Thank you everyone. Let’s go home.” Ter tells to everyone in grade 11 room 6. Before ZomZom is going out from her classroom, Pala walks to ZomZom and he says. “ZomZom. I’m sorry about First teased Mali.”


“Why do you fucking replace First to apologize?” ZomZom asks Pala directly. “Give him to apologize me. be nosy!”

“I’m sorry if I make you be pungent. I won’t be nosy forever.” Pala says to ZomZom. Then he walks away because ZomZom blames Pala about he is annoyed people. ZomZom feels bad.


ZomZom tries to make up with Pala.

Because ZomZom blamed Pala at her classroom. She feels bad and want to apologize Pala clearly.

In the nighttime, 10:07 PM. ZomZom rides her motorbike to Pala’s house. First time she calls to Pala when Pala is sleeping.

Ah…. That sound. What is it…?

“Hi.” Pala receives ZomZom call.

“What thing did you let it fall?” ZomZom asks Pala. “It’s loud until I hear it at front of your home.”


Then Pala walks to balcony to see ZomZom.


ZomZom waves her hand to say “Hi.”


After that Pala walks to front of his home to talk with ZomZom.

“What do you have something?” Pala asks to ZomZom curiously.


“Make up with you.” ZomZom answers to Pala.  Pala feels confused. What is ZomZom thinking with me?

“I’m sorry that I ever blamed you.” ZomZom apologizes Pala.


“Um. Never mind.” Pala says.

“For your speech about don’t nosy me, is it true?” ZomZom suspects about Pala’s speech very much. Because ZomZom still love Pala but her speech may be made Pala is hurt.

“And if I want you to be nosy me, can you do?” ZomZom asks to Pala.

“Um. Yes.”

Then ZomZom calls Pala to sit at her motorbike’s seat.

“Hey!! Let’s sit.”

Pala walks to ZomZom slowly. He is asleep. Then ZomZom sees pala’s eyes curiously for asking her necessary thing.


“That bottle is it alive?” ZomZom asks about bottle of plants she ever gave to Pala.


“And at Loi Krathong day, Are you appointed?” Actually ZomZom wants Pala to date with her at Loi Krathong day.

“I won’t practice running.” Pala says to ZomZom. “Everyone will go to date at Loi Krathong festival”

“Haha. You’re also fucking honest.” ZomZom teases Pala.

“Um. Um.”

“So I reserve you. For cheering me at Miss Noppamart contest.” ZomZom says to Pala. “Don’t go with anyone.”


“That’s good.” ZomZom says. “Go to bed. I will go home.”

Then Pala walks to front door. Before Pala is oepning front door, ZomZom says “Be gentle. Your grandmother will be awaken.”


“See you. I will start my motorbike away from your home.” ZomZom says good bye to Pala.

At Loi Krathong Festival.

“Hello. I’m ZomZom from grade 11 room 6.” ZomZom introduces herself when she is contesting Miss Noppamart.


Her friends cheers her a lot.


Meanwhile Pala, Non and First cheers ZomZom to be the winner of Miss Noppamart too.


“Ladies and gentlemen… result of contesting Miss Noppamart in 2014 will be revealed.” Krieng announces to everyone for revealing the winner of Miss Noppamart. That time she tries to waves her right hand for conveying to Pala.


Pala waves his hand too for cheering her.

“And the winner is… Miss Mali grade 10 room 7!!!!” Finally Krieng reveals winner of Mis Noppamart to everyone. Everyone claps their hands to Mali.


After contest of Miss Noppamart, See Scape that Kanompang is temporal vocalist play a song “ถ้าเธอคิดจะลืมเขา (If you think to forget him)”(For lyric with translating, look at “Kanompang” article.)


At concert, ZomZom and her friends enjoy together.



After concert.

“Pala.” ZomZom calls to Pala when he is carrying Krathong. Pala turns his body to ZomZom and smiled to her. Looks like Pala feels curious about ZomZom’s costume is changed.



“Why did you changes your clothes?” Pala asks to ZomZom.

“Will I dress Thai traditional costume? Someone may think about I’m ghost.” ZomZom says to Pala.

In Thailand, many ghosts or spirits are dressed with Thai traditional costume. If you see someone who dress with Thai traditional costume at nighttime, that will be the ghost.

Then ZomZom sees to Pala’s Krathong and says “This is a Krathong we will float together?”


Then some students trample many balloon to make noise. ZomZom feels this place isn’t suitable for floating Krathong so she will bring Pala to float Krathong together.

“Do you go with me?” Pala asks to ZomZom.

“Go to another place.” ZomZom answers.

“Where are you going?”

“Go with me.”


Then ZomZom brings Pala to another place that is suitable for float Krathong only her and Pala.









ZomZom and Pala’s confession.

“Do you know I love you?” ZomZom says to Pala.


When ZomZom says about that, Pala feels good and happy that ZomZom is a girl who will be Pala’s girlfriend.


“And do you love me, Pala?” Then ZomZom wants to know Pala’s opinion.


Pala doesn’t answered. He is stunted. For ZomZom, she wants know everything clearly. If Pala doesn’t answer about you love me, I will perform about I love you. ❤

Then ZomZom stay closer to Pala. Then she embraces Pala’s neck and force Pala to kiss with her. ZomZom loves Pala very very much!




But Pala fear to tell something… Pala’s phablet alarms him to eat medicine.

“What’s that?” ZomZom asks to Pala.

Pala still silent.

“What happened to you. Tell me.” ZomZom wants to know Pala’s feeling curiously.

Then Pala turns his head to speak to ZomZom. “I want to say clearly. Earlier time I didn’t think about being in a relationship.”

“And now?”

He fears something. He says to ZomZom slowly. Finally he says “If you think to be in a relationship with me, actually I haven’t to tell you. But I think about I want to tell you know.”

“What do you want to tell?” ZomZom asks to Pala.

“Um…. I was infected HIV.”







“Do you fear?” Pala asks to ZomZom.

“No.” ZomZom answers, but looks like she fear too.

“Are you disgusting?” Pala still asks to ZomZom.


“Do you want still to be my girlfriend?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go home.

ZomZom feels weird. She doesn’t know how to do next. And infecting HIV she has known about HIV is virus from AIDS. If she will marry Pala, will she be infected HIV?



Then she gives helmet to Pala for riding her motorbike. Pala doesn’t want ZomZom go home lonely. Pala says “ZomZom go home. I will go myself.”



But she still be curious about HIV because she kissed Pala. She opened her phablet “Samsung Galaxy Note 4” for researching “If I kiss someone who is infected AIDS, am I infected too?”

Then she enters to website that give data about HIV.


In case of kissing that ever told about not be infected because HIV viruses in saliva doesn’t have much. When quantity isn’t enough, that isn’t necessary to analyze about “quality” or “alternate ways” how to be. Method of receiving HIV can be applied to every behavior for analyze about “How many opportunity is you risked to be infect HIV?”, such as drinking, using spoon and fork with infected people, use same toilet, play football together, etc.


And result of researching about opportunities of being infected, 80% of people that are infected HIV are infected via having sex without using condoms. And every researches in the world never have  any reports about usual living with infected people can be infected too.


Finally she feels better. HIV doesn’t infect easily.

Pala is alone.

When ZomZom rides to someplace, looks like ZomZom find Pala who is sitting at foodpath. Pala feels bad.

“What time have you walked away from your home?” ZomZom asks Pala.

“Since morning.” Pala answers.


“In this day where have you gone?”

“I have wandered, but I don’t know where I will go.”

“Why don’t you tell me, this is near midnight.”

“I want to see you. But I don’t know do you want to see me?”


Then ZomZom know where we go next.


She gives helmet to Pala to go with her.


At Chao Praya riverside, Pala and ZomZom stay together. She buys bottle of water to drink together.


“Do you feel better?” ZomZom asks to Pala.

“Thank you for staying with me. You can go home first.” Pala talks to ZomZom.

“No. You ever told me about no girlfriend, no having sex, do you lie me?”

“No. I don’t lie. I never do that.”

“And have you been infected? Excuse me, can I asks this?”


“I was infected since I was born.”

“Then no dad, no mom is…”

“My mom was infected tuberculosis.”

“Adultery disease?”

“When my mom was infected from my dad, my mom felt very sad. She also brought me to escape from Chiang Mai to stayed with my grandmother at Bangkok. Then my dad was sick with tuberculosis and he was dead. After that, my mom died too. Now I stay only with my grandmother.”

“Who know about this?”

“If I tell, and another people are changed, I feel sad. But if I don’t tell and they know me after that, I feel fear about I lie them. I think many things so I think about I do everything wrong. I stay at my place is better.”

“Tell to me, how can you do? How can’t you do?”


“I must do everything with my body to be strong every time because HIV is virus that make my immunity has problem. I don’t do anything to be infected and I must eat antivirus medicine at 07:00 PM. I have eaten it since I was 1 year and 6 months. Then I will eat it forever in my life.”

“That mean if you eat medicine with specified time, make your body to be strong, so you’re not sick?”

“Um. In this time virus can make only with this, that’s better than my dad and mom’s age.”

“Really? Can it be cured?”

“It can’t be cured successfully. but it is cured to be better.”


“Really? It’s so good. Looks like knowledge from learning in classroom lied me.”


“At learning in the class was fucking worse than this. It is so good. I feel happy about I feel good that I am heard good news with this. And how can you do?”

“I can do it everything as same as usual people.”

“And can you have sex with someone?”

“Why do you ask about that?”

“I want to know. No one ask about this?”

“No. But I asked doctor about this. He says I can have sex. But must protect, must not infect to someone and most not be infected from someone.”

“You’re also insolent. What did you ask about this explicit question? How to have sex, Pala?”


“”Can I have sex with someone?” Is it?”

“No! When I and you are closed, I already asked doctor. Can I have family? He says “Yes, you can.” If I want to have a child, I will consult to doctor.”

“Are you thinking about having family? And if you don’t eat medicine, is it happened to you?”

“Actually I am happened if I don’t eat medicine at another time that be specified.”

“Today have you eaten?”

“I eat medicine at 07:00 AM and 07:00 PM.”

“This time is over than 07:00 PM. Let’s go home.”

Then ZomZom pull Pala to go home for eating medicine.

“Doctor ever said about if I forget to eat, when I can remember to eat, I will eat it immediately.”

“Now do you have medicine?” ZomZom asks to Pala.

“I don’t equip it.”

“So you go home now.” ZomZom tries to bring Pala, but Pala wants to stay with ZomZom. Until he pulls ZomZom sitting with him again.




Pala touches ZomZom’s hand for don’t let ZomZom go away from him.

“So I will send you to your home before 07:00 AM.” ZomZom says to Pala.


I don’t know that night ZomZom and Pala will do next.


ZomZom ❤️ Pala

(In a relationship)

Before 07:00 AM, ZomZom brings Pala to Pala’s home. Pala grandmothers welcomes Pala with her sadness because she misses Pala very much. Then Pala eats antivirus medicine.



“Thank you for sending Pala to my home.” Pala’s grandmother says to ZomZom. “But do you know about Pala is unusual as another people.”

“I know.” ZomZom says.


“Pala maybe usual, but if another people know as same as you know about Pala, they may not see Pala as usual. Do you remember what I talked to you. I hope I will not meet you forever.”


ZomZom feels shocked. Why grandmother doesn’t open ZomZom much?


Damn it…

You’re last generation, MILF!

You look like alien everyday…

If HIV doesn’t infect easily…

Why do you still fear?







I’m sorry Pala.

I love you very much. ❤ But Your fucking grandmother summon the great wall divide our relationship…








I give up, Pala.

I’m sorry Pala! (Episode 11 “Oxytocin” | Oil’s main episode)

At canteen, morning time. Pala is peeling cover of Peepo, jelly dessert to eat. ZomZom walks to Pala, Pala says “Hi. ZomZom.”


“Today have you eaten medicine?” ZomZom asks to Pala with her taking care mind.

“Yeah. I have eaten.” Pala answers. When Pala says about this, ZomZom smiles and feels happy that her boyfriend takes care himself.

“That’s good.” ZomZom says to Pala. Pala smiles too. Wow!!! That couple is also sweet until Pala’s friends, First and Non walks to Pala and say “Oh yeah!!! Do you make sweet moments at morning?”


“Hey!!! What are you eating?” First sees to Pala’s Peepo. Then First seizes Pala’s Peepo to eat immediately that First and Non doesn’t know about Pala has HIV.

“Hey you!” Pala feels confused and feared when Non and First eat his Peepo.


“Is it delicious?” First asks to Non.

“Yeah.” Non answers.

“OK. See you. Good bye.” First says to Pala. Then he gives Pala’s Peepo to him and walk away from Pala. Pala fears about Non and First will be infected HIV. He worries a lot…

Ah… I fear First and Non will be same as me.


For Pala’s worries, ZomZom performs about HIV can’t infect to everyone with eating together. ZomZom seizes Peepo and eats it immediately.


Hey Pala!!! Don’t fear. I already know!!



Then ZomZom gives tat eaten Peepo back to Pala.

“I will go.” ZomZom says.

“Hey!!! Wait ZomZom.” Looks like Pala doesn’t want ZomZom goes away from him. He wants to talk something to ZomZom.

“At weekend, Saturday, Sunday, someday, will you be available? I want to invite you to have meals at my home with my grandmother.

Ah… actually I want to go your home, but… with my grandmother!!!? Fuck!!! I don’t want to see that alien again.

Finally ZomZom lies to Pala to hides herself. “I won’t be available. I will give up to this. See you.”


ZomZom…. What the fuck are you doing!!?

Escaping from the fear (Episode 12 “Oxytocin II” | Kanompang’s main episode)








In the morning time of next day, ZomZom wants to escape from Pala. She doesn’t want to sees his grandmother forever. Pala’s grandmother is really alien and never know about her well. But… Pala calls to her.

ZomZom stops to walk… But… She still walks away from Pala.














Pala tries to calling ZomZom who is walking away from him until he runs against ZomZom successfully.

“Where hurry are you walking?” Pala asks to ZomZom curiously. He feels weird about ZomZom because all of time ZomZom always walks to him.


“What do you have something?” ZomZom asks to Pala.


“Will you be available in tomorrow?” Pala asks to ZomZom to invites her. But ZomZom is silent. “I will invite you to carry some trees.”

“I will be busy.” ZomZom lies Pala. Inside ZomZom’s heart, if she meets Pala’s grandmother again, she feels bad.


“So… Sunday?”

“Sunday I will be busy too.” ZomZom says to Pala.

“So… in evening on Sunday?”

FInally ZomZom stops Pala’s requesting by saying…

On Sunday I will have dating. I can’t go with you. See you.


Pala feels confused.

Huh? ZomZom ever date with another guys? What the fuck?


The brutal love confession.

From Pala’s worry, he doesn’t endure to let ZomZom go away from him because ZomZom is one of the girl who isn’t disgusting Pala from HIV infection. As same as Pala has horny mood. Pala still stalks ZomZom to her residence where she stays at fucking big condominium with her Dad, Mali’s dad and Mali.


Pala runs and yell to ZomZom who trying to go to her room. ZomZom hears that sound so she sees back.





“What the fuck can you go?” ZomZom asks to Pala.

“Where is your date mate?” Pala asks.

“He separated from me after dating. What the fuck are you interfering me?”

“So do I interfere you?”




“You ever told I can interfere to you. I’m not fucking understand. Someday you’re good with me. Someday you don’t talk with me as same as strange person. When you anger, you never fucking tell me.”

“I didn’t anger.” ZomZom says and she feels confused. Now Pala is motherfucking angry!

You do with this I’m motherfucking stressed!


ZomZom says…

Don’t be angry!


Pala yells to ZomZom violently. Then ZomZom asks “How do you feel stressed or can’t be enough?”

Pala is enough to ZomZom so he yells…


“You must say fucking well first!” ZomZom talks back. Pala feels stressed. ZomZom is really fucking cheeky. Pala touches his head from his worry. Actually he wants to say…

So do you still fucking love me? Answer me! Love… or not love? You ever told me you love me. In this time don’t you love me? If you don’t love me, tell now! Is it fun that let me to be crazy? Love or not love? SAY NOW!



ZomZom yells.

“Yeah! That’s not easy.” Pala says directly to ZomZom, but he thinks with some seconds and he says “Yeah! That’s not easy” again.

Finally ZomZom shows her spirit about loving guys who is standing against her.


I have said! Is it OK?





Looks like ZomZom’s dad, Mali’s dad and Mali are the witnesses of this moment. Finally ZomZom’s dad smiles to ZomZom due to his daughter has lover to stay with her.

65 66 67 68 69

ZomZom is the witness of the Apocalypse moment.


After the brutal confession that make Pala trusted ZomZom’s heart more than earlier time, looks like something is interested…

Student council leader argues her best friend heavily.

Her character’s habit predecessor

Pai (100%)


A man who is real gentlemen. He can’t let his friend to be eliminated. Everyone must be safe. We are friend together.


  • Actually, ZomZom is written with “Somsom”. But ZomZom wants something that be cheeky. “Som” in Thai language means “Orange”. This is a reason why ZomZom’s smoke color is orange and her backpack color is orange too.






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